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Community: Vincent’s mystery chair

8 Sep

This question was emailed to us with photos attached:

Can you identify the attached chair, sorry, the attached photo of the chair?


Ahh, what a lovely chair, Vincent!

Immediately the things that stand out to identify this chair are the sculpted armrests and the thoughtfully attractive wood stretcher on its backside. These details are indicative of designer Folke Ohlsson of Dux.

“Folke Ohlsson moved to the US from Sweden in 1953, and established DUX, Inc. in San Francisco the same year. In 1959 he moved the company to Burlingame, California. His design is generally referred to as “Scandinavian Modern” but frequently gets categorized as “Danish Modern” or “Danish Teak”.

A popular designer of the late 1950s early 60s, and highly collectable, Folke Ohlsson has been credited for creating the concept of knock down furniture, or KD. This is furniture which can be flattened and assembled at its final destination which makes it less expensive to ship.

Folke Ohlsson passed away Oct. 23, 2002.” (via)

Dux ad

If you’re planning on selling the chair, I highly suggest you research further before you slap a big price tag with DUX on it – but if you’re going to keep the chair and love it, feel free to impress your friends with your “I believe it’s a piece by designer Folke Ohlsson” chair.

Tuesdays digs

16 Apr

Here is some stuff high and low for ya’ll
295.00 Land Park
10.00 Galena Forest
300.00 Grass Valley
That price is for the pair. Seller states that these rugs are from pottery barn. I dont know if that means they are some good quality Kilim, so maybe give it a once over if thats something you are concerned about.
20.00 Turlock
I bet this thing is HEAVY.

200.00 Placerville
350.00 Grass Valley
75.00 Auburn
Clean glass table with that lovely brass. This guy has a good shape to him.
50.00 Walnut Grove
For those of you with chilruns.
40.00 Folsom
Cute little table for a decent little price.
350.00 Roseville
I like this blue a whole lot. From the post it seems like 350 is for the pair. That aint that bad mimomito!
2000.00 Sacramento
I saw one of these in Davis I think awhile back. It was a sweet sweet deal. That the seller never got back to me about.

1800.00 Auburn
Little too pricey for me but do love this set. The highboy unfortunately is not included.
650.00 Sacramento

674.00 Fair Oaks
Black Walnut slab on hair pin legs.
Looks good.
350.00 Tracy
Kinda spendy but really great colors.
225.00 Vacaville
Formica top and good little legs.
150.00 Sacramento
It is porch weather ya’ll.
50.00 Auburn
Not mid mod but I was looking for one of these guys in decent condition for the longest time. Finally. It has shown itself. At a time where I totally dont need it! BUR.
75.00 Roseville
100.00 Southern Cali
Not really your typical clist deal. It’s more of a post letting people know that this person makes these jacks and can sell them to you! I appreciate a good hustle so I am sharing this with ya’ll here just in case you are interested.
40.00 Placerville
Cheap somewhat stylish table for you eclectic fans.
40.00 Yuba City


12 Dec

$100.00 in Oakland – sent in from reader Teresa! BUY THIS POLLOCK-LOOKIN’ STEELCASE CHAIR!

3Lb3N53H95Nd5F55Hfccb9de8cf169a361425$300.00 Orangevale

3F93J43Na5L65Ie5Haccb5599209009fc1554$35.00 Colfax

3Mc3J73Hd5N85V05J3ccb618c00f802b91bac$225.00 Roseville

3M63J93Nd5N85Z15H9ccbc607313f265017ac$150.00 Saramento
For an extra 60.00 will come with hairpin legs!

3La3J43Nb5L25Ga5W3ccb0b8cc8e0587315ae$550.00 Sacramento

3Ic3M83N55I85Nf5Jfcc418cfb68609621456$60.00 Sacramento

3Gd3J23Hb5Ib5K35Fecc7f551fd5a4caf1e00$150.00 Sacramento

3Fa3Lc3Hc5G15Q35Hccc8bd01f2710cfe1857$375.00 Sacramento  dresser set!

3F33pe3N95Eb5K65M2cbq5654ec224fdf1e78$150.00 Lincoln brass bed

3E93Gd3Fb5Ne5Ka5H5cbqd8223c7565bd1f98$100.00 Lodi – BIG starburst clock

Sent in from reader .. Stanzy Costanza on our Facebook page. Two Hollywood Regency lamps for  $475.00 in Natomas

Bay Area: Under $120.00

11 Dec

3I43Nd3o55N55Ge5K5cca04a75b5687761230$100.00 San Jose
Seller will deliver
3G43Ib3He5L35E15H4cc9186a8d43d1f81834$60.00 Santa Rosa
3Ge3I83Na5E65T05Hbcbhef5af081cac7140f$100.00 Carmel Valley
Kinda off there in the distance.
3M83J93H65I25L55K3cc863d440e7ba801246$80.00 for the pair in Monterey
GAH. Monterey. So far.
3Fe3L43Hc5Lf5Z05E5cc96dbd158f620c11a1Desk setup – Make an offer
mid-century-formica-table-1$180.00 Redwood City coffee table
Okay. Not 120.00 but such a good looking dude!

3Ge3Md3F85E35Ff5Hdcc6094078d20715190dArc lamp for $50.00 San Jose HUGE HEART BEING USED AS CENSOR
3I93Lf3H85Nb5Kb5M7cca3a5931bfff291af7this couch is FREE Oakland
3E23F73I75N65E15J5cc79f59b9260f9f13f3$40.00 Castro Pearsall-looking end table.

Stuff for you!

11 Jul

100.00 Serene Lakes

125.00 Spanish Springs

50.00 Gardenville

100.00 in Merced
I can’t seem to shake you coffee table.

100.00 Loomis
Those drawer handles!

75.00 Roseville
I dunno about this being midcentury…nope. Dont think so but it’s cute enough!

50.00 Sacramento
They fold.

125.00 Orangevale
This couch is big and bay bay blue.

50.00 Modesto
Seller states that the chairs are fiberglass. I wonder if you could take them off this confusing table and get that modernica rocking chair base?

15.00 Davis
That pink! Egah. It looks like a pile of pig!

10.00 Shingle Springs
For my fellow short persons!

40.00 Sacramento
Huge ol’ desk. Being huge.

40.00 Benicia
I bet this chair has had many a velour sweat suits draped over him.

60.00 Citrus Heights.
Not midcentury but it might look good in a mid mod furnished place? Hm? HM?

60.00 Landpark
I can never tell if these chairs are those nice comfortable midcentury lounge or if they are some costco “executive” chairs. Sorry guys. I just dont get it.

40.00 Anderson

Welcome back to the work week

2 Jul

100.00 Sacramento
Looks like this dude was a part of a sectional at one time.

500.00 Reno

75.00 Sacramento
THANK GOODNESS! A price that does not have 2-3-4 zeros in it.

45.00 Arden

200.00 Colfax
This thing is going to change into a truck!

300.00 Modesto

100.00 Sacramento
I love you brass table.

1100.00 Gold River

On the internets: Acapulco Chair

9 Nov

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Acapulco chair is pretty much a mystery. Nobody knows who the designer is, there are several different stories out there on how it got to America, and there seems to be different opinions floatin’ around over who’s in charge in pushing these guys out.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The only thing people can agree on is how magnificent it looks, that it was made sometime during the 50’s in Acapulco, and that it is made using ancient Mayan weaving techniques.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ocho has many different color and styles to choose from. Even this nifty leather dood.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
‘Midcentury rocking’ yes indeed.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I’m particularly fond of the multi colored ones! The colors, the mix of Mexican culture, annnnnd a flare of midcentury is a perfect combination to make me gaga. It’s like someone picked my brain and came up with the perfect chair for me. Then there is this
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
TINY TINY CHAIR ZOMG. Too much cute. Must end post now. BAH.


9 May

40.00 I cant believe this is 40 bucks.

60.00 6 of these mustard-y chairs for 60.

150.00 This dude looks like he may need some help.

70.00 Post says this dude is green…I kinda think yellow and orange?


Weekend Excursions: Bay area

23 Dec

40.00 for the set of chairs in Inner Sunset. Whenever me and Serene are looking at craigslist together we always comment on these guy’s legs looking like horses galloping.
Original post


95.00 on Van Ness.
Original post


Personally I feel like 200.00 for this bad boy is a steal. Look at that shape, that wood, that goodness!
This guy is waiting for you in San Leandro.
Original post


I really really love rocking chairs. This one is being sold for 895.00 in Berkely.
Original post


Who’s got an entry hall?! This thing would look great there.
95.00 in Alameda.
Original post

Craigslist: Chairs 150.00- Redwood City

13 Dec


” Set of 6 mid-century side chairs/dining chairs. Very good condition.”

Does that mean six of these bootifully green, cream, and yellow chairs go for the 150.00?
Me thinks it would be kinda awesome to wine and dine in some thing like these.
Original post

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