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Christmas gifts from the internets.

8 Dec

Heres some things floating around cyber space that you may want to get for your loved ones (or you) for the holidays.

Get this for your nerdy design friend. 50.00 plus 15.00 for US shipping at bookhou.

Get your friends some nice art for their wall!
15.00 from Illustrator Chris lee at the beast shoppe.

Monsieur III print by Blanca Gomez for 30.00

Silkscreen Broklyn for 55.00 from Wayne Pate

NOM NOM Whale keeps all your nerdy friend’s stuff safe! 50.00 on the utilitycollective.

Danish Modern Butterfly Pendant Light Design by Lars Schioler 50.00 on Modernspecific

Praying teak troll for 35.00 on Austin Modern

Read the description for this gooseneck lamp. It may end up making you want to spend the rest of your life together.
20.00 Kc suz

12.00 Harold and mod

6.00 at Moxiethrift


How rad would this have been to get this electric pink cash register?! 55.00 at goodlookin

Oh the cute is too much. 15.00 Monkivintage

One moar! 18.00 Monkivintage

Christmas stuffs

Adorably illustrated table runner for 35.00 Merrirose

43.00 at Betty and June Shoppe

12.00 at studios black bird

100.00 at aplusrstore

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.

7 Dec

This post was inspired from our friend Gretchen’s post about a “Merry Mid Centurty Christmas”. Check out her post about where to shop locally for vintage Christmas decorations. Since I don’t have much time to do personal shopping, I thought I’d post what’s available online (while being on a budget).

These adorable ornaments are only $8. (Dresden’s Vintage)

Send out your Eames christmas cards. $16 (sweetperversion)

…or how about Charley Harper cards? $11.95(amazon)

Pair of large light up Santas $18 (Scooter’s Shop

6ft Pom Pom tree with Color Wheel $150 or best offer (DeathBySexy) <– silly name

Can’t forget your wrapping paper. $3.50 (grandmothersattic)

Blue holiday party dress $80 (Coldfish)

Not quite Mid Century, but I love cheesy stuff like this. (DevaniNYC)

1960’s X-Mas tie. $8 (chocolatnegro)

Now you have some of the staples to have a holiday party. I’ll let you know where to send three invitations. :)


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