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Eames Lounge chair debut: It caused quite a flurry

1 Oct

Halloween is coming up. I’ve never really been one to dress up or celebrate but this year I thought living a little would probably be an ok experience. I’ve been researching a lil every day about the Eames duo, surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be very many photographs of them (anyone got the goods?). So I am hesitant. Not really sure if I could get the outfit right and all that. When I saw this video I starting to dig the idea of being Ray for a night a lot more. Check her out here dudes! She get’s all shy and you think ‘you were a part of design history?! You are shy too?!’ The humility she shows in this video makes me love the Eames’ designs ten times better.
On top of all that I think the host is pretty funny. She’s carrying on a conversation with Charles and is looking directly at the camera staying clear away from addressing Charles with anything else but words (when did television decide that was a dumb way to interview someone? The 90’s?). Charles, even though I could imagine that being terribly awkward, holds it down like a gentleman keeping eye contact during most of their conversation.

Inspiration: Eames Textile Patterns

18 Sep

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

“No, Ray is not my brother.” – Charles Eames

Charles Eames (1907-78) and Ray Eames (1912-88) are among the pioneers of modernist industrial design. For over 40 years, Charles and Ray Eames experimented designing compact storage units, collapsible sofas for the home, seating for stadiums, airports, and schools, and chairs for virtually anywhere. (via jandofabrics.com)

Huge fan of these Eames “jacks”, “dots” or “snowflake” patterns  (I’ve seen it called all three – anyone know the real name?) and got inspired to put them around the house in random places as small accents.

Craigslist: “Pair of Antique Modern Danish Chairs”

14 Sep

UH DEAL OF THE DAMN YEAR. Yeah, more than that $75 hutch that of course one of our friends is buying because HOW CAN YOU NOT.

Anyway, these are TWO DUX chairs for $100.00. Going “buy it now” price on eBay is currently $300+ a piece. Yeah. So. Think about that for a second.

(Original Post)
“Pair of chairs made by Scandinavian “Dux”. Upholstery is in good shape, Frames are quality craftsmanship. These chairs are truly unique. Will throw in table in the picture if both chairs are purchased at price listed.”

They will “THROW IN” the side table if you feel like paying $100 for $600+ worth of merchandise here, people. GET IT TOGETHER! I literally do not have $100.00 from buying that other Dux chair this weekend – so if you love furniture, and making extra money when you’re done with it, I implore you, BUY THESE CHAIRS.

Then reupholster them, thnx. That fabric uggggs. :)

Dude, we got a Dux.

12 Sep

“Folke Ohlsson moved to the US from Sweden in 1953, and established DUX, Inc. in San Francisco the same year. In 1959 he moved the company to Burlingame, California. His design is generally referred to as “Scandinavian Modern” but frequently gets categorized as “Danish Modern” or “Danish Teak”.

A popular designer of the late 1950s early 60s, and highly collectable, Folke Ohlsson has been credited for creating the concept of knock down furniture, or KD. This is furniture which can be flattened and assembled at its final destination which makes it less expensive to ship.

Folke Ohlsson passed away Oct. 23, 2002.” (via lushpad)

We went to visit writer Rose’s husband, Ben “Squid” Della Rosa’s screenprinting studio Interval Press that had just moved into the Verge Gallery on 6th and S.

They had a rummage sale recently at the Verge Gallery and had some assorted miscellany tucked in the back roped off with caution tape. Of course seeing a collection of old crap I wandered in it’s direction. Between some amusing ash trays and beat up drafting table I saw a bright green chair sitting on a teak base. I of course grabbed my boyfriend to come look at it. As soon as he saw it he said “I think it’s a Dux.” He has a thing for Dux couches, and I could quickly note the urgency in his voice of “mmmehhh I waaaaant it!”

There are large splits in the arm rests where we were told that it was probably due to weather changes and moisture in the air – having the material drying out and shrinking and pulling apart. It is also in need of new strapping below the seat cushion, otherwise you just kind of fall in! The chair was donated by a family who sponsored the gallery and had bought it new in the 1960’s. The fabric is clean and obviously came from a caring home.

It was priced at $200.00, I told Alan to offer $100.00, and they accepted. HURRAH! Chair! I love the color of green so would like to see if some sort of repair can be done instead of completely reupholstering it. I e-mailed a photo to B&T Reupholstery who specialize in Deco and MidCentury furniture and asked if they had any thoughts on the matter and am waiting for their reply.

I can tell he already loves it and is happy to have a chair to put his impression into. Feast your eyes on these other mighty Dux.

Our same style chair in green suede (I like ours more)

Craigslist: Kent coffee Buffet-Antelope

7 Sep

Kent coffee has been around for awhile (1900’s?) and was made pretty decently for a reasonable price for the average consumer. Created by the fading Harold Coffee.
The 60’s turned everything around for Coffee when it was sold to the Singer Furniture Company (ya know the guys who make sewing machines). The furniture was decent quality and promotionally priced. Forty years later the furniture division (ahem Kent coffee) went bankrupt (sad).
Anyways Harold was so much of a great guy that in tribute to him his old home was made a BNB awhile back by Sharon Elizabeths BNB on the corner of Harper Avenue and Maple Drive in Lenoir. I think the BNB is being sold now but the thought was nice. Seems like poor Harold’s legacy is getting busy fading away…you though can own some work by his company and keep it strong-build memories with it,set a t.v on the top, or just put your under shirts there. This set is being sold for 80.00 in Antelope.
Original post

Craigslist: Steelcase Couch and Chair set, Oakland

6 Sep

OH HEY DUDES. Do you like sitting on ice blocks in the winter time? How about getting stuck to your furniture in the summer and having swamp-ass? Then check these stone cold foxes.

(Original Post) Three Steelcase pieces from 1974: a three-cushion sofa, matching side chair, and coordinating adjustable desk chair. The lines are crisp and tailored, the scale small enough to work in moderate-size rooms, but big enough to stretch out in. All three are upholstered in original tangerine vinyl in good condition, with matte-finish metal frames on the sofa and side chair. The office chair has a back frame powder-coated in sage green, and a swivel base in shiny chrome, on casters.

Sofa: $495
Side chair: $295
Office chair: $145

I’m surprised to hear that this is original vinyl, and that they are all in such crisp condition. If I had the cash I’d buy this suckers straight up, they match with a Steelcase office chair we recently picked up from Craigslist for$75.00. Here you see my boyfriend demonstrating it’s ability to “max” and “relax.”


4 Sep

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hello cute little thing with adorable amount of glass and good looking stumpy legs!
I like the two in one thing this guy has going on-Table and possible magazine rack.
It’s going for 25 dollars in chico.
Original post

Craigslist-Chico:Living room set 750$
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So this set is a little too pricey for my liking but I’d like to share it because that couch is pretty fantastic looking. There’s one similar to it being sold on urban for about 480.00. Actually while I am speaking of such things chairs like the above are going on Urban for about 3 hundo as well. I remember looking about 6 months ago on their site for a bath curtain and not seeing any of this stuff-meh anyways
don’t get me wrong Urban is def not the place to start determining value in things and you will probably score a chair-sofa a lot cheaper than this one or from that store…I am just really excited to see a couch like this up on craigslist that isn’t in the upper ups.
Original post

Around Town: Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters

2 Sep

I forgot about these rad pillows and duvets until now, but while I was out looking for “pretty lady things” to wear to Rose’s wedding, I saw these Alexander Girard designs. Holy pillow-oly.

Girard is an american-born textiles designer who worked for Henry Miller and the Eames brothers. He has also inspired some fantastic fonts!

So head on over to the Arden mall and throw down $38.00 and gets you some.

via wilsonart.com

C-list:George freaking nelson

7 Aug

Or so it says. But really dudes. George nelson is worth checking out
Look at how ridiculous and amazing he can get.
So Penn Valley is how far? An hour?
This desk is going for 500$.
Make sure to do your rounds and check the stamps/tag deal so as not to be swindled.

Craigslist Find: Kegan Style Table

2 Aug

“I am selling a Mid Century Modern/ Kegan Style coffee table for $250.00, it is in good shape and comes from a pet free smoke free home.”

(Original Post) This is listed for $250.00 in Tulare, a town near Fresno, California.

That is one hell of an attractive thing to put stuff on. This table is very similar to a coffee table we had purchased recently here in Sacramento (we scored it for $200.00) that is a symmetrical version of this one. This table though has that wonderful kidney bean shape to the glass. So beany.

Our craigslist coffee table in action!

We had done some light digging around and found a designer named Adrian Pearsall that kept popping up for this style of furniture. Couches, tables and lounges with that sculpted wood. So seeing “Kegan Style” in the listing made me second guess who the actual designer is.

Turns out “Kegan” is in fact German-born designer Vladimir Kagan, who designed Disneyland’s House of the Future – an attraction built in the late 50’s and recently meticulously destroyed with hack-saws and removed. Adrian Pearsall founded Craft Associates in Pennsylvania here in the states. From what I can tell, Pearsall was not the designer of this style table but a dealer or manufacturer of Kagan’s furniture designs perhaps. He did however design the bean bag chair. Who knew this amazing designer can be revisited in dorm rooms across America.

Pearsall ad

Ad for the Craft Furniture Company in 1,001 Decorating Ideas Magazine, winter edition 1971 (via Ismoyo's Playground)

Kagan's House of the Future designed to represent 1986.

Pearsall's bean bag chair design in the vision of 1996.

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