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Do Not Want: Herman Miller’s worst nightmare

23 Jan
Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 3.52.06 PM
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Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.08.10 PM
Usually when one reads the words “Herman Miller sectional” on this website one would feel a combination of joy and elation in a deal well-found.
Presenting: The Herman Miller Sectional that makes dogs puke when they see it.
My first impression upon viewing this ad was a sickeningly pink tone reminiscent of cell structure or pig intestines – some thing or another I hated from high school biology. The poster is quick to mention that the couch was ‘reupholstered in the 90’s” as if its current condition is somehow benefited by this fact.
Apparently the sofa has lived most of its life in the hands of his/her grandmother, who is either dead or very, very disappointed.
The poster mentions the abuse by the cats but does not seem to indicate who or what exactly bled out on the far end of the sofa to create such a horrendous stain. (They say it’s water, but we know the truth.)
Finally, after demanding the full price and not offering any help with delivery, the poster continues their extreme audacity by saying that they might “cry when it leaves.”
Cry? CRY?
Did you cry for the 7 years you let your cats use this as their feces harem?
Did you cry when you found the nest of raccoons underneath the third cushion?
Did you cry when George Nelson HIMSELF got stabbed and died while hanging out in your gross garage?
For shame, sir or madam. For shame.
… All that said, for 100 bucks, it’s a pretty good start to a project if you first KILL IT WITH FIRE and then begin from the frame up.
By Alan L. (lover of 1960’s doll houses)

Friday Friday Friday, Fun Fun Fun FURNITURE!

22 Apr

Personally, when I post any furniture I don’t like posting anything over $200.00. It keeps things thrifty and makes them SUPER scores. But sometimes I come upon such beautiful things, I just have to post them. Like this here chair..

$1000.00 Mulhauser chair in white, in the Bay Area. OH HEY.

$145.00 in Elk Grove, y’all.

$150.00 in Walnut Creek. Look at that stripe upholstery detail!

$65.00 wall mounted shelf/cabinet in Vacaville.

Two laminate top end tables in San Francisco.$65.00 for the pair in Pacific Heights, yo.

$120.00 for this pair of Hooker nightstands in Healdsburg.

Tanker desk for $125.00 in SF.

WHY DO I LIKE THIS! I don’t know. It’s a very specific.. place that this could go. And it is NOT my house. $45.00 in Santa Rosa.

$50.00 green drafting stool in San Anselmo. Needs a patch!

$180.00 for the pair of these nice ceramic and wood lampy lamps in Oakland.

DWR Ghost chair for $125.00 in San Anselmo.

Lane end tables – $80.00 for both! THAT’S A DEAL, Y’ALL! For sale in Concord.

Alright, this thing is AWESOME. Trust me, if these photos were taken in a naturally lit hardwood-floored home, you’d want it too. That retro fabric is actually pretty rad – and it’s a daybed! C’mon! That’s awesome!
$200.00 and some light sewing on the front seam and a trip to Emeryville.

$50.00 couch frame in SF. For that cheap, getting cushions done will only be like $150-200.

DO NOT WANT: Holy Disco Coke Storm

21 Jan

So the estate of either a 70’s Bachelor or a nouveau riche Mediterranean family was purchased by this Craigslist seller from an estate sale a year ago. Sadly I was hoping this was where the couch had lived for the past 4 decades, on beige floor tiles in a non-offensively neutral villa.

At first glance I imagine the years past this couch has seen; coked up pillow fights of blonde feathered-haired girls in gold lamé bikinis, as bronzed men with pillowy tufts of chest hair sit on the chair arms and adjust their lapels.

Just as this couch unfolds – into a bed.. so does its sordid history.

The 70’s came and went. From luxurious, decadent parties, to solitary days spent with only the couch’s bachelor owner. The California winters never seemed so cold and lonely. Never feeling the loving touch or snuggle of a woman or child, the couch sat on in stoic silence. Together they grew old, outdated. Their once finer and appreciated qualities now seen as laughably poor taste and design.

It wasn’t until the 2000’s when there was a time of renewal. The couch’s owner met a nice woman, a fat-butted social worker, who adored shabby chic. (Yeah, I know the seller bought it from an estate sale – but this is just a nicer spin on the story.) Her curio and cupboards full of porcelain figurines moved in, his framed Nascar posters from early 80’s moved out. The couch just had to go.

The couch is now an item of irony and oddity – a throwback to the days of disco and southwest inspired beige upholstery.

For sale now on Craigslist for the meager price of $160.00. Or, as the seller declares, “would not mind trading for medium quality electric guitar and/or Flip Video camcorder and/or SNOWSHOES?”

Craigslist: Couch 50.00- Sacramento

12 Jan

Fo’real?! Look at that color. My coworker right now is sending me all kindsa good looking things. Holla.
Original post

Craigslist: Couch 525.00-Midtown Sacramento.

29 Nov

Look at them legs. Look at that shape!

“approx 9ft long. shes long! very unique shape! very cumfy. shows some wear. it looks like it was recovered at some point and has some tears etc. but can spice up your mid century home as is”
Original post

Craigslist: Whoa, these are biggins’!

29 Nov

$300.00 for larrrge matching couch and credenza/cabinet. For the entertaining enthusiast with a huge house, perhaps. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Van Dyver Witt couch, $200

21 Nov

Thanks Kathy for sending me tons of fodder today! Sorry we’ve been so lazy lately folks, we’re all incredibly busy with Thanksgiving festivities and stuffing our faces. Anyhow, here’s a bit about the couch:

1950s mod Van Dyver-Witt couch, excellent condition. Have to part with it because I have no more room to store it and since I inheireted it from great grandma it has been in plastic and climate controlled. It is a comfortable couch but I cant afford to have it reupholstered and as it sits it doesnt fit my home decor. Walnut trim immaculate, couch itself has minor blemishes but it is over 50 years old, has all feet and cushions. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Couch 150.00-East sac

28 Oct

Such a pretty looking green! That fabric looks like something nice to lounge in durning winter time. It looks like oscar the grouch!

“We are selling our beloved vintage green couch. I got this in San Diego and moved it all the way here and the time has come to get rid of it :( It has 2 small problems that anyone able to put a button on can fix probably . I just never have. There is a small button popping out on the sidearm, and the a zipper under the cushion needs fixing. But can’t see it from looking at it.”

Original post

Craigslist: Couch and chair 250.00: Citrus heights

24 Oct

It’s getting to be winter weather. That means lounging on the couch with a throw, tea, and a good book. This seems like a simple gray couch with a hint of blue. Or maybe the blue is a photography mistake…in any case this couch is low to the ground with a simple shape and what looks like a rad fabric in decent condition:

“This is a near perfect condition 1970, blue/green sofa and matching chair. The tag says the style is “Windsor Americana,” bought at Beck Brothers, Sacramento 1970. There is virtually no damage whatsoever. There is a button missing off the back of the sofa and the corners of the arms have bare minimum wear. No scratches, snags, holes, stains, or smells, non-smoking single owner. Very cool, low to ground, retro style. The chair resembles modern club chairs.”

Original post

Craigslist: Couch 100.00: San Bruno

22 Oct

Nah but this couch looks like it has lotsa potential. And is priced pretty decently for uh today’s times.

“Gold sofa with slant legs and sturdy construction. Back can be slid over to use as a corner unit or in the middle as a sofa or off totally for a bed. Material is in pretty good shape but has one small hole. Original sale ad from purchase. Would be fantastic if recovered.”

Original post

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