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Hump day

31 Oct

120.00 Fair Oaks

30.00 Sacramento
I dubb this spider chair. Because it looks like a spider to me.

150.00 Sacramento
I hated having a drop leaf table growing up. My knees were always bumping up against it, and I just felt trapped in the table. They do seem like a good option now for a two person household that anticipates guests.

60.00 Antelope
Simple little dresser for a simple price.

150.00 Davis
Flying table.

50.00 Rancho Cardova
Seller states that she has two. I just recently saw an awesome baby room that Brick house blogger helped out with, using these dressers.

for more photo’s and to enter the animal print shop giveaway go here!

199.00 San Jose WOOOWEEE.

245.00 Sacramento
Have not seen too many cedar hope chest that look like this!

15.00 Rocklin
Oh gosh that dust. Bleh.

80.00 Roseville
Those drawer pulls.

100.00 Davis
With a little elbow grease this dude mayhaps shine up pretty nice.

35.00 Sacramento
The color of these lamps is amazing.

160.00 Noe Valley
This mirror has so much going on. Lucite, Reflection, and wood. Weirdest coolest looking mirror.

300.00 Citrus Heights
Comes with the coffee table and two end tables. Most likely knock offs, but def a good take home price.

65.00 Lincoln

150.00 Citrus Heights.
Could work eh?

1000.00 Sacramento

Case of the Mondays

20 Aug

Oh hey, it is me! I am alive! We kinda took a vacation but we IZ back!

50.00 Sacramento
Ah red chair. Needs some work.
175.00 Sacramento
Man! That table set up is something wonderful! All teak like with interesting glass! Good jorb seller!
449.00 Sacramento
This set also comes with a hutch!
399.00 Sacramento
I dunno what is going on with these cushions. Seller only has a picture of four of them. In any case the cushions that are there look like they may need to be reupholstered.
260.00 Sacramento
0_0 Imagine these guys floating above your head in a big open midcentury gem! HEAVEN.
450.00 Tahoe
I do not mind the green on these chairs one bit!
Make an offer Sacramento
Oh geeze! I love big ol slabs of wood thrown into a room!
125.00 Sacramento
Nice little price for this local highboy.
90.00 Grass Valley
This picture makes it a lil hard to understand what this table looks like. BAH.
150.00 Loomis
Nesting tables seem like one of the most convenient and lovely things to have around when hosting a party.
400.00 Sacramento
I love that some Danish tables have that tile in the center. The tile is usually a earthy tone, and a very interesting pattern, also doesnt hurt that hot plates can go on top of them with no problems.
1900.00 Sacramento
Ah snap! DANG! Gee! This is a heavy price, but man oh man this sofa got a whole lotta class.
It is in my coveted burnt like orange too. One day I will own you beloved orange sofa! One day.

250.00 Sacramento
This is for some of you shop owner folk who may read mimomito…or really anyone else who enjoys big brassy glass furniture.

500.00 Twaineharte
Comes with the night stands too.

Welcome back to the work week

2 Jul

100.00 Sacramento
Looks like this dude was a part of a sectional at one time.

500.00 Reno

75.00 Sacramento
THANK GOODNESS! A price that does not have 2-3-4 zeros in it.

45.00 Arden

200.00 Colfax
This thing is going to change into a truck!

300.00 Modesto

100.00 Sacramento
I love you brass table.

1100.00 Gold River

Friday nights alright for craigslistin’

29 Jun

Everything is insanely overpriced on Craigslist right now. Sorry, folks. I don’t watch Mad Men, but I’m pretty sure it’s making everything more expensive for us all.

A valet with a dog’s face coming out of it! $20.00 in Citrus Heights.

$2100 Hans Wegner dining table with four chairs. Noice – this is almost a great price to own.

$400.00 big ol’ set in West Sacramento.

Plycraft knock-off browny browner for $400.00 in Lincoln.

$25.00 lil’ lamp in Folsom. Eh, next to a pretty radical clamtastic piece of art, there..

YA LIKE PROJECTS? Well here’s one – $250.00 for this Heywood Wakefield hutch and dining set. $250.00 for the hutch.

$300.00 for the table set with.. only three chairs? Enjoy the hunt and the restore, brah.

Yay, another one of these silly things. This one is $50.00. Watch out for CAPS OVERLOAD.

Paul Evans cubist/brutalist Lane set for $1750.00. This is a pretty sought after set, nice to see all the pieces together. Love the nightstands :D

Ice chippy gray dinette set in Elk Grove for $175.00

Apparently Craigslist is the new New York auction house. $900.00 credenza in Vacaville.

Drexel nightstands, $300.00 in Sacramento. Need a refinish – really? $300?

$800.00 Kopenhaven freedstanding shelving unit in Roseville.


10 Jan

Bootiful teak credenza here in midtown at 1800.00

40.00 in Modesto
For those of you who are into that mid mod industrial look.

450.00 for this set of chairs in Big Little city Reno.

2000.00 in Sonoma
This is kinda one of those things were you’re kinda like CRAP REALLY. OMG REALLY. Like you are real stoked to even be able to get to look at something like this and then if you are po’ folk like me, you see the price and kinda just slunk away. WAH WAH.

25.00 in Parkside
Not bad little dude!

375.00 in Hayward it swivels.

175.00 in Moraga Bah leather midcentury numbers! I love them.

Chandelier is lookin’ pretty cute for 35.00 in Reno.

25.00 in Turdlock (er Turlock). I’ am actually on the prowl for something like this meself. I am finally putting together my office and am in some desperate need for furniture!

Homes, Sweet Homes: Ilsa Hess

1 May

Who was nice enough to show us around:
Ilsa Hess

She is the creator of Nacheez  – vegan nacho cheese. Have any of you tried it yet? It is freakin’ delicious. Go buy it today at Never Felt Better (located at K and 23rd in Midtown Sacramento)!

Anyway, I was super excited to find out that a fellow vegan was also an MCM enthusiast. She is awesome and so is her home. Ch-ch-check it out!

What they told us about their home: It is a 2 bedroom/ 1 bath house and 750 sq ft. The home was built in 1935 and the original owner lived there until Ilsa moved in 2010.

Where is the home located: Elm Hurst, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: Built in 1935, moved in 2010.

Why they chose this home: “I wanted to move to East Sac to save some money. I was living in a nice flat next to Hot Italian in Downtown and wanted some place cheaper and more quiet. I never believed I could find my own home for less than an apartment! I’m so happy with the small size of my home. It’s more than enough for lil’ old me ”

Photos by Serene.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What attracted you to MCM design?

It’s hard to explain. When I was a kid, I found the style sort of ‘spooky’ compared to the trendy modern furniture of the 80s. Now, I love the organic look and natural products used in the designs.

Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

Eames, of course.

How do you feel about reproductions?

The only benefit is the cost.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?

A nice well-made couch. It will last a lifetime.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

Thrift stores and garage sales. I love the thrill when I find something wonderful! I also search on Craigslist.

What are some of your best finds? From where?

Freecycle. I got my couch from there. It’s a bit rough, but the price was right.

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge?

Finding a wall to put my 7 foot couch against. The biggest challenge was fitting the rest of my furniture in my tiny home.

Future goals/ projects?

I have the canvases to paint three paintings of bright orange poppies to hang above my couch.

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?

I get my inspiration from old movies and home magazines.

Advice and last words?

Have fun! There are so many used pieces waiting to be in your home. Do not let the thought that MCM is too expensive, because it isn’t if you don’t want it to be. Have fun exploring antique malls, thrift stores and garage sales. There are tons of deals just waiting for you!

Many thanks to Ms. Hess for showing us around her darling home and giving us so many tasty vegan treats.  We loved it so much I was almost late for work.

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at: midmodlove@yahoo.com

$50 table + chairs

27 Jan

Can’t tell the quality/wood color of the table, or how original/danish/vintage it actually IS, but with the leaves it sure gets big! And for $50, that’s a deal! Not original chairs, little ikea cheapies for free with the table.

Off the wire: Danish Desk

26 Jan

Erin from Bows and Sparrows gave us a heads up on her neighbor’s lovely desk. $200



There is one exactly like this on Ebay right now for $699.00

My mother bought this in the early 1970’s.  Solid teak.  Great condition

Contact: PokeyPatti@aol.com, if interested.

Craigslist: Danish rollllll top desk 135.00-Reno

12 Jan

Why must I be tormented?! Ah hem. Desk comes with two chairs as well. Get it dudes!
Original post

Craigslist: Hello darkness my old friend.

10 Jan

Floor lamp in Sacramento for 80.00
Original post

Walnut and Mahogany record cabinet for 85.00 in Cameron Park.
Original post

Hutch in Antelope for 200.00
Original Post

Dining set in Vacaville for 200.00
Original post

Aduuurable utility cart for 50.00 in Vacaville.
Original post

Raaael wild leather sofa for 220.00 in Antelope.
Original post

Twin headboards for 125.00 in Vacaville.
Original post

HAI COUCH…OH HAI COFFEE TABLE. 140.00 in Sacramento.
Original post

Interesting chair for 150.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

I feel weird about something that has to support my body weight being see through but that table is nice nice.
175.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

Formica table for 150.00 in Sacramento.
Original post

Loveseat for 100.00 in East Sac.
Original post

Desk for 225.00 in Sacramento
Original post

100.00 for the chandelier in East Sac
Original post.

Kitchen table for 150.00 in Sacramento
Original post

Small table for small pads. 80.00 in Citrus heights.
Original post

Speaking of small kitchen tables. Ikea (Brown-not the yucky black) table is going for 75.00 in Elk Grove.
Original post

Ya’ll like T.V?
Dinner trays for 25.00 in West Sac.
Original post

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