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Craigslist: All over the place

17 Nov

There sure is something about floating end tables. Me and the dude saw some the other day at Ikea and we oogled. Platform bed is going for 550 in Carmel.

“Queen size w/ two headboard-mounted single drawer nightstands
– Headboard is a single panel – 1 1/8″ x 28 3/4″ x 102 3/4”
– Entire unit can be assembled with one hex wrench
– Oak slats (included) are shown for use with a futon-type mattress
– Mattress and box spring set are not included but are available for sale “

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This table looks like it is in beautiful condition. It’s going for 50.00 in Greenbrae.

“Scandinavian Designs teak expandable kitchen table.
Extensions fit under center piece
Beautiful condition

Dimensions are:
Height 28.5″
Width 60″ w/ extensions
Width w/o extensions 34″ square ”

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OOOOOH the bootiful things a person can do when owning a home or even maybe renting one. This Fridge is going for 250.00 in Carson City.

“White Crosley Shelvador. Runs good but has been outside for a couple months so needs a little dusting. Rounded corners and pull handle would fit beautifully in any retro style kitchen or would make a great vacation or rental house fridge.”

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Don’t let the leopard print fool you. There’s a Danish lion in his frame (inner being). This chair is going for 50.00 in Gardnerville.
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Small Walnut table is going for 49.00 (WEIRD NUMBER-but good) in Reno.

“* Solid Walnut wood table made by LANE Furniture company (AMERICAN MADE in Virginia) 19 X 19 inch square X 15 inch tall
* The bottom of the table is real caning.
* The table is from the 1960’s and the constructed is made much better than furniture today.
* It is small enough to use in a small home as an accent table or bedside table.
* This is a must see because it has been treated with tender loving care and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION.”

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Dental chair is going for 65.00 in North Tahoe.
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Two Scandinavian side tables for 100.00 in Cameron Park.
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It be really nice if you had something in your house that gave all the ladies a collective AWE.
People would always leave your house happy. Adorable Owl lamp is being sold for 20.00 in Grass Valley.
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Wood and Brass Floor lamp is 15.00 in Hayward.
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Danish magazine stand is being sold for $30 in healdsburg / windsor. Seller states that the linen could use some cleanin’.
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Imperial Rattan(!) has interesting shape. It is going for 75.00 in Salinas.
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Alright next two are not all that mid mod…but I am just throwing them into the mix because I think they’ve got potential for any of you crafty readers to do something awesome:

Letter press/type drawer! Going for 30.00 in Castorville. There was a two week period in my life where all I did was oogle these things on Etsy. There is so many wonderful good looking opportunities with this thing. Put your kinck knacks or some letters?
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Telephone table is going for 35.00 in Browns Valley.
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Craigslist: Coffee table: Del paso Heights-40.00

14 Nov

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This guy is also selling a bunch of the light fixtures that he no longer needs:

“check em out. i moved into a place with decent lighting in every room, so i no longer need these. price depends, but it’ll be cheap. i want rid of em. “

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One more:

I am not sure if the same guy is selling this chair and floor lamp. But I am in love with them both. (Mimomito writers def love them some green!) These pieces are being sold in Del Paso Heights. 60 dollars for the chair and 80 dollars for the lamp. You can take both these pieces for a flat 120.00. Also I really dig this:

“hmmm…. i’ll try to take better pictures.”

No need no need. I’ve seen enough good sir. It is nice though that you are considering such. Good pictures def help out with thee scoring of Craigslist treasures.
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Weekend Excursions

12 Nov

“The original color was tourquoise, which leads me to believe it is 60’s retro chair, it is now red. Good condition, sturdy, no cracks or chips. Might be able to deliver”

This plastic bean is going for 15 dollars in Salinas. He appears to be very angry that he is no longer his original turquoise color.
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I think me and the color yellow have really come to understand one another. This chair is being sold for 185.00 in Martinez.
Ps. Isnt it super cute that the seller set up a living arangement for their post?
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HELLO CHAIR! I THINK I LOVE YOU! Seller is asking 65 cash for this bootiful treasure. It is located in South San Francisco.
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Cork (hey now no ideas with that-this thing is for light) floor lamp is going for 75.00 in Redding.
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“Hi, Offered for sale is this super cool, mid century modern blond Formica coffee table. The blond wood grain Formica top is in good condition with a few minor scuffs and light scratches due to its age. The edge of the table is painted black to match the black hairpin legs.”

This table is going for 40.00 in Grass valley.
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Craigslist: las lámparas

25 Oct

I am mostly impressed by that set up, but if you can see beyond those awesome chairs … check out the “rare vintage modern floor lamp”. $450 (original post

And this one is $250 (original post)

Craigslist: Floor Lamp 20.00-Davis

24 Oct

More classy office like furniture for your pad. I’d like to stand underneath this thing and pull the string dramatically so my face lights up like so:

Hopefully Ben doesnt read this. He will be my first victim.
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Craigslist: Project Lamp 25.00-Midtown Sacramento

24 Oct

Are you crafty? Are you willing to put in a little work to do less work when sitting at your couch in need of your remote control (that table will work wonders!).
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Craigslist: A whole loot of it

29 Sep

Some body is getting rid of all their midcentury treasures! The side cabinet is going for 80 dollars, and sunburst wall clock is 125.

Set of 4 Modern Danish Chairs- 2 black seat, 2 brown seat
Will also sell individually for $20 each

I am in love with these chairs. Yeah yeah typical mid mod chairs blah blah but sir I urge you to consider why they are everyone’s favorite. That cute little circle at the top, the simple yet unique structure. You just cant go wrong with them.
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Swooooooshhhhhh. Swiiiiiiiiish. “It’s like driving a jet plane a million times faster than it should go. woooooo weee.” <-ah hem. That is where this chair takes my mind. If I owned it I would probably spend way to much time sitting pretending to be a captain. It would be fun at first but then nothing would ever get done and my husband would get frustrated.
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I’ve been keeping my eye out for these since Toni picked one like this up at the thrift store in woodland. Poor dude needs a lampshade and new home. He’s being sold for 10 bucks and the lady can meet you in Placerville.
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I cant top the description of this lamp from the seller.
Check out the original post and laugh a little.

You gotta lotta books? A whole wall full? This shelf is going for 200 dollars in Placerville.
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Cone lamps!

“Very Cool Mid Century Modern Lamp. 3 way cone lighting. Multi positions. 60″ H. Atomic Rocket/ Cone Style. Nice Chocloate Brown color.”

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Around Town: Goodwill outlet

21 Sep

Many thanks go out to Toni for referring me to the goodwill outlet! I checked it out today and was enthralled. There was some elbow pushing going on that for being there for the first time I just had to sit back and observe. But I think I have it figured it out. So’s next time I am completely prepared to get my dig on and be brutal.
Here’s some stuff they have their now that I thought was pretty cute:

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