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Running around all weekend..

21 Nov

Lots of thrifting and scrambling about. Had the day off on Friday, so went out for the day to stock up on a few items to open up my newly-made Etsy store. So gassed up Volvo and Yelp app on the ol’ iPhone in hand (location search term set to “Thrift Stores”) we set out. Adventures ensued as such..

Thrift Town, Stockton Blvd.

Didn’t see a price tag on this one.

A cute little dresser, but had a paint chip on the top right yellow drawer. Don’t remember the price exactly but was under $50.

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Thrifting: Berkeley, Oakland, and Vallejo (Part One)

16 Nov

I finally got a Saturday off. Serene doesn’t get to go thrifting with us  very often, so we all hopped on the opportunity of group thrift-scoring. We decided we should check out the East Bay. Starting off in Berkeley, then going to Oakland and working our way down. Coffee was a must.

Oh and breakfast.
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Around town: Eco thrift

22 Sep

I attempted to head out to Auburn for some thrifting but freeways scared me and Eco thrift on Fruitridge caught my eye.

Eco thrift was crazackin dudes. There was car upon car upon car looking for a parking spot. I had to circle a couple of times and establish some dominance.

This kinda made me laugh, then nerdishly hide the coffee table I bought for some friends. My scarf didn’t cover too well.

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