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Favorite Things

11 Jul

Here’s some stuff for us to awe at.
I esspecially like the Urchin chandeliers!
01. Peacock Tile Eagle Blanket Salad Bowl
02. Tulip table Leather Shelves Fried Egg Chair
03. Dinner Napkins Wall Clock Bone China
04. Portrait Urchin Chandelier Carafe
05. Zodiac Mug Kurt Ostervig Table Planter
06. Tripod Lamp Teal Tumblers Balloon shakers

DO NOT WANT: The chair what sends the Eames’ graves a-spinnin’

30 Mar

Of hundreds of chairs I’ve made over the years I think this might be my personal favorite. Matte grey painted curved plywood structure with bright almost mirrored silver faux crocodile fabric. No animals were harmed in the making of this mid century Eames inspired lounge chair.

(Original Etsy post)
* * *

I’ve seriously stared at this Etsy post for about 5 minutes, not really having the words to express how I feel. Truly, this is the Heart of Darkness of furniture, with nothing to be uttered but “The horror … the horror.”

The breakdowns in logic one must trace to explain the synthesis of this chair are unimaginable to most normal people – but I will attempt to, nonetheless.

One must begin with a personal aesthetic that is a Studio 54 coke-binge-meets-painting the sides of a battleship, and then possess balls the size of small moons to apply such a thing to THE most iconic piece of form-and-function furniture. So, to his/her credit, this person’s hubris scale is off the charts.

Layered bent ply not doing it for you? PAINT IT GRAY. Black leather a bit too “classy?” PUT A ROBOT ALLIGATOR ON IT. And then, in a move that is considered sexual assault in 42 U.S. states, price the abomination you have birthed at $1,500 smackaroos. Kind of hard to wrap your head around, is it not?

The description ends with the cheeky missive “no animals were harmed in the making of this mid century Eames inspired lounge* chair.* ” Perhaps true, but how many puppies and kitties will die deaths of fear and shame just laying their innocent lil’ eyes on this chair? There’s no real way to tell.

*I think it’s important to note I don’t consider this a ‘lounge’ or a ‘chair.’

Guest Writer Alan L. (Lover of 1960′s dollhouses)

Thanks to the PDX Picker Chris for sending us this treasure! Or .. lack there of!

Attention pet owners: Sassy can have her own stylish platform bed

8 Feb

And shouldn’t your pet get everything they ever want? And look good doin’ it? Yes, that’s what I thought. Etsy seller 15Degrees (who sells out of our fantastic Sacramento area,) is selling on Etsy and on Craigslist his adorable pet platform beds. Hand-made miniature versions of popular designs or in the style of MCM design. I love how simple and cute they are!

Case Study Inspired Pet Bed on Etsy, $75.00

Mid Century Style Doggy Bed on Craigslist, $75.00

Check out 15Degrees on Etsy, or look at his current post on Craigslist.


10% Discount from Vitalina Shop!

9 Jan

Etsy storefront Vitalina Shop wanted to thank us for writing about the Polaroid SX-70 that was for sale, and offered us and our readers a 10% discount code to use on items! Check out the great vintage Polaroids for sale, and if you find something you like enter discount code VITALINADISCOUNT at checkout. Items are sent from Fresno, California – and if that ain’t supporting local independent business, I don’t know what is!

Polaroid SX-70 set on Etsy.com

4 Jan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$119.00 This wonderful package of items is being sold on Etsy by user Vitalina. It come’s with film so you can open your package, get the camera out, and just snip snap shoot away!

Charles and Ray Eames’ Office created a short film about the camera as well! It’s chock full of great images that make me want to BUY NOW – THINK LATER!

Full of joy! Bear Rug coasters

23 Nov

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I came across these bear rug coasters from DandyTion, while searching for stuff to put together the ultimate table of my dreams (maybe your dreams too). They are insanely cute and need their own post. Yup. I hope you all have a Thanksgiving full of all your favorite food, drinks, and company!

These aint your Granny’s hoops.

16 Jun

$28.00Well actually maybe some of these embroidered hoops are in your Grandmama’s style and I think that’s okay. Cuz Grannies can have style too OOKKKKKK! *Finger snaps.

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Etsy: Apalachian Joinery, LLC

26 Apr

Here’s a neat store on Etsy that makes pretty rad cutting boards…for your consumption or inspiration.



Apalachian Joinery makes a variety of sizes and stains. They also make neat Nakashima inspired furniture:



On the internetz: Colorful things to go on your walls

18 Apr

I was going to post this Leah Duncan print last. As kind of the big “POW WOOSH THIS IS GREAT!” impression, but I decided against it.
Seller has a ton of great prints to choose from and even decorative pillows that look fantastic!

This is def a shop worth checking out.

30.00 from deweyand west also check out this print from them:
16.00 from piktorama.
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Etsy Prints

14 Apr

(via handz)

My pal Honor just sent over this super cute print and it reminded me that I need to buy some prints for my naked walls. Here are some others that are adorable and MCM related:

(via JasonHillDesign) $20, plus $5 shipping

(via thedor)

This is a little corny, but I like it. If my kitchen wasn’t already teal overload I would most definitely purchase it.

(via yumalum) $32, plus $9 shipping

(via JasonHillDesign) $60, plus $2 shipping

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