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Inspiration on Craigslist: The thing’s like Sputnik! It has its own weather system!

2 Oct

(Original Post) No price in the listing, but a very rad fixture if your place can accommodate it without hitting anyone in the head. We’d definitely poke some eyes out in our small apartment.

Here are some photos of sputnik ceiling lights in action


via BoomerangThang on Flickr

via Retro ReDesign on flickr

"From a Better Homes and Gardens book dated 1960" via Java1888 on Flickr

For those of you born decades after the Cold War, check out this article on laughingsquid.com for a quick history lesson about the origin of Sputnik; the satellite that set the world’s design minds ablaze and inspired some fantastic space-age design. And why you should never send anything cute into space, like dogs :(

Inspiration: American Vintage Home on Flickr

28 Sep

“My goal is to collect as many images as I can find that define the best of middle-class American home style from 1900 to 1963. On one hand, I love the small, the cozy, the kitsch. I’m a sucker for cute kids, puppy dogs, and cool gadgets. And some images are so beautiful they are transcendent.

I adore mid-century modern and the great designers like Aalto and the Eames, even though I’m kind of a packrat and doubt I’ll ever be able to live so spartanly. I would love to have my own Grasshopper or Womb chair.”  — via American Vintage Home on Flickr

This flickr is set up wonderfully and meticulously. Different sets for Linoleum, Interiors, Exteriors, Wallpaper & Textiles, and my favorite – Manufacturers. Heck yesss, learn your designers!

1952 Family Room - Den

Inspiration: Mid-Century Modernist

23 Sep

The Mid-Century Modernist

An awesome collection of found furniture and a gallery of current and past eBay auctions. Hey! Is this what gave us the idea of Mimomito? Yeah maybe.

Can I also add that I’ve never seen Mad Men, don’t really care to, and feel like it makes furniture hard to find when it’s tagged as “mad men style” and people want it for that reason alone? DAMN YOU, TELEVISION! You’ve done it again!

Inspiration: Eames Textile Patterns

18 Sep

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

“No, Ray is not my brother.” – Charles Eames

Charles Eames (1907-78) and Ray Eames (1912-88) are among the pioneers of modernist industrial design. For over 40 years, Charles and Ray Eames experimented designing compact storage units, collapsible sofas for the home, seating for stadiums, airports, and schools, and chairs for virtually anywhere. (via jandofabrics.com)

Huge fan of these Eames “jacks”, “dots” or “snowflake” patterns  (I’ve seen it called all three – anyone know the real name?) and got inspired to put them around the house in random places as small accents.

Inspiration: UNNGHHHHA BUHHHHH GAHHH puuuke..

12 Sep


Kitchen Shelving Inspiration

8 Sep

I was recently at the beach combing flickr for photos. What else do you do at a crowded beach? Anyway, I came across this photo, again from the 1950’s Armstrong collection. I love these shelves and everything about this image so much that I set the image as my wallpaper. Now whenever I look at my phone get all stoked and inspired all over again. Even that colorized salad looks good, c’mon.

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