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Home, Sweet Homes: Heather and David’s Carmichael Pad

8 Sep

So, this is a home tour that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle and kerfuffle of a Mimomito identity crisis. Thanks to the wonderful Heather and David for not sending rocks through our windows for taking so long to post this. It has likely been almost A YEAR since they welcomed us into their home to poke around and take photos. Thank you for your patience and kindness to allow us in your lives and beautiful home. I personally know that you both have added new items and pieces to your home, so perhaps this’ll be like a walk down memory lane, ha! Now, finally, Heather and David Hadley’s Home Tour.

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Where is your home located?
Carmichael, Ca

When was your home built and when did you move in?
Built in 1957, bought home in 2010 / 3bd, 2.5ba 1800 SF

 Why did you choose your home?
Good neighborhood; the layout; original hardwood floors; updated kitchen and granite counter-tops; but most importantly (according to David) the game room with a 1970’s built-in bar.

 What attracted you to mid century design?
In my mid-20s, I rented an old one-bedroom apartment in Midtown Sac.  I fell in love with the mid-century original features.  It had a pink bathtub, elephant gray tiling and toilet, the kitchen was galley style and had stainless steel counter tops.  I embraced the vibe, and carried that feeling into our new home.

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Craigslist this week.

12 Jun

Here’s some decent priced beans that are floating around craigslist this week guys!
110.00 Sacramento
260.00 Sacramento
Kent koffey dresser in South Sac.

150.00 El Dorado Hills
Oh guys. You know how I feel about that burl.
275.00 Sacramento
These legs are neat.
525.00 Sacramento
Seems like a steal for this guy!
480.00 Natomas
Real fiberglass and seller states really eames. DANG.
50.00 El Dorado Hills
600.00 Sacramento
GUH. These chairs! They speak to my soul.
400.00 Sacramento
This isnt bad considering what they usually go for!


700.00 Dixon

I love this table. It so clean and dynamic.


150.00 Modesto

A neat little simple dresser for a decent price.

David’s Holiday Setup

24 Dec

David's 2012 MCM Christmas

Thank you for sending us your beautiful Eames-filled home with Mimomito, David!
Still haven’t sent us your holiday decor photos? Shoot ’em over to mcmsacramento@gmail.com !

PDX Picker is coming to the Bay Area!

21 Dec

Friend of Mimomito Chris aka The PDX Picker from Portland, Oregon will be bringing down pieces to sell specifically around Christmas time. What a perfect last minute gift – if even to yourself or to your living room!
Chris has a lot of great pieces at negotiable prices, so don’t be afraid to contact him if there’s anything you like. He’ll be arranging pick-up out of Oakland, but for furniture traveling from Portland – I think that’s a pretty great deal, don’t you?

Lounge Chair by Kroehler. Reupholstered on 10/20/12.
Asking $295 obo.

1958 Saarinen Side Chair. Reupholstered on 9/7/12. Asking $275 obo.

Maple live edge log slice with Eames aluminum group base. Asking $600 obo.

Check out more of the PDX Picker’s inventory on his flickr page and drop him a line if you have any questions about his furniture.

Hoiday Gift Guide: The Classy Mister

4 Dec


This gift guide is for your classy man friend.

That guy who likes things that will last him a life time.

01. Omega Natural Bristle Shave Brush
02. Glacier Rock Set
03. Flour Sack Towel Bundle
04. Rough Rider Blade
05. Dansk Ice Bucket from Jens Quistgaard
06. The Cobra Classic Razor
07. Masters of the Universe Compendium Poster By Chris Lee
08. C.O. Bigelow Cold And Flu Soak Formula
09. FermLiving Grey Remix Blanket
10. Eames Hang it All

Rainy day.

1 Dec

800.00 Woodlake
Seller states that the only piece that is not herman miller is the blue chair.
Two for 100 each Sacramento
225.00 Carmicheal
The holy grail of drafting tables. Get ya’ll self some classyness mimomito art nerds. You deserve it.
500.00 Lodi
Dinning room table and the chairs. I wish it also came with that cool little buffet in the back. :\
250.00 Vacaville
A great take home price for this wonderful table! Get it while the getting is good dudes.
40.00 Folsom
I enjoy the colors in this pretty little bean.
115.00 Sacramento
Remember when these things were like 20 dollars, when you couldnt even give them away?! What the hell happened?!!?! I am upset mimomito. Real upset.
175.00 Grass Valley
WHAT IS GOING ON. Why is this almost 200.00 dollars? GAH. See this is what I am talking bout. Hold on guys. I am loosing my cool. I’ll be cheerful in a moment. Just let me have this. The table! The table is the only thing that you would kinda want and for what price…I’ll tell you what price-not no 200 dollars thass what. I am sorry mimomito. Iz just the one thing I have loved for it’s consistent cheap price and cheapy cokey looking self has been tainted. So well. See ya later cheap brass plated tables.*collective sigh of relief is made, throughout the mimomito congregation.

Iz ok guys. I know I am the only one upset about this.
50.00 Merced
They got a nice color to them.
45.00 San Francisco
For people who like projects.
10.00 Sacramento
I dunno how this damn thing works. What am I looking at?! I DUNNO. It seems like a cool thing though and iz only ten dollars.

250.00 Modesto
Those nobbs are pretty red and cool. Also the grain! GAH.

20.00 Grass Valley
I lubb wooden ironing boards!
100.00 Citrus Heights
Not Midcentury, but a good deal. This price also comes with a vanity!
49.00 Folsom Not a bad price for a three in one deal.
20.00 Citrus Heights
Hello gorgeous.

38.00 Carmicheal Cheap cheap.
395.00 Modesto Looks kinda laminating…but possibly not? UH HEM. HOPEFULLY NOT?!
80.00 Sacramento
The detail in this lampshade is preeeettttty neat.

Happy Campers: My kitchen cabinet and Eames chair!

28 Nov

Spotted this sucker on Craigslist for $50.00 and had to swoop. I had been looking for this exact cabinet style – clean white to go in the kitchen, 1950’s, metal banding, formica top – to replace a a crappy, laminate wood credenza we found in an abandoned warehouse. Not tryin’ to live that shabby chic life, guys. So it had to go.

Also scored this Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Chair from a garage sale in Natomas for $70.00. A little more than I would have liked to spend, but this is a must-have for someone who loves to troll the internet as hard as I do. (Next to it is a less-comfortable black task chair from 16th Street Salvation Army for $3.00.)


12 Nov

Together lets mourn the death of the weekend. I’m sorry if that’s macabre, but that’s how it feels in this grey weather lately. Let’s get to it!

A pair of ladder-back chairs for $100. Neato bandito.

9-drawer dresser for $340.00. Oooh.

WHOA WHOA WHOA – this thing has a pop-out foot rest! I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE! $180.00 is a great price – located in Folsom.

Kinda pricey but good lookin’ and it’s been posted for awhile so maybe you can ask for a deal! $100 in Cameron Park

I loves me a lucite swag lamp, y’all. $80 in midtown.

$400 expanding dining table in Natomas. Nice finish, y’all!

THESE CHAIRS ARE GREAT! Everyone who sits at this table is comfortable as a KING! No peasants here, ALL CAPTAINS! $225 OBO here in Sacramento!

Facebook friends finds

11 Jul

$20.00 tulip chair, looks like a Burke! Nice find, Angela!

And these two neat little chairs come by way of Kat’s eagle eyes! $15 each, for the couch and side chair.

Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us. Join the party and like us on facebook!

Friday nights alright for craigslistin’

29 Jun

Everything is insanely overpriced on Craigslist right now. Sorry, folks. I don’t watch Mad Men, but I’m pretty sure it’s making everything more expensive for us all.

A valet with a dog’s face coming out of it! $20.00 in Citrus Heights.

$2100 Hans Wegner dining table with four chairs. Noice – this is almost a great price to own.

$400.00 big ol’ set in West Sacramento.

Plycraft knock-off browny browner for $400.00 in Lincoln.

$25.00 lil’ lamp in Folsom. Eh, next to a pretty radical clamtastic piece of art, there..

YA LIKE PROJECTS? Well here’s one – $250.00 for this Heywood Wakefield hutch and dining set. $250.00 for the hutch.

$300.00 for the table set with.. only three chairs? Enjoy the hunt and the restore, brah.

Yay, another one of these silly things. This one is $50.00. Watch out for CAPS OVERLOAD.

Paul Evans cubist/brutalist Lane set for $1750.00. This is a pretty sought after set, nice to see all the pieces together. Love the nightstands :D

Ice chippy gray dinette set in Elk Grove for $175.00

Apparently Craigslist is the new New York auction house. $900.00 credenza in Vacaville.

Drexel nightstands, $300.00 in Sacramento. Need a refinish – really? $300?

$800.00 Kopenhaven freedstanding shelving unit in Roseville.

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