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Moody Monday

8 Jul

I haven’t been back to work since Wed’s. GUH.

Here’s some Craigslists finds to get us through this gloomy Monday.

25.00 Sacramento
I am gonna put myself out there and say I think these guys have potential to make a space look good. Especially if you are going for an eclectic bohemian look.
100.00 Napa
Holy smokes! Get this to throw in some Girard charm in your life.
1190.00 Sacramento
Long and low in bootiful condition.
150.00 Cole Valley


250.00 Martinez

The colors and possibilities with these stacking tables are awesome.


75.00 Grassy Valley

Cheap little mosaic table on hairpin legs! YES PLEASE.


75.00 Sacramento

Well hello Tiki dreams. HELLO.


129.00 Sacramento

Cheap little high boy!


150.00 Berkley

Partly I am amused by this and then also really curious how a huge green hulk hand would look in a room. I dunno guys. I dunno.


180.00 Noe Valley

Sweet little chair!



125.00 each in Sacramento

I love those little bucket chairs. Could prolly sit nicely in a covered porch.


620.00 Castro

This piece seems like it would work for someone living in the bay area!


I skimmed the post and didnt see a location that bit me in the face. Seems like a nice piece for someone with a big living room.

Bay Area for cheap

13 Apr

Is that even real?
Can you have bay area things for a good deal.
Yes. I think so.
A deal can be had anywhere my dear Mimomito.
I am bummed I didnt develop this further but I am gonna.
It’s something I really want to figure out and get good at.
I got franz in that bootiful little city, they need nice stuff too.

113.00 Mission

75.00 Alameda
45.00 Martinez
I only picked this thing because of this hilarious cat.
80.00 Freemont
135.00 Concord
Like the brass circles on these guys. So good.
80.00 Hercules
‘I saw the sun and it opened up my eyes’ Am I the only one that thinks they say sun instead of sign?
225.00 Santa Rosa
HUGE rug. Yes yes. Love rug.
140.00 Alameda
Need a lil work but do have a cool little bendy lip at the top of this precious bean.
Does anyone else like this cokey brass pieces of furniture? Is it just me? Ya can put your bootiful plants on them guys!
75.00 San Franny
Why hello bootiful. HELLO.

80.00 Richmond
Hutch might be something all yall think is kinda too difficult to get or put in your home…but just in case theres some one out there who wants a cheap thing. Here it is!

150.00 Alamo Square
Like these a lot. Look real classy office like.
95.00 Hayward
I like how messed up this thing is. Too bad there is only one.
If you have a bar and like to eat along this guys for you.

Says Urn. Which makes me a lil uncomfortable because I dont know anything and immediately associate the word with death powder. In any case this thing is huge and a nice color. Hopefully someone’s Great Aunt Helga wasnt once residing there.
33.00 Mission
Love this guys stuff. It’s always cheap and always good.

Bay Area: Under $120.00

11 Dec

3I43Nd3o55N55Ge5K5cca04a75b5687761230$100.00 San Jose
Seller will deliver
3G43Ib3He5L35E15H4cc9186a8d43d1f81834$60.00 Santa Rosa
3Ge3I83Na5E65T05Hbcbhef5af081cac7140f$100.00 Carmel Valley
Kinda off there in the distance.
3M83J93H65I25L55K3cc863d440e7ba801246$80.00 for the pair in Monterey
GAH. Monterey. So far.
3Fe3L43Hc5Lf5Z05E5cc96dbd158f620c11a1Desk setup – Make an offer
mid-century-formica-table-1$180.00 Redwood City coffee table
Okay. Not 120.00 but such a good looking dude!

3Ge3Md3F85E35Ff5Hdcc6094078d20715190dArc lamp for $50.00 San Jose HUGE HEART BEING USED AS CENSOR
3I93Lf3H85Nb5Kb5M7cca3a5931bfff291af7this couch is FREE Oakland
3E23F73I75N65E15J5cc79f59b9260f9f13f3$40.00 Castro Pearsall-looking end table.

Bay Area Under 120.00

6 Dec

Things seem a lil tough in the city these days. You got six other roomates, super high rent, and possibly an awful commute. Ya live in an awesome city and do what you gotta to make it. I feel for you dudes. Truly I do. So I dug through Craigslist for stuff around your area for 120.00 and under. I will be attempting to continue to do these weekly. Iz gonna take a lil bit more research to make it as efficient for yall as possible but I shall try. I KNOW THE STRUGGLE GUYS! Shizz is rough out there okaaaay.
45.00 Windsborg
Ah ok.
45.00 Albany
For the walls.
550.00 Oakland
Ok not under 120, but a decent price, and seems like a solid investment.
Could also be an awesome christmas gift!
35.00 Potrero Hill
25.00 Dublin
Perfect for your plants!
85.00 San Jose Downtown
A hunk of a dresser.
45.00 Petuluma
Lil’ itsy bitsy cocktail table.
80.00 Menlo Park
Treat yo’ self!
39.00 Mission
Love that this guy’s prices!
80.00 Kentfield Love lucite. It can possibly help small spaces feel more open!
10.00 Santa Rosa Yippp.
20.00 Lower Haight
A project for sure, but could turn out to a real booty
85.00 Lower Nobb Hill
Big ol desks.

Hump day

31 Oct

120.00 Fair Oaks

30.00 Sacramento
I dubb this spider chair. Because it looks like a spider to me.

150.00 Sacramento
I hated having a drop leaf table growing up. My knees were always bumping up against it, and I just felt trapped in the table. They do seem like a good option now for a two person household that anticipates guests.

60.00 Antelope
Simple little dresser for a simple price.

150.00 Davis
Flying table.

50.00 Rancho Cardova
Seller states that she has two. I just recently saw an awesome baby room that Brick house blogger helped out with, using these dressers.

for more photo’s and to enter the animal print shop giveaway go here!

199.00 San Jose WOOOWEEE.

245.00 Sacramento
Have not seen too many cedar hope chest that look like this!

15.00 Rocklin
Oh gosh that dust. Bleh.

80.00 Roseville
Those drawer pulls.

100.00 Davis
With a little elbow grease this dude mayhaps shine up pretty nice.

35.00 Sacramento
The color of these lamps is amazing.

160.00 Noe Valley
This mirror has so much going on. Lucite, Reflection, and wood. Weirdest coolest looking mirror.

300.00 Citrus Heights
Comes with the coffee table and two end tables. Most likely knock offs, but def a good take home price.

65.00 Lincoln

150.00 Citrus Heights.
Could work eh?

1000.00 Sacramento

Facebook friends finds

11 Jul

$20.00 tulip chair, looks like a Burke! Nice find, Angela!

And these two neat little chairs come by way of Kat’s eagle eyes! $15 each, for the couch and side chair.

Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us. Join the party and like us on facebook!


9 May

40.00 I cant believe this is 40 bucks.

60.00 6 of these mustard-y chairs for 60.

150.00 This dude looks like he may need some help.

70.00 Post says this dude is green…I kinda think yellow and orange?


Rain Rain go away.

25 Apr

Tryna keep this on the cheap side.

50.00 in Sacramento. Looks promising eh?

50.00 in Sacramento.

50.00 For the chilruns.


50.00 in Citrus Heights.

125.00 I like this thing because it would give one the oppurtunity to play with materials. It is also one of the only glass tables I have seen today that doesn’t have wrought Iron grapes.

75.00 in Roseville

Craigslist: Let me reintroduce you to this couch.

3 Dec

It might just be the picture or that this couch looks very much like a childhood cartoon character…but I think this thing is nice AND it’s going for 75.00. I’ve posted it before…that was awhile back. I am shocked/questioning lots because it’s still up. Check out the
Original post if you’re into solving mysteries.

Craigslist: Christmas cheer sewing machine 50.00 – Sacramento.

29 Nov

I have an appreciation for Sewing machines and old projectors. I never know what I can do with any of them but I really dig the way they look. I could justify bringing home tons of great looking sewing machines like the one above to my husband (someone I know knows how to sew!) but I haven’t found much use out of projectors for the modern person today. Still brainstorming that one. Pick this guy up for a crafty loved one (IT’S THE HOLIDAYS, YAY) or for yourself. Original post

Oh here’s one more with an adorable table:

It is being sold for 50.00 in Natomas.
Original post

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