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Lucite, Brass, Teak, and wonderful

3 May

400.00 Oak dale

250.00 San Anselmo
Space agey chairs.
45.00 Cotati
Zenith Circle of sound speakers!!!! omg.

110.00 Alameda
Seller states that it is an actual Burk table BUT does have some little imperfections.

350.00 Paradise

1850.00 Oakland
I know! An insane price. I post this cuz it reminds me of this one time I almost scored one of these sets for a super good steal. At thee last minute the seller backed out because her sister wanted that set. I mean I had to understand…and it also warmed my heart a little BUT DARN! DARN DARN DARN.

475.00 Alameda

San Francisco, you’ve got some nice furniture.

4 May

Actually this is all over the Bay Area, South Bay, and East Bay. But still, y’know it comes up under those SF craigslist postings.

$150.00 chair in SF. Dang that’s all hot and sloped.

$175.00 chair from the same seller.

$50.00 in Santa Cruz.

$65.00 in SF, yo! Convert that plug to battery, y’all.

$120.00 in Oakland. DUDES, THAT’S A STEAL!

$30.00 in HERCALEEZ! Ahem, Hercules. It was a stereo cabinet but got gutted.

$180.00 for these two saucy S-shaped chairsssss. In Santa Rosa!

$85.00 two tiered magazine rack — and a real lusty artsy photo of it, if I do say so myself. Oakland!

I kinda bet it smells. BUT IT’S AWESOME. $150.00 In San Jo! YEEHAW!!

“Oh HEY, you caught me strolling down the sidewalk!”
Lane end table for $130.00.

$25.00 in “The Industrial City.”

Weird little strappy dude for $200.00 in Oaktown.

100 bucks for a display cabinet in Danville, y’all.

Another Danville gem, this credenza with (Jeffrey) Tambor doors. $149.00.

$190.00 craziness lamp.

30 BUCKS! Santa Clara.

This little thang has been around for about a month now. Give it some love.
$85.00 American of Martinsville in Santa Rrrrosa.

I just drank soo much coffee, dudes. I have pretty much been screaming along with my Pandora radio during the transcribing of this post. Y’all welcome.

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