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Home, Sweet Homes: Heather and David’s Carmichael Pad

8 Sep

So, this is a home tour that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle and kerfuffle of a Mimomito identity crisis. Thanks to the wonderful Heather and David for not sending rocks through our windows for taking so long to post this. It has likely been almost A YEAR since they welcomed us into their home to poke around and take photos. Thank you for your patience and kindness to allow us in your lives and beautiful home. I personally know that you both have added new items and pieces to your home, so perhaps this’ll be like a walk down memory lane, ha! Now, finally, Heather and David Hadley’s Home Tour.

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Where is your home located?
Carmichael, Ca

When was your home built and when did you move in?
Built in 1957, bought home in 2010 / 3bd, 2.5ba 1800 SF

 Why did you choose your home?
Good neighborhood; the layout; original hardwood floors; updated kitchen and granite counter-tops; but most importantly (according to David) the game room with a 1970’s built-in bar.

 What attracted you to mid century design?
In my mid-20s, I rented an old one-bedroom apartment in Midtown Sac.  I fell in love with the mid-century original features.  It had a pink bathtub, elephant gray tiling and toilet, the kitchen was galley style and had stainless steel counter tops.  I embraced the vibe, and carried that feeling into our new home.

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Moody Monday

8 Jul

I haven’t been back to work since Wed’s. GUH.

Here’s some Craigslists finds to get us through this gloomy Monday.

25.00 Sacramento
I am gonna put myself out there and say I think these guys have potential to make a space look good. Especially if you are going for an eclectic bohemian look.
100.00 Napa
Holy smokes! Get this to throw in some Girard charm in your life.
1190.00 Sacramento
Long and low in bootiful condition.
150.00 Cole Valley


250.00 Martinez

The colors and possibilities with these stacking tables are awesome.


75.00 Grassy Valley

Cheap little mosaic table on hairpin legs! YES PLEASE.


75.00 Sacramento

Well hello Tiki dreams. HELLO.


129.00 Sacramento

Cheap little high boy!


150.00 Berkley

Partly I am amused by this and then also really curious how a huge green hulk hand would look in a room. I dunno guys. I dunno.


180.00 Noe Valley

Sweet little chair!



125.00 each in Sacramento

I love those little bucket chairs. Could prolly sit nicely in a covered porch.


620.00 Castro

This piece seems like it would work for someone living in the bay area!


I skimmed the post and didnt see a location that bit me in the face. Seems like a nice piece for someone with a big living room.

Hump day

31 Oct

120.00 Fair Oaks

30.00 Sacramento
I dubb this spider chair. Because it looks like a spider to me.

150.00 Sacramento
I hated having a drop leaf table growing up. My knees were always bumping up against it, and I just felt trapped in the table. They do seem like a good option now for a two person household that anticipates guests.

60.00 Antelope
Simple little dresser for a simple price.

150.00 Davis
Flying table.

50.00 Rancho Cardova
Seller states that she has two. I just recently saw an awesome baby room that Brick house blogger helped out with, using these dressers.

for more photo’s and to enter the animal print shop giveaway go here!

199.00 San Jose WOOOWEEE.

245.00 Sacramento
Have not seen too many cedar hope chest that look like this!

15.00 Rocklin
Oh gosh that dust. Bleh.

80.00 Roseville
Those drawer pulls.

100.00 Davis
With a little elbow grease this dude mayhaps shine up pretty nice.

35.00 Sacramento
The color of these lamps is amazing.

160.00 Noe Valley
This mirror has so much going on. Lucite, Reflection, and wood. Weirdest coolest looking mirror.

300.00 Citrus Heights
Comes with the coffee table and two end tables. Most likely knock offs, but def a good take home price.

65.00 Lincoln

150.00 Citrus Heights.
Could work eh?

1000.00 Sacramento

Case of the Mondays

20 Aug

Oh hey, it is me! I am alive! We kinda took a vacation but we IZ back!

50.00 Sacramento
Ah red chair. Needs some work.
175.00 Sacramento
Man! That table set up is something wonderful! All teak like with interesting glass! Good jorb seller!
449.00 Sacramento
This set also comes with a hutch!
399.00 Sacramento
I dunno what is going on with these cushions. Seller only has a picture of four of them. In any case the cushions that are there look like they may need to be reupholstered.
260.00 Sacramento
0_0 Imagine these guys floating above your head in a big open midcentury gem! HEAVEN.
450.00 Tahoe
I do not mind the green on these chairs one bit!
Make an offer Sacramento
Oh geeze! I love big ol slabs of wood thrown into a room!
125.00 Sacramento
Nice little price for this local highboy.
90.00 Grass Valley
This picture makes it a lil hard to understand what this table looks like. BAH.
150.00 Loomis
Nesting tables seem like one of the most convenient and lovely things to have around when hosting a party.
400.00 Sacramento
I love that some Danish tables have that tile in the center. The tile is usually a earthy tone, and a very interesting pattern, also doesnt hurt that hot plates can go on top of them with no problems.
1900.00 Sacramento
Ah snap! DANG! Gee! This is a heavy price, but man oh man this sofa got a whole lotta class.
It is in my coveted burnt like orange too. One day I will own you beloved orange sofa! One day.

250.00 Sacramento
This is for some of you shop owner folk who may read mimomito…or really anyone else who enjoys big brassy glass furniture.

500.00 Twaineharte
Comes with the night stands too.


18 Oct

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
75.00 in Martinez
I’ve been out for awhile. Sorry dudes. Crazy last couple of months that have just kept me glued to the couch, with a stack of mint oreo cookies, sleepy time tea, and Mad Men on repeat. I’ve yelled at Draper, I’ve cried with Sally, hooted and rooted for Peggy, and have attempted to assist Sterling and company with sales. I’am ready to do other things with my life. I need to do other things with my life. Thankfully Toni and Serene have taken care of you all in my absence. Woot woot for book shots and Back in the day fam bam photos. Ah right ah right less get to the busy-ness. Stuff.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
40.00 in South San Franny IMO these chairs are the boss of dinning like a true gentleman/classy lady.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
240.00 in Martinez with some upholstery work this guy would up his swank by a whole lotta percent. Unless you are into it. Then he is already swanky enough.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
45.00 in Tracy. The black is prolly upsetting to some of you…but them drawer knobs. Geeze oh geeze they are cute.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
100.00 for the pair in San Rafael.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic OH and same seller is selling this cute lil bean for 65.00.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I got a lil’ flat file cray cray and started searching for those. This guy is selling some and had another post with furniture for sale…one of the chairs looked a lot like them fancy rope back serenian chairs.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A lot of steel flat files being sold in sacramento.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This was the cheapest one I could find. 100.00 OBO in oakland you may wonder what the hell you could be doing with flat files. The answer is…a whole lotta things. Make a coffee table that conveniently stores all your paper er magazines. Repurposing is the new black guis. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Four letterpress drawers for 25.00 each in willow glen. ZOMG XOXOX

A lil’ Bit

21 Sep

$129.00 There was a’ lil dude like this at Scout Living awhile back. TIS ADORABLE. For the small people like me self.

$199.00 I kinda dont get the food and bottles trend that was going on for mid mod homes back in the day… but it looks pretty alright?

$160.00 This chair takes up a whole lotta room but as sure as night is dark, grass is green, cheese is delicious, Malamutes are cute  -this sucker looks great demanding all that floor space.

$75.00 in Corning.

With a din din set as well in Oroville for $500.00

$150.00 skinny dude.

Huge Mid Century Modern Yard Sale! This Saturday

3 Feb

I want I want I want!

Ron is having a yard sale and clearing out his collection! Some amazing pieces I’ve never seen before, some great familiar ones! Check out the photo set of some of the items he’s selling. Make sure to stop by and say hello to him — and while you’re at it, buy a thing or two.

For sale will be hundreds of decorative items, furniture, lamps, vintage Lp’s, stereo grear, sunglasses and more. All items are from my personal collection and in various levels of condition. Prices will range from $1-$150 but most in the lower 1 an 2 digit range. I have posted some prices in the photo link for the more expensive furniture pieces to help gauge. Original Post

On Saturday Feb 5th
from 8am until 2-3pm
1043 57th st. Sacramento

Craigslist: Milwaukee

3 Feb

I got this atlas see… from 1970. It has maps of the different states, and the different production and manufacturing that was coming out of what state at the time, and how much the state grossed. For example, the agricultural states versus the states producing  materials like paper and furniture. So consequentially I am just looking through Craigslist all over the place. Second one is Milwaukee!


180.00 for the pair.
Original post

I think this thing is pretty dope:

“Mid-Century-1960’s Interior Design Boards Jawacdah Farm & American Tourister

2 boards are for American Tourister Corporate Office
there is one sample missing.

1964 RETRO Interior Design Boards for Hilenbrand Industries

and, Jawacdah Farm Hil-Rom in Batesville Indiana

there are eight unique boards with the designers logo seal at the bottom left corner.
they feature the furniture photos & actual carpet, flooring, & wall covering samples.”

Original post

Granny looking chair for 25.00
Original post

85.00 for this eggy wedgy chair.
Original post

Original post

Lane dovetailed tables set of three-175.00
Original post

Original post

OH THE GREEN. 400.00
Original post

Happy Campers: Zach’s dining room table

31 Jan

So, today Angela R. shared this lovely dining room table on the Mimomito Facebook Page:

… and thanks to Angela, Zach found out about it and picked it up in Wilton, CA. Here is a photo of the table in its new home:

Thanks to Angela and Zach for sharing with Mimomito. We encourage more of it from everyone! :)

Rad Coffee Table/Planter!

27 Jan

$375.00 in Sonoma. I’m a fan of throwing plants in the middle of things – atriums in the middle of your house, or plants in the middle of your coffee table. Sure! Imagine the succulent garden you could have living in this sucker. Oh my.

Here’s more eye fodder for the indoor/outdoor lovin’.

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