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Craigslist: $40 amazing dresser, Stockton

7 Oct

“I have a 9 drawer triple dresser WITH MIRROR!!! Very inexpensive Dimensions 32x62x18 In great condition. “ (Original Post)

Super sloppy thanks to Jenn for sending this find over to us. This dresser is very similar to one I got from 57th street antique mall, but has a light-wood veneer to it. Same legs, as well. but “WITH MIRROR!!!” How can you pass it up? There is also a matching chest according to Jenn, but I have yet to find it on Stockton craigslist..

Also – I’ve always wanted to do a collection of reflections in Craigslist posts. Reflections of the people taking the photos, of weird garbage in their apartments, and like this. I think we can spot a ninja cat creepin’.

Craigslist: “Deal of the day?” Asked my boyfriend.

5 Oct

Yeah, yeah I think he’s right.
$85.00 in Chico. Side table for sale as well for $20.00. Let them keep the creepy Buddha head, though. (Original Post)

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