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Craigslist: Buffet 125.00- West Sacramento

10 Dec


“Hello all. I just refinished this buffet. It was blond and the finish was flaking off. I used a satin finish and here it is. This would really look cool with a flatscreen ontop. Size: 80 inches wide 11.5 inches deep 28 inches tall”

It’s pieces like this that get me interested in what Midmod enthusiasts think about colors and thee combination of them in their home. Mid century pieces can have some really awesome natural color in their wood-and I am interested in what colors people put in their homes to work with that. For awhile now I’ve been kinda glooming over how little individual pops of color there is in my place. It almost feels like there’s too much mad men office swag. I’ve been looking into ways to make things pop cohesively. We’re at the tail end of our home decor adventure, alls left now is to put up some pictures and my husband’s set of Vinyl toys. I am hoping that’ll bring some cheer in there. Basically what I am getting to is…help a sista out yo ;]! If you got a place that you want to share that is bouncing with color how bout sending that our way so’s us color deficients can get some pointers. Thank ya thank ya :D
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Craigslist: Danish Modern Credenza

27 Nov

$795.00 for a Paul mcCobb credenza! Whoazerskates.. (Original Post)

Off the wire: Goodwill on Manzanita

14 Nov

Kathy M. sent in this photo and Craigslist ad:

Hi, I just saw this at the Goodwill on Manzanita Avenue.  It needs some cleaning, but looks to be in decent shape.  The laminate top looked OK too.  It was marked $8.99 so I think it is a bargain.  :-) Kathy

$150 in West Sacramento. (Original Post)

Thanks for being an extra set of eyes out there in the field, Kathy! Keep them coming, guys!

Craigslist: Credenza-East Sac

2 Nov

A two piece credenza for 155.00. It has those gorgeous dovetailed drawers.

“Each cabinet measures 36″ by 18″ and 31″ high for a total length of 72”.

With possible delivery from our dear midcentury enthusiast in East Sac.
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Craigslist: I just <3 Credenzas

12 Oct

… or dressers that I can use as a credenza.

MCM credenzas are so attractive and you can store all of your random junk in them. If I could have one in every room, I’d totally do it. Unfortunately, my boyfriend vetoed that idea and said that one was enough. However, if you don’t have one already… you should consider buying one of these bad boys:

This one just listed in Central Davis and it seems to be in pretty good condition. $300 bucks isn’t too bad, either. (Original Post)

This one is at the 57th Street Antique Mall right now and it  looks pretty similar. It is $200 bucks and I am pretty sure the lady had 30% off all of her stuff. I’ll double check tomorrow. (Original Post)

This beast has so much storage space. The whole bottom has four drawers. (original post)

This isn’t a credenza, but it is just too beautiful to neglect. I think it belongs to Katie and Ken, too … so it must be in awesome shape. (original post)

Craigslist: Hutch – Roseville

6 Oct

I dunno if many of you remember the post where a guy was selling a whole set of rad looking chairs for 25 dollars…um well I think this is the same guy and he’s selling this mysterious yet promising looking hutch for 30 bucks.
Here’s the original post. Maybe you can request some more pictures and see if it is worth a trip to Roseville.

Craigslist: Hoosier wutzit? Fremont

24 Sep

This posting is from SF/Bay area craigslist, in Fremont.

(original post)
“1960’s Credenza with accordion style doors $300

1950’s Kitchen Hoosier $125″

Okay doggs, I’ll be honest. I was asking myself “what the hell is a ‘hoosier?’ I thought hoosier was just something that the one state that is the ‘hoosier’ state is a ..state of.” Well if you also went to public school, get ready to have your mind blown. Type “hoosier” into craigslist and it is basically another word for a buffet or kitchen hutch. Some of them even have what they refer to as – wait for it – a pie safe. And this one listed here is GREAT! I really hope the top shelf space is ready to have a mug set hung in it. It could even work great in an office or living room. And by lordy, that just might be cheap enough, $125.00, for you to find out for yourself, aye?

In all the excitement I didn’t even mention the accordion credenza! Oi gevalt!

Craigslist: old fashioned buffet dresser – $20

22 Sep

$20.00? OH MY LORDY, ADORKABLE! Lookit ‘dem teeny legs! I’m a fan of the asymmetry in the drawers vs. door. This lover looks like he needs a little polishing, and for that much money who cares. I got the 20 bones – I just don’t got the space. ARUGH! Why can’t I just stack credenzas ontop of one another and call them “shelves!?”

Craigslist: Kent coffee Buffet-Antelope

7 Sep

Kent coffee has been around for awhile (1900’s?) and was made pretty decently for a reasonable price for the average consumer. Created by the fading Harold Coffee.
The 60’s turned everything around for Coffee when it was sold to the Singer Furniture Company (ya know the guys who make sewing machines). The furniture was decent quality and promotionally priced. Forty years later the furniture division (ahem Kent coffee) went bankrupt (sad).
Anyways Harold was so much of a great guy that in tribute to him his old home was made a BNB awhile back by Sharon Elizabeths BNB on the corner of Harper Avenue and Maple Drive in Lenoir. I think the BNB is being sold now but the thought was nice. Seems like poor Harold’s legacy is getting busy fading away…you though can own some work by his company and keep it strong-build memories with it,set a t.v on the top, or just put your under shirts there. This set is being sold for 80.00 in Antelope.
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Craigslist: Mid Century Buffet Credenza

3 Sep

No time to type! At work! $299.00! Fair Oaks! Beautiful drawers!!!

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