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1 Dec

I love ’em, you love ’em, we all have a psychosis. Anyhow, here are some we all can BUY.. and bring home and love on..

$22.00 on Etsy.

$125.00 on Etsy.

$22.00 Casserole dish on Etsy.

New on eBay, $40.00.

It has a light in it that illuminates the design and numbers! WANT. Starting at $99.00 on Ebay.


Craigslist: Clock 45.00: Martinez

29 Nov

I like this guy’s numbers, and hands (that little sun and moon!). The colors look nice enough but not too distracting that they would be able to be very cohesive to someone’s home.

“or sale is a square wood and tile wall clock from the 60’s- Measures 16″ square and 3” deep.
Very cool numbers and hands. Keeps great time- and a record of all the batteries replaced since 1962
are listed on the back (about every 8 years.) The condition is excellent, and the tiles are black, beige and cream.
The numbers, dots, and hands are brass. “

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