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Around town: St. Patricks thriftstore

20 Sep

I recently went to St. Patricks on Franklin. St. Patricks is a little rustic looking but great for digging and finding a little piece of history that is sweet to your heart.

I really want one of these old timey t.v’s so’s I can put another t.v on it. I think it would be eye pleasing and hopefully make me laugh a little everyonce in awhile.

Look at the fabirc on that couch!

I lurve long coffee tables! Also peep that rad looking owl wall sculpture.

Me and Ben recently got a bunch of kitchen stuff from our wedding registry. When I see stuff like this it makes me wish we were somehow able to register on craigslist or thriftstores (I bet that sounds terrible). I am thinking if this guy didnt work he would look just as great with a durble and tiny plant inside him.

Now we move onto my new obsession sweet book covers.
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Charles Harper: I am an important guy

7 Sep

Charles harper is an American (what what) artist who is best known for his book illustrations, and wild life prints. Dude pretty much makes living thee life of a duck look pretty classy. Charles was still making beautiful things at 83! I cant imagine I would even be wanting to get out of bed at 83. Thankfully Charles Harper is a classier gentleman than I:

And now I have found something new to prowl for.
There’s one on Ebay (look here) now starting bid-180.00. I am pretty doubtful of it being an original print. You know the deal. But I would love to ooze my eyes over these great illustrations so they will be peeled.

There is also a ton of signed posters up that are starting to make me conscious of my spending. I now have a Charley the great fund going on in a rather large salt shaker I picked up at an estate sale. I figure it will take me about 5 years to save up and purchase. But if you’ve gots the cream get that sugar:


But if you would like something where you might not have to chop of your arm and eat that for a week:

It’s gorgeous and priced at a measly ten bucks.

Heres my last bit for those of you bored with words:

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