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Around town:Thrift Town

10 Oct

Last Friday my husband needed a ugly sweater for a project that the verge was having. I’ve known about the need for this sweater for awhile now and have been putting it off. So much so that I forgot about it altogether. So Friday (day of project) I scooted my little self to my homebase Thrift Town woot woot.

Spray paint this thing all white!

Once there was a vase on craigslist like this one above (a’lil er a lot bigger) and my husband was reallly into it. So I bought this thing.
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Craigslist:Couch-East Sac

3 Oct

ADSJKALSJDA! There’s like a green couch frenzy going down right now ok! I can’t even look at this thing. GAH. It makes me think twice about my green vinyl couch-ya know the kind that eventually starts sticking to your legs. I absolutely can NOT go home today and suggest purchasing this to the dude. He’ll probably have me committed for it. *Sigh
Oh gah. I just realized its tweed too.

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Craigslist: Storage-Fair Oaks

1 Oct

I dig interesting functional designs but there’s something really nice about a piece that is just simple and made with a really good looking wood like walnut. This storage cabinet is going for 50 dollars.
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