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On the internetz: Colorful things to go on your walls

18 Apr

I was going to post this Leah Duncan print last. As kind of the big “POW WOOSH THIS IS GREAT!” impression, but I decided against it.
Seller has a ton of great prints to choose from and even decorative pillows that look fantastic!

This is def a shop worth checking out.

30.00 from deweyand west also check out this print from them:
16.00 from piktorama.
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Prints around the internet.

9 Jan

Me and my husband have been retreating into our home, putting up the final knick knacks that make it that. A lot of prints/artwork went up in the hallway and I was thinking to meself ‘yo delfskies (<-that is my just now made up nickname for myself) you like a lot silkscreen.' Not just because my husband is apart of interval press but because it's relatively cheap artwork that is bootifully designed. The process enables it to still be unique, with all sorts of quirks that give you the oppurtunity to still see the artist through the work. So today I submit to you a couple of prints lying around the interwebs. Some of them are not silk screened but great looking none the less.

It was hard to just pick one print to show you guys from inaluxe all of them have great color, texture and form. Check out their shop and see if they got something there that really tickles your fancy.

We’ve all seen Sasha Barr on thee exceptionally kept grain edit and maybe you were like me, getting stoked over those soft colors and rough textures, and then thinking you will buy a print someday-then maybe you never got around to actually doing it. But now I say er offer to you to think about it somemore! Ha. This dude has a really amazing balancing act of soft and rough (PLUS COOOOOOOOUUUUUUTE). Oh yeah and that interview Grain edit did with Sasha is great. I aint ordering no one to do nothing (my mother says the only thing we really really have to do is pay taxes and die) but ya know it has pictures of his house and you might be into that sorta thing.

My internet pen pal paaal sent me a lot of great things from Germany last year. One of these things was a cute teeny babushka doll. This thing was no joke the smallest one was like the tip of a pencil. It made me so happy that now I just light up every time I see them. This print is from
Piktorama , and it seems like theres a lot of cute prints from that shop that will make you feel like you are walking through a field of daisies on a comfortable spring morning.

Me and Ben were talking to Nathan Cordero hm last week and the whole red, black, wood color affinity got brought up (nate uses a lot of those colors, and uses them well). Even as we were talking about them his eyes were fixed on a simple red tape arrow on the door. I can understand the pull. They really are a power trio of color. Even red, black and white are great. Basically what I am saying is I think this print has da good colors, I think this illustration is cute because of that silly mustache and it is done by Alex Perez.

All dem lines make you go whoosh whirl and whhhhhooooweee. *eye brow raise at self. Those big splotches of color are neat too.
Print by Delaflamant.

Yeah yeah I am a sucker for him. This print is being sold from NBdrygood from Etsy. It’s 68.00 with frame. You could also get a lithiograph print from C-HAP’S art studio here for 50.00.

HA. Roosters. Haha. Man I poke so much fun at the 1950’s Rooster fame that I laugh at myself for being that unfunny. Anywho this is a decent erm modern looking print of some roosters yo. Go all out.
Print by Mengelsdesign.

Around town: Thrifting in Modesto

29 Dec

Sorry this post has gotten to you so late. I am that last minute christmas shopper er maker…I’ve been spending the past two weeks with my husband making and wrapping christmas gifts:

We made pillows. Alright alright. Back to thrifting. So I’ll admit that a lot of the adventures in thrifting are determined by craigslist listings. I’ve seen some sweet stuff for cheap in modesto the past month or so so I figure we should go check it out. See what thrifting is like. This weekend me and my husband also went to Salinas to visit his folks for the holidays. We spent this monday in that bay thrifting. So I’ll be posting two thrifting adventures for this week :] Some of the thrift stores dont have reviews on the interwebs so heres a listing of some in Modesto.

Started off at the goodwill.
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GIT’R’DONE: Art for your wall.

18 Nov

Photo transfering is probably one of the most easiest things a person can do in their life. Me, you, everyone could possibly do this. :]
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Around Town: Thrifting – Auburn boulevard

10 Nov

This post is a lil late. My apologies for that. The flu has struck me down and taken me victim! Words feel jumbled and there was little to no motivation to get out of my bed. Er hm. Toni and I decided on Monday that instead of going to vacaville we were going to hit up the Auburn strip. I suggest for any of you dear readers to do the same. There’s a good load of thrift stores on that strip and tons of cute 50’s buildings to look at! Here’s some photos looted from Flikr

Atomic Rat

Happy shooter
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Thrifting in Auburn

21 Oct

We couldn’t be in Auburn without stopping at the Triple X er The Forest Hill bridge. It was our first landmark and a pleasant way to start the day out in Auburn.
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Favorites on Etsy

2 Oct

It is two o’ clock and I am still not awake. I am not sure what the problem is but I def need something to ship me into shape. Looking through some of my favorite seller’s on etsy usually helps me get motivated. Here’s some stuff floating around that is pretty cute for your pad.

Startex Towel
One of my most favorite attributes to thee atomic era is the illustrations. It has caused me to buy a crap ton of books (I am in the process of building three wall shelfs). Gradually I am moving onto the linens because it knocks out two birds one stone. Great illustrations-not a big space eater!

Fork towel
NeatoKeen is one of my most favorite shops on etsy. It’s pretty much everything I would like to see in a store-cute games with rad illustrations-BOOKS, and linens.

While we are talking material-

Atomic fabric is available at Violet64 . <—appears to be a local?!

She is also selling a set of sunset books:

“This is a great collection of Sunset Books all dating from 1953 to 1970. These are a must for anyone doing a mid-century remodel or as decorating reference.”

I really like flipping through sunset books and oozing over the pictures. They are great for gathering idea’s and how to’s.

Yeah. 145.00 is a bummer for us folks on a thrifting budget. But this thing is sure good looking. Keep your eye out for some of this stuff next time your out thrifting. The seller here states that they were once curtains and I must admit that I pass by that section of the thrift store often.

Your soup is going to love you for this!
Precious bowls are being sold at Retroburgh for 16.99

she is also selling these really rad salt and pepper shakers^^^

24.95 at thegroove
It’s a pig! I really like these wood figurines. It’s like the old school version of vinyl toys. I saw one that was a viking before-KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF! Sadly I didnt purchase it. I think about that viking everyonce in awhile. Ya know the life we coulda had together. He would have been at the dinner table with a drumstick hanging from his mouth,beating his chest, screaming and recalling voyages he’s now too old to undergo. With motherly amusement I would respond by giving his head a soft pat ‘now now Bork, dont get yourself worked up before dessert…’ *Sniff
It would have been really nice.

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