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Git’R’Done: Fabric Wall Hanging

2 Feb

You know what I like? LARGE ART! Big. I’m talkin’ gargantuan. Only problem is, large art is usually pretty expensive. Even at thrift stores they can be a bit on the pricey because of their scale. I’ve found some well priced Marushka (a Michigan-based print company) prints which I’ve snapped up, but I wanted something similar to Marimekko (a delightful Finnish textile company) prints.

Marimekko Kaiku Wall Hanging

Almost a year ago, I found a patterned bed sheet from a Stockton thrift store for $3.99. At the time, I had no idea what I’d use it for, but that I really liked the pattern. So it was purchased and then stuffed into a tupperware full of other fabric I collect and do nothing with.
Fast forward to last year, where I got a short stint as a Production Artist at a poster and print shop and learned how to stretch canvas prints. After that experience, I realized how completely easy it’d be to just make my own art prints.

What you’ll need:

  • Large piece of fabric of your choosing! (Preferably a fabric that is not too shear, so you don’t see through it once it’s hung – and won’t rip apart once stapled)
  • Scissors
  • rubber mallet, or some sort of smackin’ device that won’t dent soft woods
  • Heavy duty staple gun & staples
  • FOUR canvas stretcher bars (I got mine from University Art on J street. They are between $2-5 depending on the size.)
  • Wood glue
  • Needle-nose pliers (in case you mess up and need to pull out staples. WHICH I DID.)

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Vintage trends store

15 Jun

Vintage trends is an online store full of vintage goodies. I am especially awe-ing and oooo’ing all dem pillows they have. Here’s a couple that I picked out that I thought were especially captivating.

32.00 INSANE flower power and colors of oppurtunity right hur all.

24.00 I think its the white fluffy stuff on this pillow that makes me think cupcakes. I am totally ok with having something in my house that is a reminder of such a delicious treat.

18.00 I have a square blue guy like this. He’s cool. Just sits on the couch and demands to be looked at. Ya know typical loud blue pattern behavior.

18.00 How adorable are these flowers? All solid and different patterns. Mah Mah. Last but not least:

24.00 BOO yah. I am really down for what people call “vintage ethnic” prints. They always have really rad colors, and patterns/loads of oppurtunity to add some color into your home. The store has loads more if you wanna dig around and find some you personally dig.

Etsy: Fabric

12 Jan

Itsa nother one of those things I search for from time to time. Unfortunately it’s a lil bit out of my price range. Twenty bucks a yard or so. Maybe I could just make pillows….ah hem anyways
check out Erin and Stefan’s home tour to see the curtains they reused (itsa good!).
Here’s some vintage fabric floating around etsy that could be inspiring or purchased ;]

12.00 a yrd from Littlepinktrailer

1yrd from vintagetextilejunkie

40.00 per yrd by studiostebbylee

20″ X 47″ for for 15.00 by violet64

Craigslist: Fabric-Holland…yeah.

13 Dec

Original post

Original post

Sometimes I like to check what’s going on in the castle of Herman Miller Junk aka Holland-Michigan. I should stop doing it because I get really mad afterwards and that’s not healthy. But it’s nice just to see whats going on in other states. Today I saw this and figured maybe he could send it…maybe he’s into Paypal? So I emailed dude (yeah I was really into this idea an hour ago) and he was on board. Thing is after I got all stoked about the idea and sharing it with you I thought about all these terrible things happening like dude chippin some poor soul two yards or something and then them having to go through a big ordeal of shipping and yelling and then someone possibly shooting the poor messenger joe. If your sketch like me but are still into the fabric maybe try eames fabric

They offer a lot of different color options like this above teal (RAD) and some fabric from other artists:
Alexander Girard

George Nelson

Arne Jacobson

They a bit pricier but I dunno peace of mind-there is no price. For those of you interested in taking your chances check out that be safe post we did.

Reupholstery Dilemma: Eames Repro Footstool

8 Sep

I got this junked up footstool from my sister in San Francisco who used to have a chair to go with it but it was eaten by tiny dogs and ripped apart. I’m going to be reupholstering it but still haven’t decided on whether to cover it with durable fabric for nasty feet to be resting on, or nice decorative fabric where only butts go – as we are in desperate need of more seating.

Ikea has a lot of great fabric that I’ve been casually perusing and considering as a covering, but again I just don’t want people assuming they can put their old “barking dogs” on this sucker since it was originally intended for such a thing. This is a very real concern, I have a friend that comes over and loves putting his feet on our stuff. He removes his shoes, rubs his feet for awhile, removes the sock, then places the feet on our coffee table. ..Maybe I should just cover it with something durable and plain, it’ll attract feet to it instead of my coffee table. Oh well check out these tasty textiles anyway!

fabrics at Ikea

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