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Around the house: Din din

19 Nov

Hey Mimomito! This is Rose. Here is a couple photographs of stuff going on around my sweet pad.
Ye ye.

For three years I have eaten dinner on our coffee table. We have never had enough space to have an actual area designated for getting your grub on. I can admit that this is probably because I have just said it was not possible but would rather have had other things instead. Like a huge desk. Why did we need a desk that took up most of our house. Who knows?! It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We have enough room now that we don’t gotta compromise any of
our other luxuries, like our huge redwood slab desk.

It seems by that small silly little coffee cup stage that we may actually use this table
to wine and dine. Not true guys. Iz all a farce. Still doing the coffee table jam.

We’ve got this neat little built in that I use for a meager bar.

ALSO PEEP THIS. Super juiced on our set of Russel Wright’s American modern stuff. I am not usually a person who is drawn to brighter colors but I think these are so so bootiful. They were a late wedding gift my Grandmother gave me. She has been collecting this set for nearly twenty years.

It was neat to hear her story pre ebay days.
I can only imagine how stoked she musta been each time she happen to come across a couple of pieces back then.
Super grateful to her for this gift. I will cherish these precious beans for a long long time.

Around Town- Back in Stockton

26 Jan

We had a trio thrift day yesterday. Serene has never been to Stockton to thrift so we decided to go there.

Drive to Stockton in Space Van.
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A Very Etsy Christmas

28 Nov

Lucky for me, my friends and family all love Midcentury, Danish Modern, or Vintage Modern things. I’ve already done a lot of gift shopping for inexpensive and unique gifts on the site. They have everything for the vintage enthusiast to the dachshund enthusiast (my family loves wiener dogs).

So here’s a short and sweet Etsy gift guide — or, brain massager if you will — of the kinds of gifts available on Etsy.com.

Gifts Under $100

$95.00 Teak and chrome lamp

$85.00 Wall scupture

$55.00 Set of 6 dishes

$55.00 Vintage Relief Globe

Gifts Under $50

$50.00 Danish lamp

$31.25 Set of 2 wall sculptures

$45.00 Wall clock

Gifts Under $25

$20.50 Hot/Cold Bucket

$5.00 Button Set

$24.00 Teak Candy Dish

$10.00 Candlestick Holders

$15.00 Dog figurine

Thrifting: Fairfield

24 Nov

This week we went to Fairfield and got some tips from the Locals. Also if your one of those types who shops a year in advance for christmas:

50 percent off sale at the Goodwills on Friday dudes. Strap up your boots and get ready for elbow pushing. Alright alright back to current thrifting.

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