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When Etsy met Craig

17 Apr

120.00 Folsom
I dont know if you guys remember that one time I showed you this expensive bootiful cat bed from Etsy? Eh? Eh?
Well. Heres that same cat bed. Someone is selling it for a discount sans pillow cushion. I hope that doesnt mean its bad or something. I imagine if your cat was too fancy for it you could just use it to prop up your little feeties or something?
Or put a plant on it. That is usually my solution for all complicated furniture solutions. CAN MY FEET GO HERE. CAN I PUT PLANT HERE?!
Oh yes. OK. Then I will purchase.

Set of 6 Murphy.. Mil — you’re in the shot, Mr. Wiggles!

13 Jul

I can’t express how happy this Craigslist ad makes me.

Set of 6 Vintage Murphy Miller chairs for your MidMod dining or conference room. Built in Owensboro, KY, they are in awesome, vintage, totally functional sturdy shape. Made of danish style wood, stainless tapered front legs, and naugahyde that is in perfect condition. $300.00 for all 6 chairs.

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Attention pet owners: Sassy can have her own stylish platform bed

8 Feb

And shouldn’t your pet get everything they ever want? And look good doin’ it? Yes, that’s what I thought. Etsy seller 15Degrees (who sells out of our fantastic Sacramento area,) is selling on Etsy and on Craigslist his adorable pet platform beds. Hand-made miniature versions of popular designs or in the style of MCM design. I love how simple and cute they are!

Case Study Inspired Pet Bed on Etsy, $75.00

Mid Century Style Doggy Bed on Craigslist, $75.00

Check out 15Degrees on Etsy, or look at his current post on Craigslist.


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