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Around Town- Back in Stockton

26 Jan

We had a trio thrift day yesterday. Serene has never been to Stockton to thrift so we decided to go there.

Drive to Stockton in Space Van.
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Craigslist: Dining set 250.00- Natomas

15 Dec

Look at that blue!

“Awesome and sturdy mid century dining set. Table and chairs have all brass ferruled legs in tact. Table separates to accomodate a leaf, but it has gone missing. Laminate is beginning to separate on tabletop.
All of the chairs are marked Morris Furniture Co. Los Angeles, CA. There are 6 in total, two arm chairs and four side chairs. Solid walnut in fair condition with typical scratches and nicks, but nothing major. Upholstery is nearly perfect. One blemish on a side chair where it looks like something warm was on it, no hole though.”

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Holy cheap 70’s kitchen sets, Batman..!

27 Nov

Yeah, a few decades after the fact, but still an interesting set for only $75.00. Damn, I’m into that. (Original Post)
As my boyfriend put it, “it’s like a robot giving you a vinyl hug.”

Craigslist: HELLO! DIN DIN 200.00: Citrus heights

24 Oct

Poor guy has experienced some wear and tear over the years. Overall though this set seems like a great place to get your grub on.
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Weekend Excursions:Table-Weed CA

9 Oct

“6 legged folding table
42 inches wide
Expands from 16-64 inches long”

Yeah man yeah Weed, Weed CA. The place with those terrible shirts (I LOVE WEED CALIFORNIA!). It’s usually a place teenagers have a cow convincing their mom to stop at so they can purchase such things. I am pretty sure that’s one of the only reasons I have heard of for people who aren’t locals to be there.
I am also sure that that place has a lot more to offer. Like this table for 125.00!

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Craigslist-Dining set:Redding

25 Sep

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“Furniture is in excellent condition! Hand-crafted in the 1950’s from 100% solid Darkened Ash (sturdy, no particle board garbage). Beautiful quality craftsmanship, all drawers slide smooth. Pictures do not do this set justice. Set includes: Table & 6 Chairs, 4-Drawer Sideboard, & 2-Drawer China Hutch. Also included is one expansion leaf w/ a small chip. Sold as a complete set for $1100! Individual Prices are as follows Table & Chairs – $600, Sideboard – $350, China Hutch – $400.”

No particle board! YES. I really like those X knobs on the credenza. It’s like it’s frusterated from being so adorable.
x___x “I am cute!” <—Credenza
Indeed you are little guy.

Craigslist: Hutch and din din-CALM DOWN NOW

24 Sep

If you got the money money break money money. 500.00 takes this gorgeous hutch and another 600 takes the table and chairs (you can buy the whole set for a 1000.00). It’s located in Nevada city. Serene posted one like this awhile back that was in the bay area. I remember having a little sniffle because there was no possible way I could afford such treasures or make room for something this awesome(we got a huge metal tanker in the living room). One day though I am totally going to own one of these bad boys and put all my fancy junk in the top of that beautiful glass.
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