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Bay Area: Under $120.00

11 Dec

3I43Nd3o55N55Ge5K5cca04a75b5687761230$100.00 San Jose
Seller will deliver
3G43Ib3He5L35E15H4cc9186a8d43d1f81834$60.00 Santa Rosa
3Ge3I83Na5E65T05Hbcbhef5af081cac7140f$100.00 Carmel Valley
Kinda off there in the distance.
3M83J93H65I25L55K3cc863d440e7ba801246$80.00 for the pair in Monterey
GAH. Monterey. So far.
3Fe3L43Hc5Lf5Z05E5cc96dbd158f620c11a1Desk setup – Make an offer
mid-century-formica-table-1$180.00 Redwood City coffee table
Okay. Not 120.00 but such a good looking dude!

3Ge3Md3F85E35Ff5Hdcc6094078d20715190dArc lamp for $50.00 San Jose HUGE HEART BEING USED AS CENSOR
3I93Lf3H85Nb5Kb5M7cca3a5931bfff291af7this couch is FREE Oakland
3E23F73I75N65E15J5cc79f59b9260f9f13f3$40.00 Castro Pearsall-looking end table.

Hello California. I love you.

27 Jan

I’ve found my dream desk! It’s these wonderful California shaped pieces by J. Rusten Furniture Studio.
I am pretty much in love with them… I’m even contemplating destroying my savings account to get one. Literally destroying it. I am gonna rip it into tiny pieces and throw them pieces over a cliff. Hopefully at the bottom of this cliff there is a trashcan that will catch all these tiny pieces. I don’t believe in littering.
I know some of you might be real tired of the “state shaped” trend.  It’s been done so many ways and in some cases very unfortunately.  This desk looks so good though! The wood, the craftsmanship! Man oh man,  I’ d be soooo okay  having a huge shape of Cali in my house!  Because California is the state  of good days, love, and dreaming.
Here is a bit taken from their Etsy page that explains why the wood they use looks so freaking amazing.
“Claro walnut, a perfect analog to the left coast’s culture and people, possesses a spectrum of colors and textures, unique among wood species. And, it’s rare. Because Claro walnut is not harvested commercially at any significant scale, it is obtained mostly through small, independent sawyers who are able to spare displaced or dead trees from the landfill or chipper. Since the species is no longer planted in the orchards, it’s availability is finite and shrinking year by year.”

It looks good right?! Delivery also appears to be free for any person living in the San Francisco area.  Yay San Francisco!

Lotsa Lamps.

14 Jun

1850.00 First I ama start with this bootiful thing. Do you remember that crazy military fold up desk? It looks like this:

The desk above has been striped and polish and man does it look great. The green on is also available for 750.00.

$50.00 for the pair in El Cerrito.

$300.00 for this “Eames” styled book case. (Mondrian! -Serene)

75.00 for this cuteeee lil’ desk lamp in SF. There’s a white one similar to this right now at scout too!

$350.00 in Oakland.

$75.00 (?) not too sure how much this arc lamp is because it’s listed with two other things in the post. :S

Craigslist: Malibu desk 150.00-Roseville

30 Jan

This doesn’t look like it weighs a million pounds!
Original post

Craigslist: Air force transformer desk.

26 Jan

40.00 in Winters.
Original post

Craigslist: Cheaper things. Good lookin things

16 Jan

Teak Room divider for 25.00 in Carmichael
Original post

Mahogany table for 50.00 in Sacramento. That wood looks gorgeous.
Original post

Desk lamp for 5.00 in Rocklin
Original post

Metal desk with wood top in San Leandro. There’s so many bootiful oppurtunites with the materials used in this desk for cohesive shelving.
Original post

Patio table and chairs in Sacramento for 100.00
Original post

Hangin mid mod inspired (?) light fixture for 50 OBO in Sacramento.
Original post

White desk lamp for 4.00 in Sacramento
Original post

30.00 for these four chairs.
Original post

Six chairs for 20.00. Seller will deliver within 30 miles for extra 20.00.
Orange (ha) Post 

Tanker for 45.00 in Palo Alto
Original post

Couches in Sacramento. Price isnt listed but seller states he has a lot more Mid mod pieces for sale.
Original post

I ama quote the original post for this one cuz I ama lil’ confused…

“Originally I was hoping to get $60. for this desk, and I had a buyer show up, ring the bell (which no one heard – it’s an old bell), and left because she thought no one was home. :( That’s my sad story…So now it’s been sitting outside, and it really needs to find a good home. Please make any reasonable offer!!

Desk is approx. 5′ wide x 3′ deep”

20.00 in Elk Grove.
Original post

I ama throwing this in here because it is booiful. 1200.00 in Sanfrancisco.
Original post

You can take both these couches home for 50.00. Def need some love but look like they will clean up nicely.
Original post

Craigslist: Danish rollllll top desk 135.00-Reno

12 Jan

Why must I be tormented?! Ah hem. Desk comes with two chairs as well. Get it dudes!
Original post

Weekend Excursions: Bay area

23 Dec

40.00 for the set of chairs in Inner Sunset. Whenever me and Serene are looking at craigslist together we always comment on these guy’s legs looking like horses galloping.
Original post


95.00 on Van Ness.
Original post


Personally I feel like 200.00 for this bad boy is a steal. Look at that shape, that wood, that goodness!
This guy is waiting for you in San Leandro.
Original post


I really really love rocking chairs. This one is being sold for 895.00 in Berkely.
Original post


Who’s got an entry hall?! This thing would look great there.
95.00 in Alameda.
Original post

Around town: Thrift town/Uptown

16 Dec

We wanted to check out all the antique stores that were around this area. Sadly most of them had closed, moved locations, or were not open. Tabler was closed for the day so we kinda just window shopped.
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Craigslist: MORRIS Desk, Chair, and Mirrored Dresser Set

2 Dec

Being sold as at set for $550 in Roseville/ Lincoln, CA. So beautiful! (original post)

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