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Craigslist: Starburst wall clock 75.00- Sacramento

6 Dec

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Oh and

Look at them padded sides. That’s so you wont fall out of your chair when you receive shocking news. They are being sold for 20.00 in Natomas.
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The color of these chairs are scrumptious. 225.00 in Anderson.
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I’ll admit that I am not too sure what this thing is…the seller’s posts states that you could hang it up in your garage, so it must be like something that greasy men (who are also into midcentury things) would be stoked on. It is being sold for 40.00 in Chico.
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Craigslist: Formakin’ Me Crazy. Huh?

14 Oct

(Original Post) Yellow dinning table and 2 chairs. The chairs don’t match the table. But they definitely compliment it. The chairs have a small patch on them. The table has a leaf. I think the table is from the 60s. It has a real retro look to it. Small enough for an apartment in midtown.

I’d throw in a few singles to have them keep the chairs.

You’re true blue, Ethel.
$525 for teeny blue formica table with all four matching chairs. (Original Post)

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