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Happy monday

26 Nov

225.00 Reno
Also comes with nightstands

350.00 Elk Grove
7 by 9 feet. I like me a big red rug.

50.00 Davis
The holidays are upon us. Time to start looking into neat bowls.

150.00 Sacramento
If your having an issue with space, need a piece that takes care of your magazine, smoking, light needs?
WELLLLLL here it is. All three in one. I dunno how, but it has been done folks.

50.00 Yuba City

800.00 Reno
Table is not included. SIGH.

100.00 Vacaville
That’s an insane deal for you boho loving beans.

Stuff for you!

11 Jul

100.00 Serene Lakes

125.00 Spanish Springs

50.00 Gardenville

100.00 in Merced
I can’t seem to shake you coffee table.

100.00 Loomis
Those drawer handles!

75.00 Roseville
I dunno about this being midcentury…nope. Dont think so but it’s cute enough!

50.00 Sacramento
They fold.

125.00 Orangevale
This couch is big and bay bay blue.

50.00 Modesto
Seller states that the chairs are fiberglass. I wonder if you could take them off this confusing table and get that modernica rocking chair base?

15.00 Davis
That pink! Egah. It looks like a pile of pig!

10.00 Shingle Springs
For my fellow short persons!

40.00 Sacramento
Huge ol’ desk. Being huge.

40.00 Benicia
I bet this chair has had many a velour sweat suits draped over him.

60.00 Citrus Heights.
Not midcentury but it might look good in a mid mod furnished place? Hm? HM?

60.00 Landpark
I can never tell if these chairs are those nice comfortable midcentury lounge or if they are some costco “executive” chairs. Sorry guys. I just dont get it.

40.00 Anderson

Rain Rain go away.

25 Apr

Tryna keep this on the cheap side.

50.00 in Sacramento. Looks promising eh?

50.00 in Sacramento.

50.00 For the chilruns.


50.00 in Citrus Heights.

125.00 I like this thing because it would give one the oppurtunity to play with materials. It is also one of the only glass tables I have seen today that doesn’t have wrought Iron grapes.

75.00 in Roseville

Around town: Thrifting in Modesto

29 Dec

Sorry this post has gotten to you so late. I am that last minute christmas shopper er maker…I’ve been spending the past two weeks with my husband making and wrapping christmas gifts:

We made pillows. Alright alright. Back to thrifting. So I’ll admit that a lot of the adventures in thrifting are determined by craigslist listings. I’ve seen some sweet stuff for cheap in modesto the past month or so so I figure we should go check it out. See what thrifting is like. This weekend me and my husband also went to Salinas to visit his folks for the holidays. We spent this monday in that bay thrifting. So I’ll be posting two thrifting adventures for this week :] Some of the thrift stores dont have reviews on the interwebs so heres a listing of some in Modesto.

Started off at the goodwill.
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Craigslist: Dresser 75.00- Castorville

22 Dec

It’sa little early in the week to be venturing off but I am bored and wandering. This 5 drawer is going for 75.00 and the 6ft dresser with mirror is going for 95.00. The detail on the 5 drawer is great.
Check out the original post if you are interested.

Craigslist: Dresser and headboard 295.00-Sacramento

22 Dec

It comes with the mattress…Idk if any of you are into that.
Original post

Craigslist: MORRIS Desk, Chair, and Mirrored Dresser Set

2 Dec

Being sold as at set for $550 in Roseville/ Lincoln, CA. So beautiful! (original post)

Craigslist: $25.00 Dresser

29 Nov

Located in Carmichael. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Nice dresser, $125.00

24 Nov

This is one sharp looking and well made dresser. Purchased in 1970 from Montgomery Ward, it’s been very well taken care of ever since. It’s constructed of thick, solid wood, and made by Style House Exclusive.

Citrus Heights. Too many dressers in my house to bring in another one, but someone should definitely snag this!! (Original Post)

Thrifting: Fairfield

24 Nov

This week we went to Fairfield and got some tips from the Locals. Also if your one of those types who shops a year in advance for christmas:

50 percent off sale at the Goodwills on Friday dudes. Strap up your boots and get ready for elbow pushing. Alright alright back to current thrifting.

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