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DO NOT WANT: The chair what sends the Eames’ graves a-spinnin’

30 Mar

Of hundreds of chairs I’ve made over the years I think this might be my personal favorite. Matte grey painted curved plywood structure with bright almost mirrored silver faux crocodile fabric. No animals were harmed in the making of this mid century Eames inspired lounge chair.

(Original Etsy post)
* * *

I’ve seriously stared at this Etsy post for about 5 minutes, not really having the words to express how I feel. Truly, this is the Heart of Darkness of furniture, with nothing to be uttered but “The horror … the horror.”

The breakdowns in logic one must trace to explain the synthesis of this chair are unimaginable to most normal people – but I will attempt to, nonetheless.

One must begin with a personal aesthetic that is a Studio 54 coke-binge-meets-painting the sides of a battleship, and then possess balls the size of small moons to apply such a thing to THE most iconic piece of form-and-function furniture. So, to his/her credit, this person’s hubris scale is off the charts.

Layered bent ply not doing it for you? PAINT IT GRAY. Black leather a bit too “classy?” PUT A ROBOT ALLIGATOR ON IT. And then, in a move that is considered sexual assault in 42 U.S. states, price the abomination you have birthed at $1,500 smackaroos. Kind of hard to wrap your head around, is it not?

The description ends with the cheeky missive “no animals were harmed in the making of this mid century Eames inspired lounge* chair.* ” Perhaps true, but how many puppies and kitties will die deaths of fear and shame just laying their innocent lil’ eyes on this chair? There’s no real way to tell.

*I think it’s important to note I don’t consider this a ‘lounge’ or a ‘chair.’

Guest Writer Alan L. (Lover of 1960′s dollhouses)

Thanks to the PDX Picker Chris for sending us this treasure! Or .. lack there of!

Charles & Ray Eames documentary now online!

11 Jan

Watch Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter on PBS.org

Last month, the Mimomito staff was lucky enough to join SacMod and AIACV for their screening of Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter. Well, no need to purchase or wait for PBS to run it again, it is now online for your viewing pleasure! So pull a couch up to your computer, don’t get any popcorn in your keyboard, and enjoy!

Here are some photos from SacMod and AIACV’s screening.
It was a packed house! And Ian of SacMod surprised us all with a Skype session with the Eames’ grandson, Eames Demetrios. He told us a bit about his Grandmother Ray, and what a sunny and wonderful person she was. It was a great way to begin the documentary.

Herman Miller lent some comfortable seating for the show.

If you’re interested in more screenings and movies, follow SacMod on Facebook! This month, January 22nd, is INFINITE SPACE: The Architecture of John Lautner. Hope to see you there, too!

Polaroid SX-70 set on Etsy.com

4 Jan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$119.00 This wonderful package of items is being sold on Etsy by user Vitalina. It come’s with film so you can open your package, get the camera out, and just snip snap shoot away!

Charles and Ray Eames’ Office created a short film about the camera as well! It’s chock full of great images that make me want to BUY NOW – THINK LATER!

Extra, extra! Modernica now offering fiberglass line of Eames chairs!

3 Jan

I know, I know – some of you are not big fans of reproductions. I can’t blame you, some of them just aren’t as hearty as fiberglass originals, and are usually just as expensive as finding an original at a yard sale! Like those KMart repros we told ya about last year!

Modernica, currently one of the carriers of many iconic chair reproductions and more, now is offering a line of fiberglass chairs . Soon they’ll be offering multiple color choices. — And honestly, the price is what you’d expect for a brand new product, and didn’t make my brain explode.

Rolling Base – Arm Shell, $399.00

Rocker Side Shell, $349.00 and available with different wood and coloring options! From walnut to maple with black or zinc wire.


A lil’ Bit

21 Sep

$129.00 There was a’ lil dude like this at Scout Living awhile back. TIS ADORABLE. For the small people like me self.

$199.00 I kinda dont get the food and bottles trend that was going on for mid mod homes back in the day… but it looks pretty alright?

$160.00 This chair takes up a whole lotta room but as sure as night is dark, grass is green, cheese is delicious, Malamutes are cute  -this sucker looks great demanding all that floor space.

$75.00 in Corning.

With a din din set as well in Oroville for $500.00

$150.00 skinny dude.

Homes, Sweet Homes: Ellen McCormick and Family

25 May

Who was nice enough to show us around: Ellen McCormick.

Lucky me, she responded to my plea for homes to feature on our blog. I’m very thankful she did, too. It was wonderful to hear about a home from an architect’s perspective.

 What they told us about their home: A gorgeous mid-century modern home built by Erling Olauson for he and his family. Erling had done mostly commercial work (i.e Sutter Memorial Hospital) and that shines through in some of the choices of materials he used on his personal home. The home is 1700 sq ft and at least 50% windows. It truly is a beauty.

Since Ellen and her family have purchased the home, they’ve replaced the flooring, electrical, done some re-landscaping and a kitchen remodel. We’re looking forward to re-featuring this home eventually to see what other wonderful things they do to bring their home back to its original beauty.

 Where is the home located: Meister Terrace, East Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: The home was built in 1951 and they purchased the home in October 2010. They didn’t move into the home until December 2010 though, after some renovations were made.

Why they chose this home: They were looking to be in a neighborhood with good schools for their two-year old daughter. Ellen also loved the “architectural integrity” and it helped that the price was right.

Photos by Serene.

Click to view slide show

What attracted you to MCM design?  I love the simple lines and clean, pure form design.  Also, MCM homes at their best embody passive architectural principles like usage of daylight and natural ventilation and they often blur the lines between inside and outside space – all of these are so important to me.

Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?  The architect I admire most is Tadao Ando; the time I’ve spent in his buildings, specifically analyzing his use of light and darkness influences nearly all of my design choices.  I am also greatly influenced by the work Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Christopher Alexander and my teachers, Professors G.Z. Brown and Ron Lovinger

How do you feel about reproductions?  If the reproduction is of a lasting quality, then I am very supportive.  I think the Ikea Poang chair is a great example of taking a timeless design (Aalto’s cantilevered armchair) and making it available to a broader audience – everyone deserves good design.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?  I invest in furniture that is lasting, beautiful, timeless (in my opinion) and affordable for my budget.  However, I will occasionally buy something slightly out of budget because I know I won’t see the item again.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?  Thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, salvage yards, craigslist and of course Ikea (for new stuff).  I also have an unhealthy addiction to design magazines.

What are some of your best finds? From where?  Last Friday I bought a 1950 light green steel lounge chair from Ruland’s (16th Street) for $30 – it is marked “State of California EDUCATION”, it is also numbered.  Also, a pair of hand-hammered and punched “starlight” atomic sconces from Midway Antiques for $250.

Greatest achievement in your home? Clearing out some terrible early 90’s remodel offenses.  Biggest challenge: finding a stopping point.

Future goals/projects?  A modest bed/bath addition that captures the architectural spirit of the house – it should look like it was always there and build on the passive heating and cooling aspects of the house.  More developed gardens.

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?  Look at lots and lots magazines and books, save pictures of inspiring spaces; spend time analyzing: what is it about this image that moves me?  Lighting?  Intimacy of the space?  Vastness/openness?  Color?  Answers to these questions assist in finding design solutions for any space – regardless of budget.

Advice and last words?  Unfinished spaces hold so much beauty for me.  I enjoy spending time with unfinished projects imagining what they can be.  I like to go slow; when a project is finished I have to live with it.  Also, I like to ask everybody, regardless of background, for design advice.  I think my best design moves are informed by a wide range of input.

Thanks so much to  Ellen and her family for sharing their amazing home with us. It was such a delight to speak with someone as enthusiastic  and creatively motivated as Ellen. Thank you again! :)

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at: midmodlove@yahoo.com

Got that swagger lamp.

26 Apr

3 matching lamps for 10.00 in Davis.

150.00 for this sleek looking floor lamp in Oakland.
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Homes, Sweet Homes: Tom Cappelletti

21 Mar

Who was nice enough to show us around: Tom Cappelletti. He is a very awesome professor of design and I’m hoping we can do an update when he settles into his new place.

What they told us about their home: It is beautiful studio apartment with the perfect location. Tom thought it was made in the 1930’s and said that his unit is the only one that still contains the original hardwood floors (which are in excellent condition, by the way).

Where is the home located: Curtis Park, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: Built in 1930’s, moved in February 6th, 2004.

Why they chose this home: Tom had lived in NYC, SF and LA and e couldn’t believe that he could have such a beautiful apartment for such an inexpensive price. After checking out many other apartments, he decided on this one.

Photos by Joe Mountain.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What attracted you to MCM design?

Well,  I ‘m mid-century in age (51) LOL. Actually, I was lucky enough to be in the Design program at UCLA in the early 80s, and was fortunate to have as professors and mentors, Don Chadwick (noted Herman Miller designer and creator of the Aeron Chair, the Chadwick Chair, Modular Seating) graphic designer John Neuhart (associate of Charles and Ray Eames in Venice, CA), along with noted lighting designer Ron Rezek (Artemide, Modern Fan Co.). While at UCLA, I also worked for Ron Rezek in Culver City.

John Neuhart was actually in the process of closing down and cataloging the work and legacy of the Eames Office in Venice at that time, and was working closely with his wife Marilyn Neuhart, and Ray Eames in that endeavor.




Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

By far and away, Charles and Ray Eames, Followed by George Nelson, Richard Neutra, Harry Bertoia, and also a shout out to the builder, Joseph Eichler.

How do you feel about reproductions?

I’m both hot and cold on them. On one level, these products were meant for mass appeal, middle class utility and functionality. And now that they are treated as expensive treasures, well, reproductions offer access to these gems at a lower price point. I guess the most important thing is quality and accuracy, not cheap knock offs.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?

I am still searching for the perfect MCM sofa out there.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

Craigslist is the best place to source and find deals, but you have to be vigilant. Never underestimate garage sales either.

What are some of your best finds? From where?

My elephant hide-grey RAR rocker, a lucky low bid on eBay a few years ago.

Future goals/ projects?

Well, I’m looking to move now after 7 years here, and buy a small home, so stay tuned!

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?

If you are passionate, you can take any space and make it truly yours. I think the best design solutions are eclectic, mixes of many styles and interests that reflect the habitants’ personalities. Don’t became a slave to any style and remember “good design” should fit well, be at home, in a variety of settings, a mid-century piece, a decoration, can fit in fine almost anywhere.

Advice and last words?

Smile, be yourself and have fun with all this. MCM has a light hearted, carefree nature to it, and a bit of whimsy, and those are reminders to be that way too.

Thanks so much to Tom for sharing his home and his wonderful story with us. Both were very beautiful!

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at: midmodlove@yahoo.com

Overmans All Over, man

28 Jan

Oooh! A Pea green Overman for $475.00 listed in the East Bay.

Overman for $150.00, Eames for $150.00, Repro Barcelona for $225.00, and Plycraft for $180.00.

This dumpy dude has been reduced over a hundred dollars, now $225.00

Justin’s black pod – selling for $50.00. Needs some desperate reupholstery. C’mon, guys!

And here are 2 freebee chairs in Woodland. Thanks Kathy, for sending these in!

Justin’s Garage Sale, This Saturday

21 Jan

Mid-Century Modern Garage Sale!

Making room for baby. Giving up our Mid-Century furniture projects.
Great pieces, at decent prices in need of TLC.

Use keyword “overbrook” to find detailed individual furniture listings.

Also, boxes of smaller, vintage decorative pieces including lamps, bowls, pottery, books, etc.

Saturday 1/22, 9am – 1pm.
No early birds please, please.

5225 Overbrook Way
Sacramento, CA
95841 (Original Post)

There are some serious icons at this yard sale. We just bought a hutch from him, (that reader Kathy sent us a tip on!) and it looks like he’s getting rid of the whole lot of his midcentury goods! Definitely worth checking out if you’re not going to the Roseville sale tomorrow.

Here’s the hutch we got from Justin! See what our kitchen used to look like on our Homes, Sweet Homes tour, and check out more Sacramento and SF Area home photos and interviews here!

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