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Craigslist: Wedgewood gas stove 150.00-Yuba city

29 Nov

I will admit that sometimes I forget about awesome things like stoves because I am a renter. Thankfully Serene and Tonii are considerate enough to think about such things and post them. Then I am reminded that the world does not revolve around any of my direct immediate needs/interests. ;]
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Weekend Excursions

12 Nov

“The original color was tourquoise, which leads me to believe it is 60’s retro chair, it is now red. Good condition, sturdy, no cracks or chips. Might be able to deliver”

This plastic bean is going for 15 dollars in Salinas. He appears to be very angry that he is no longer his original turquoise color.
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I think me and the color yellow have really come to understand one another. This chair is being sold for 185.00 in Martinez.
Ps. Isnt it super cute that the seller set up a living arangement for their post?
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HELLO CHAIR! I THINK I LOVE YOU! Seller is asking 65 cash for this bootiful treasure. It is located in South San Francisco.
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Cork (hey now no ideas with that-this thing is for light) floor lamp is going for 75.00 in Redding.
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“Hi, Offered for sale is this super cool, mid century modern blond Formica coffee table. The blond wood grain Formica top is in good condition with a few minor scuffs and light scratches due to its age. The edge of the table is painted black to match the black hairpin legs.”

This table is going for 40.00 in Grass valley.
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Craigslist: Chairs (2) – $120 (Carmichael)

5 Nov

Just look at those lovely frames, $60 a piece isn’t too bad. (original post)

Around Town: Thrifting in Stockton

2 Nov

We alway see great stuff posted in Stockton’s craigslist so me and Toni thought it be a good idea to see if there was any goods thrifting:

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Git’R’Done: The Earring Keeper

28 Oct

I came across this method of jewelry storage when I lived with my aunt. She was making and selling a whole lotta “Indian-ish” jewelry.

I thought… “well there’s an idea” and have now pursued it. It’s pretty simple to do (all you silk-screening nerds think of that process).

Here is what you’ll need:
1. A frame of your desired choice.
2. Lace (there is a ton of it at Thrift Town still).
3. Staple gun
4. Staples that are appropriate size to your frame.
5. Scissors
6. Hammer
7. Heavy object or significant other

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Craigslist: Desk 25.00-Placerville

24 Oct

25 BUCKS?!!! That’s insane. UGH I can’t focus. I am getting a list of all the reasons why I should investigate the prohibition of a certain substance. Which I suppose (FOCUS DETERIORATING) is uh bah interesting subject an akds bah bah topic is malfunction overload reset…this desk is only 25 dollars!
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Craigslist: Lotta it

22 Oct

I’ve got my second wind! Heres some stuff from a little bit of everywhere.

One day I am going to own a coffee table with legs like that. The seller didnt list the measurements but the table looks small and great for putting plants on top of.
It’s being sold for 90.00 dollars in oakland lake merritt / grand.
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Look at this thing! Look at it. Doesn’t even seem like underneath all that paint theres metal strength. This metal cart is being sold for 125.00 in Oakland lake merritt / grand.
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Hello potential bar. How are you. Oh that’s right your wonderful and economically priced/great.

“Wonderful Danish Modern / Mid-Century Cabinet
with sliding door in front. In good condition.
Width 36″
Depth 19″
Height 31.5”

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Soft yellow and white dresser set. It’s selling for 50.00 in Castro Valley Hills by Lake Chabo. I guess you might want to hurry and check out the original post if your into it. Seller is very adamant that this thing will not last long. And this seller is prolly right. 50?! (PS. I am not sure if that’s actually wood or not…so if you’re making a trip out there…maybe you wanna ask?)

Maybe I am alone on this one. Old salon chair though has me interest.
It’s being sold for 25.00 in oakland piedmont / montclair
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AH! Too much storage. JK. Theres never enough of that.
This set is being sold for 280.00 in Santa Rosa.
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Craigslist: A table with a whatchamucallit:Berkley

22 Oct

There’s a cupboard under this thing!!!! That’s an extra amount of storage! *Hyperventilating.
It’s 40.000! *More hyperventilating. It’s odd but cute looking. AHKFS.
I need to take a walk.
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Craigslist: What the what?

19 Oct

Have you ever noticed how much more cute something is tinier? This chair makes me feel like running through meadows of dandelions with a rainbow (a double rainbow!) all the way across the sky. Happy rainbow above would probably be dancing, smiling because he would know that finding my eternal sitting pal is something very magical and lovely. …AHEM.
Sure that back leg(?) is questionable for a lot of different reasons but maybe you craiglists crafty folk can figure out a way to attach computer chair legs or a third one? anyways it’s a hundred bucks here’s the original post

Craigslist: Lil’ Nightstand Dude, $40

11 Oct

Needs a good polishing, but for $40 I bet this guy cleans up real nice! For sale in Vacaville. (Original Post)

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