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How to check if it is an authentic Eames Lounge Chair.

17 Apr

Rebecca G. just asked a great question, “How do you know if it is a real Eames lounge vs. a knockoff? Any Pointers?”.

I did a little reseach and found this website The JetSetRnv8r (which is totally awesome, by the way). They provide ways to spot the many subtle differences between authentic Eames lounge chairs and reproductions. Here is part of the list from The JetSetRenv8r:

  • Shell of cherry, walnut, santos palisander or rosewood. Any others are likely fakes.
  • Look for six-inch thick urethane foam cushions with soft leather upholstery.
  • The chair will have a five-legged base (“five-star”) and the ottoman four. Legs rise at a slight angle – they are not flat nor do they rise too steeply creating a “cone” effect.
  • Look for die-cast aluminum back braces – not square tubular aluminum.
  • The bases are also die-cast and painted black with polished aluminum trim.
  • Some copies have a loose cap over the base to hide rough welds or bolts where the legs meet the post.
  • Natural rubber shock mounts and adjustable stainless steel glides.
  • Armrests are curved, not flat.
  • Look at the leather upholstery on the armrest. Fakes often have a single piece of leather wrapped around the edge. Authentic models have a separate piece of leather welting wrapped around the edge.
  • The ottoman is the exact same size as the seat of the chair. In fact, the cushions are interchangeable.
  • Most copies recline, an authentic chair does not.
  • There should be absolutely no visible screws or bolts. None.

Make sure to check out the whole article. They also have articles on how to tell a real from a fake Le Corbusier LC series chair, a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair and a Noguchi coffee table.

Good stuff! Hope that helps, Rebecca.

Craigslist:Eames replica 150.00:Sacramento

22 Oct

My heart breaks! This bean doesn’t look like it’s too rough up! I would love to get my hands on this guy to work on or if it’s in better condition than the one I own swap them and work on the lesser of thee two. I am banned though (temporarily folks) from any new projects until I finish the wall shelving in our bedroom.
Here’s the original post for those of you interested.

Craigslist: What the what?

19 Oct

Have you ever noticed how much more cute something is tinier? This chair makes me feel like running through meadows of dandelions with a rainbow (a double rainbow!) all the way across the sky. Happy rainbow above would probably be dancing, smiling because he would know that finding my eternal sitting pal is something very magical and lovely. …AHEM.
Sure that back leg(?) is questionable for a lot of different reasons but maybe you craiglists crafty folk can figure out a way to attach computer chair legs or a third one? anyways it’s a hundred bucks here’s the original post

Eames Lounge chair debut: It caused quite a flurry

1 Oct

Halloween is coming up. I’ve never really been one to dress up or celebrate but this year I thought living a little would probably be an ok experience. I’ve been researching a lil every day about the Eames duo, surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be very many photographs of them (anyone got the goods?). So I am hesitant. Not really sure if I could get the outfit right and all that. When I saw this video I starting to dig the idea of being Ray for a night a lot more. Check her out here dudes! She get’s all shy and you think ‘you were a part of design history?! You are shy too?!’ The humility she shows in this video makes me love the Eames’ designs ten times better.
On top of all that I think the host is pretty funny. She’s carrying on a conversation with Charles and is looking directly at the camera staying clear away from addressing Charles with anything else but words (when did television decide that was a dumb way to interview someone? The 90’s?). Charles, even though I could imagine that being terribly awkward, holds it down like a gentleman keeping eye contact during most of their conversation.

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