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DO NOT WANT: 2012 really IS the year it all ends

10 Feb

Mid-Mod Coffee Table w/2012 makeover – $160 (west sacramento)

hand-painted, boomerang, mid-century modern, atomic, coffee table, hand-painted with a zebra stripe design; moving soon, so this needs to go!

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This cool, modern, cool, retro, modern, atomic, cool, radical, nuclear, cowabunga, hand-drawn-on-with-a-sharpie, table is available right now due to a move to a county where doing such things to vintage furniture is a class-b felony.

Since this table isn’t for everyone (you have to have PRETTY GOOD taste to enjoy its beauty, guys) We think it best to do a quick pros and cons list for those considering dropping a buck-sixty on it:


Versatile: Looks great next to your lounge chair, books, or SUV running board.

Unique: Where you gonna get an original set of “wacky wibble legz” in this day and age?

Functional: if you use it for its intended Aboriginal purpose the zebra will never see it coming.


Hard to place in home: The inherent shape of the piece might make it difficult to arrange your other atrocious purple polka dot overstuffed couches around it.

Anatomy: “Diseased Black Lung” look is SO 2004.

Cleanliness: The mottled design might make your pets puke.

PS: If you buy it be sure to write us so we can send you a strongly-worded letter about this and other mistakes you’ve almost certainly made in your life!

Guest Writer Alan L. (Lover of 1960′s dollhouses)

Craigslist: Coffee table 125.00: Merced

24 Oct

I dunno why…but boomerang coffee tables er kidney shape always remind me of anime. That illogical mental connection isn’t all that bad. I’ve been reminded now that I have to finish Cowboy Bepop and the weather today is perfect for such an activity. Thank you coffee table for being beautiful and kind to my anime needs.
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