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Craigslist: Coffee table 100.00: Oroville

6 Dec

Them legs remind me of that awesome Kegan coffee table. Pictures are kinda deceptive…but it looks like it could use a stain?
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Craigslist: An assortment of Bay area wonders

2 Dec

This frame, that texture, the floating top. UGH. So many wonderful things going on. This desk is selling for 625.00 in South Marin county.
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Home owners strap your boots up. This bathroom delight is being sold for 400.00 in Twin peaks from the original owner. The toilet seat is what gives me the goos. It’s a seashell!
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20.00 in San Carlos.
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Those legs are pretty interesting looking, I like how they hold strong to midmod with them brass caps.
Seller is asking for 180.00 in San Francisco.
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Craigslist: A few things.

30 Nov

$100.00 Slat bench near Auburn. (Original Post) I hear it’s groovy.
I’m guessing not original, look like new items.. but c’mon that’s $8 for 3 vases. (Original Post)

$150.00 for a Magnavox stereo console! Looks verrry clean. (Original Post)

This seller wins the Most Artistic Uploads Award for this Wedgewood they’re selling. $400.00 in Auburn. (Original Post)

Lil’ pink terrazzo mosaic table. I like them pillows, too! $60.00 in Lincoln. (Original Post)

Yellow top dinette table, $75.00 in the tuba lovin’ Yuba. (Original Post)

Funny little dresser. What is this brand?? Same angry eyes drawer pulls I’ve seen all over. $70.00 in El Dodo Hills. (Original Post)

Classy backgammon inlays there, Chief. $250.00 in Moose Grove — ‘scuse me, Elk. (Original Post)

She’s got so much stuff — where does it all come from?? $15.00 for the set of 4. (Original Post)

Modern vintage-inspired plastic clock. Good lookin’ for $20.00. (Original Post)

$20.00 for a COFFEE TABLE — and two end tables. The catch is you gotta drive an hour and a half to get them. (Original Post)

Different items from a bedroom set. This looks promising! Located in Curtis Park. (Original Post)


Craiglist: Coffee table 245.00-Berkeley

26 Nov

I like this thang a whole lot. The two shapes together, that pop of white. NOM NOM.
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Craigslist: More stuff in Reno.

18 Nov

Look at all those sharp not very child friendly edges. They nice.

“Very modern classic lines on this great little desk. Dovetailed drawers. Oak with formica top. Very good condition. 44″ wide, 24″ deep, 30 1/4″ high.”

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85.00 dollars.
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25.00 dollars in Pleasant Valley er S. Reno.

“14” H x 48″ W x 21″ D”

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Seller states that this thing works. It’s 40.00!
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I am not sure whether or not I just wasted an hour of my life digging through Reno’s craigslist. But I am all out of stuff in sacramento…almost (SHOCK) even the bay area. It’s so bad that a friend of mine described a chair she wanted by giving me an example of something on craigslist (no picture!) and I knew exactly what she wanted. I feel bad though that I may have put some of you’s who cannot travel through any trouble or grief…so heres more stuff!!!

EGAH! EGAH. This thing is bootiful! It’s going for 475.00 in Sacramento.
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In Stockton. Original post

Vintage tanker desk. 5 ft! That’s bigger than me. 100.00 in Redding.
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“Mid century modern wood hutch in good condition. Vintage hutch has some wear and nicks, but it is a solid piece and would be great for the holidays! Hutch is two pieces – bottom piece can be used as a credenza or for storage; top piece has two sliding glass doors (not shown in picture but in excellent condition) and divots for plate holders. Ding in back bottom right corner. Asking $150. The Dimensions are 48″ x 18″ x 67”

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Craigslist Sacramento

8 Nov

Not sure if this is a repost? $300.00 Lane Coffee table. (Original Post)

Two very rad dinette style matching chairs for $150.00. I’m really into the back cushions, they look like my Dux chair! (Original Post)

$50.00 dresser with matching mirror! This is in Yuba City – her son wants to make his room “UFC decor” so it’s gotta go! ASK HOW MUCH FOR THE FURBY. (Original Post)

This seller is getting rid of lots of stuff, including this rad teak bar for $200.00 (Original Post)

General Electric kitchen cabinet with rad red formica top, $150.00 (Original Post)

Craigslist: Coffee table 50.00- Foresthill

4 Nov

“1950’s Laminated wood Coffee Table and Wood Cat Lamp. 51” L x 18″w x 16″h_ $50 “

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Craigslist: Coffee & End table in SF, WHOAZERSK8Z!

25 Oct

$110.00 cash for both. There is wear on both pieces but aw hell who cares the wood would restore very nicely. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Dovetailed coffee table, Reno

25 Oct

Classy little sucker for the takin’. $100 OBO, says seller. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Coffee table 125.00: Merced

24 Oct

I dunno why…but boomerang coffee tables er kidney shape always remind me of anime. That illogical mental connection isn’t all that bad. I’ve been reminded now that I have to finish Cowboy Bepop and the weather today is perfect for such an activity. Thank you coffee table for being beautiful and kind to my anime needs.
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