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Craigslist: Amazing Dining Table Set

7 Nov

WHAT-A-WHAT? This bad boy extends to 8′ with 3 leaves. The chairs alone, my goodness. $500.00 for the set. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Dining chairs- San Rafael

3 Nov

“6 danish modern chairs, all $35/ offer
also 3 short barstools, top rotates, all $30/offer
until Friday 11/5 only”

I am confused. Does that mean 35 for all? Or each. All to me means all of these are for 35.00. But that seems way too good to be true.
Here is the Original post with seller’s contact info so you can find out the details.

Craigslist: A whole loot of it

29 Sep

Some body is getting rid of all their midcentury treasures! The side cabinet is going for 80 dollars, and sunburst wall clock is 125.

Set of 4 Modern Danish Chairs- 2 black seat, 2 brown seat
Will also sell individually for $20 each

I am in love with these chairs. Yeah yeah typical mid mod chairs blah blah but sir I urge you to consider why they are everyone’s favorite. That cute little circle at the top, the simple yet unique structure. You just cant go wrong with them.
Original post

Swooooooshhhhhh. Swiiiiiiiiish. “It’s like driving a jet plane a million times faster than it should go. woooooo weee.” <-ah hem. That is where this chair takes my mind. If I owned it I would probably spend way to much time sitting pretending to be a captain. It would be fun at first but then nothing would ever get done and my husband would get frustrated.
Original post

I’ve been keeping my eye out for these since Toni picked one like this up at the thrift store in woodland. Poor dude needs a lampshade and new home. He’s being sold for 10 bucks and the lady can meet you in Placerville.
Original post

I cant top the description of this lamp from the seller.
Check out the original post and laugh a little.

You gotta lotta books? A whole wall full? This shelf is going for 200 dollars in Placerville.
Original post

Cone lamps!

“Very Cool Mid Century Modern Lamp. 3 way cone lighting. Multi positions. 60″ H. Atomic Rocket/ Cone Style. Nice Chocloate Brown color.”

Original post

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