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Craigslist: Pretty in Teak desk 215.00: East Sac

24 Oct

You see that book case thing in the back of this desk! Can you imagine all the wonderful storage/display oppurtunities here! Maybe someone would need an office/lotsa space for that though.

“Beautiful solid teak Danish Modern executive desk with floating top and built in bookshelves on back.
It has amazing lip pulls and very rare exposed joinery on the desktop corners.
The teak wood is all in excellent condition and the desk is very solid and sturdy.
The dovetailed drawers all slide smoothly like new. Three small drawers on one side
and one large file drawer on the other. Large open case book shelves on the fully finished back side”

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Craigslist-Danish desk-East Sacramento

19 Oct

“Post-1950’s large solid wood desk in good condition. Mid century danish styling. Unique shape. Has 2 drawers and 1 pull-out shelf. Finished on both sides so it can float in the room. Top has some minor nicks, dings and scratches (normal wear and tear).
Length: 7 ft
Width: 3 ft
Height: 2 ft 5 in”

This bad boy has pretty much all the great things midmod furniture offers. A great shape, interesting texture/color, nifty hardware, and duh duh na nah floating desktop!
7ft long is a serious amount of desk so ya know you can do things like sew, eat, internet, create, type, whatever your heart desires. It’s being sold for 300.00 in East Sacramento.
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Craigslist: Wassap, ‘Frisco

12 Oct

Okay first off I am offended by the use of “frisco.” No one else is allowed to use it, I just used it ironically so it’s okay. MOVING ON!

San Francisco is always an amazing place to look up Midcentury goodies – there’s more design obsessed weirdos per capita perhaps? Not saying y’all Northerners aren’t that fantastic brand of weirdo yourselves. That’s a compliment.

Alright, this is nuts. Going for $400.00. Imagine this in your living room, gah! (Original Post)

Same seller, different story. $450.00 for this floating desk checkit!! (Original Post)

$1300, o rly? (Original Post)Described by the seller as “groovy” and something about super powers. $30! (Original Post)


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