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Craigslist: $100 Credenza, Vacaville

2 Nov

59.5″ x 18″d x 27″h, $100.00, byyawww!!! Rad piece. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Credenza-East Sac

2 Nov

A two piece credenza for 155.00. It has those gorgeous dovetailed drawers.

“Each cabinet measures 36″ by 18″ and 31″ high for a total length of 72”.

With possible delivery from our dear midcentury enthusiast in East Sac.
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Craigslist: Credenza 100.00-Sacramento

31 Oct

Walnut credenza looks like a big hunk of wood.
Pictures on craigslist though can sometimes be decieving. Like I imagine that teak wall unit I posted awhile ago (for 200.00 *LE SIGH) was gorgeous despite the grainy photo. If you got the time and something looks potential go check it out. There aint no harm in a no thanks.
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Craigslist: Credenza 120.00-Vacaville

28 Oct

Doesnt this make you wonder what beautiful things there are to be found in vacaville?
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Craigslist: “uber madmen style” credenza, San Francisco

20 Oct

$550.00 for this uber-doober light wood credenza. Listed as American of Martinsville, which may or may not be a furniture company and maybe a nursing home? I don’t know, that website is confusing to my senses. Anyhow check out the original post, yooo.

Weekend Excursions: The Yay Area, Craigslist Edition

14 Oct

Hey hey! Lots of great stuff listed in the Bay Area this week, you should trot on down and take a look for yourself. Go have a picnic and enjoy the 10-20 degree drop in temperature as soon as you get to Vallejo. Take in that fog, and take in some tasty new pieces.

Otto otto ottoman! $125 in San Jose. (Original Post)

No brand listed, but seller says “finished back and aluminum pulls with wood insert in a manner of George Nelson.” $675.00 in Fremont (Original Post)

Vitra’s Eames DAR, “buy it now” on eBay listed for $380, buy it in SF for $220. (Original Post)

six cups for $5.00. Emeryville, my good man. (Original Post)

four chairs for $200, jeeuh! Walnut Creek. (Original Post)

Broyhill dresser for sale in San Jose, $850.00 (Original Post)

Eek! $30! San Jose! (Original Post)

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Sale Away: Estate Sales

13 Oct

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for every estate sale e-mailing list. Gary Schiff’s sales are definitely my favorite, but Jennie Krausse has some pretty awesome stuff, too. Being on the e-mailing list gives you a heads up about upcoming sales, along with photos of the items being sold, and occasionally entry access to pre-sales.

This sale is being held on Friday and Saturday and I just can’t wait. Even if I can’t afford anything, it will still be fun to oogle those goodies!

This is the info for sale:

1441 Birchwood
Sacramento, 95822
Google Map

October 15th & 16th
Friday & Saturday
9 am ­ 3 pm ( try to get there early though, because sales like this usually have long lines)

Craigslist: I just <3 Credenzas

12 Oct

… or dressers that I can use as a credenza.

MCM credenzas are so attractive and you can store all of your random junk in them. If I could have one in every room, I’d totally do it. Unfortunately, my boyfriend vetoed that idea and said that one was enough. However, if you don’t have one already… you should consider buying one of these bad boys:

This one just listed in Central Davis and it seems to be in pretty good condition. $300 bucks isn’t too bad, either. (Original Post)

This one is at the 57th Street Antique Mall right now and it  looks pretty similar. It is $200 bucks and I am pretty sure the lady had 30% off all of her stuff. I’ll double check tomorrow. (Original Post)

This beast has so much storage space. The whole bottom has four drawers. (original post)

This isn’t a credenza, but it is just too beautiful to neglect. I think it belongs to Katie and Ken, too … so it must be in awesome shape. (original post)

Craigslist: Wassap, ‘Frisco

12 Oct

Okay first off I am offended by the use of “frisco.” No one else is allowed to use it, I just used it ironically so it’s okay. MOVING ON!

San Francisco is always an amazing place to look up Midcentury goodies – there’s more design obsessed weirdos per capita perhaps? Not saying y’all Northerners aren’t that fantastic brand of weirdo yourselves. That’s a compliment.

Alright, this is nuts. Going for $400.00. Imagine this in your living room, gah! (Original Post)

Same seller, different story. $450.00 for this floating desk checkit!! (Original Post)

$1300, o rly? (Original Post)Described by the seller as “groovy” and something about super powers. $30! (Original Post)


Weekend Excursions: Dresser-Redding

9 Oct

His and her dresser sets is the cutest idea any person could come up with. It also would hopefully alleviate any of the your up in my underwear drawer fights. If you don’t have much of those than maybe put that credenza in your living room. I also just thought of which one is which? Credenza’s are male right? Because a mirror is usually for a lady right?
This set is going for 165.00
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