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Craigslist Find: Jespersen teak bed

10 Jan

After just one short year of Ikea bed ownership, Alan and I were fed up with randomly falling through the bed-frame at night due to shifty slats, squeaky creaky grumbling at the slightest sleepy movement, and not having a headboard and losing pillows to the crevice between the wall. This Jespersen frame had been on Craigslist for a few weeks and we decided to take the plunge into proper adult bed-frame ownership.

We couldn’t be happier with our purchase, but of course being a furniture blogger I want to know everything about it. There is limited information I could muster from the label, “Jespersen, Denmark” and think it might have simply been a Scandinavian import from the 1970’s with no designer attached. The Craigslist seller we purchased the frame from had been using the bed, but it originally belonged to her Mother. Oh well, can’t learn ’em all!

The closest I came to any information at all – a June 1979 ad from The Milwaukee Journal.

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