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Hindsvik tour on etsy

15 Feb

I’ve got my favorite shops on etsy. Hindsvik is definitely one of them. I was super stoked to see they did a video home tour when I checked out Etsy today.
Check it out here. They have a beautiful balance of vintage-rustic pieces and clean simple modern furniture. ANNNND the colors they use in they house makes you wanna run home and make a cup of hot chocolate. A very beautifully done home that screams them. Here’s a couple things from their store to get you fam bam to the materials they work with.

Ship er vessel 12.00

Pendant Lamp 145.00

Sweet towel rack 32.00

Magazine Racks

13 Dec

Us writers were recently talking about how for some collectors, there’s the one item that you occasionally obsess over and collect. Rose and I both have a thing for finding magazine racks and scooping them up. Well, I don’t really buy them, I just get very interested in looking at all the designs I can find.

Photoshop post-production does not make me want to pay $120.00 for this. But I like it, nonetheless.

$17.50 – I sure hope the 70s dixieland record is included. But doubtful.

$32.00 for the punchy metal blackness.

16.00 bones.

I have a new found appreciation for lucite. $42.00

Oof, wood + circular cutaway + little card holder.. yes. $22.00

Orange! $32.00!

This is the same one I have from the Salvation Army! Selling for $35.00.

FOR YOUR BONES! Collapsible wooden rack for $58.00

$100.00 oh hey there.

$38.00 on its tippy toes.


Christmas gifts from the internets.

8 Dec

Heres some things floating around cyber space that you may want to get for your loved ones (or you) for the holidays.

Get this for your nerdy design friend. 50.00 plus 15.00 for US shipping at bookhou.

Get your friends some nice art for their wall!
15.00 from Illustrator Chris lee at the beast shoppe.

Monsieur III print by Blanca Gomez for 30.00

Silkscreen Broklyn for 55.00 from Wayne Pate

NOM NOM Whale keeps all your nerdy friend’s stuff safe! 50.00 on the utilitycollective.

Danish Modern Butterfly Pendant Light Design by Lars Schioler 50.00 on Modernspecific

Praying teak troll for 35.00 on Austin Modern

Read the description for this gooseneck lamp. It may end up making you want to spend the rest of your life together.
20.00 Kc suz

12.00 Harold and mod

6.00 at Moxiethrift


How rad would this have been to get this electric pink cash register?! 55.00 at goodlookin

Oh the cute is too much. 15.00 Monkivintage

One moar! 18.00 Monkivintage

Christmas stuffs

Adorably illustrated table runner for 35.00 Merrirose

43.00 at Betty and June Shoppe

12.00 at studios black bird

100.00 at aplusrstore

Designers: Aunt Bucky Modern Bedding

6 Dec

Our reader Rebbeca has an awesome business of making modern bedding, decor and apparel. This is what she told Mimomito about her business:

We create Baby Bedding / Shadow Pillow / sMock Dresses that the have look/feel of retro fabrics. Our collection would look awesome in a mid century styled home.

We have just introduced our new Modern Baby Quilts and are having a great sale right now: Purchase 1 Bumper Set and 1 Crib Sheet/or 1 Crib Skirt and get a FREE Shadow Pillow (retail value: $65.00)!
Info about us and all our photos are on our Etsy shop:

Here are some examples of her baby bedding:

Please “like” them on Facebook and check out their etsy store.


1 Dec

I love ’em, you love ’em, we all have a psychosis. Anyhow, here are some we all can BUY.. and bring home and love on..

$22.00 on Etsy.

$125.00 on Etsy.

$22.00 Casserole dish on Etsy.

New on eBay, $40.00.

It has a light in it that illuminates the design and numbers! WANT. Starting at $99.00 on Ebay.


A Very Etsy Christmas

28 Nov

Lucky for me, my friends and family all love Midcentury, Danish Modern, or Vintage Modern things. I’ve already done a lot of gift shopping for inexpensive and unique gifts on the site. They have everything for the vintage enthusiast to the dachshund enthusiast (my family loves wiener dogs).

So here’s a short and sweet Etsy gift guide — or, brain massager if you will — of the kinds of gifts available on Etsy.com.

Gifts Under $100

$95.00 Teak and chrome lamp

$85.00 Wall scupture

$55.00 Set of 6 dishes

$55.00 Vintage Relief Globe

Gifts Under $50

$50.00 Danish lamp

$31.25 Set of 2 wall sculptures

$45.00 Wall clock

Gifts Under $25

$20.50 Hot/Cold Bucket

$5.00 Button Set

$24.00 Teak Candy Dish

$10.00 Candlestick Holders

$15.00 Dog figurine

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