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David’s Holiday Setup

24 Dec

David's 2012 MCM Christmas

Thank you for sending us your beautiful Eames-filled home with Mimomito, David!
Still haven’t sent us your holiday decor photos? Shoot ’em over to mcmsacramento@gmail.com !

Craigslist-Kitchen table:Citrus Heights

5 Sep

The prowl is still on. I search and I search and everything seems way too big to fit in my “cozy” space. Then I share these eye pleasing misfortunes with you kind folk-I mean that in a ‘this uplifts my spirits’ kinda way not a ‘I feed you my furniture scraps.’ It looks like there’s some plastic stuff covering the seats of these chairs. Those are great in case you happen to have an accident or two occasionally but can be uncomfortable in Sacramento’s summertime (ya know that weird sticky thing that happens were the plastic becomes apart of your leg). For 60 bucks you could take that stuff off if it makes you queasy and then (ahhhhaaahhhaaa<—that’s the sound of heaven’s gates being opened) reupholster.
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