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Weekend Excursions: SF Bay Area

5 Nov

For you to get out there and shake that hog, HOO BOY!

$350.00 Paul McCobb in San Mateo! (Original Post)

$5.00 – a seller in Hayward is going crazy! Check out all their stuff! Including the next item..(Original Post)

This $10.00 lamp! (Original Post) Check their post for a link to a photobucket with more available CHEAP items.

$450.00 for the table, $220.00 per chair. That’s $1330.00 for the set, yeesh. If you’re INTO IT. In Fremont. (Original Post)

Teeny love seat. Look at that velvety greeniness. Wooosh. $300.00 in SF. (Original Post)

$75.00 for the set of — GREEN bedroom furniture. @ Sebastopol. (Original Post)

$150.00 for the set in San Jose. (Original Post)

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Craigslist: Formakin’ Me Crazy. Huh?

14 Oct

(Original Post) Yellow dinning table and 2 chairs. The chairs don’t match the table. But they definitely compliment it. The chairs have a small patch on them. The table has a leaf. I think the table is from the 60s. It has a real retro look to it. Small enough for an apartment in midtown.

I’d throw in a few singles to have them keep the chairs.

You’re true blue, Ethel.
$525 for teeny blue formica table with all four matching chairs. (Original Post)

Weekend Excursions:Table-Weed CA

9 Oct

“6 legged folding table
42 inches wide
Expands from 16-64 inches long”

Yeah man yeah Weed, Weed CA. The place with those terrible shirts (I LOVE WEED CALIFORNIA!). It’s usually a place teenagers have a cow convincing their mom to stop at so they can purchase such things. I am pretty sure that’s one of the only reasons I have heard of for people who aren’t locals to be there.
I am also sure that that place has a lot more to offer. Like this table for 125.00!

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Craigslist-Kitchen table:Citrus Heights

5 Sep

The prowl is still on. I search and I search and everything seems way too big to fit in my “cozy” space. Then I share these eye pleasing misfortunes with you kind folk-I mean that in a ‘this uplifts my spirits’ kinda way not a ‘I feed you my furniture scraps.’ It looks like there’s some plastic stuff covering the seats of these chairs. Those are great in case you happen to have an accident or two occasionally but can be uncomfortable in Sacramento’s summertime (ya know that weird sticky thing that happens were the plastic becomes apart of your leg). For 60 bucks you could take that stuff off if it makes you queasy and then (ahhhhaaahhhaaa<—that’s the sound of heaven’s gates being opened) reupholster.
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