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A Very Etsy Christmas

28 Nov

Lucky for me, my friends and family all love Midcentury, Danish Modern, or Vintage Modern things. I’ve already done a lot of gift shopping for inexpensive and unique gifts on the site. They have everything for the vintage enthusiast to the dachshund enthusiast (my family loves wiener dogs).

So here’s a short and sweet Etsy gift guide — or, brain massager if you will — of the kinds of gifts available on Etsy.com.

Gifts Under $100

$95.00 Teak and chrome lamp

$85.00 Wall scupture

$55.00 Set of 6 dishes

$55.00 Vintage Relief Globe

Gifts Under $50

$50.00 Danish lamp

$31.25 Set of 2 wall sculptures

$45.00 Wall clock

Gifts Under $25

$20.50 Hot/Cold Bucket

$5.00 Button Set

$24.00 Teak Candy Dish

$10.00 Candlestick Holders

$15.00 Dog figurine

Holy cheap 70’s kitchen sets, Batman..!

27 Nov

Yeah, a few decades after the fact, but still an interesting set for only $75.00. Damn, I’m into that. (Original Post)
As my boyfriend put it, “it’s like a robot giving you a vinyl hug.”

Craigslist Sacramento

8 Nov

Not sure if this is a repost? $300.00 Lane Coffee table. (Original Post)

Two very rad dinette style matching chairs for $150.00. I’m really into the back cushions, they look like my Dux chair! (Original Post)

$50.00 dresser with matching mirror! This is in Yuba City – her son wants to make his room “UFC decor” so it’s gotta go! ASK HOW MUCH FOR THE FURBY. (Original Post)

This seller is getting rid of lots of stuff, including this rad teak bar for $200.00 (Original Post)

General Electric kitchen cabinet with rad red formica top, $150.00 (Original Post)

Craigslist: Amazing Dining Table Set

7 Nov

WHAT-A-WHAT? This bad boy extends to 8′ with 3 leaves. The chairs alone, my goodness. $500.00 for the set. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Pink Retro Kitchen $75

5 Nov

Do you want to have the coolest kid on the block? Drop the Little Tikes kitchen set and get them this 1950’s styled kitchen. (original post)

Craigslist: Retro Dinette

25 Oct

When I was putting together my 50’s diner styled kitchen I looked everywhere for an affordable yellow formica table with either yellow or turquoise chairs. Unfortunately I am completely impatient and decided to settle for the traditional cracked ice table top (which I am now in love with, by the way). Of course that I am no longer on the hunt for the yellow they keep popping up everywhere — go figure.

I can’t really tell the style of the table but those chairs look awesome and the set is only $100.(original post)

…and this set would have gone perfectly in my kitchen. Oh well. $230 (original post)

Craigslist: White Cabinet in Santa Rosa

25 Oct

Legs can be unscrewed for easy transport. In great vintage condition, clean, no scratches or marks on the formica. Featured on Apartmenttherapy San Francisco. Delivery available for a small fee. (Original Post)

Seller is asking $250.00. Aderrrable storage and looks like it’s in great shape.

Inspiration: Cozy Cabin Kitchen

24 Oct

Yesterday I visited with my boyfriend’s family at their shared cabin near Placerville. Wood paneling, a dead bat under the midcentury pink sofa, and a toasty fire to warm my arse. Now that’s my kind of cabin. The kitchen though was the zenith, the apex, the pinnacle. Original GE fridge and pristine double-oven stove with broiler and warming drawers. They are kept in amazing condition time-capsuled in this cabin.

Now that it’s officially rainy season, it’s time for me and mine to retreat inside and get in some serious cozy kitchen time. Soup and bread making, putting on the poundage whilst listening to some “phat beats.” We have updated modern appliances that came with our apartment, but I remember fondly the vintage stove from the old Victorian where I lived San Francisco. That thing worked double-time as a source of pizza and household heat. They’re amazing workhorses and look great  if you can afford to de-retrofit your kitchen.

One of the most popular brands available for old stoves are Wedgewood stoves. This brand was brought to my attention by our friend Jenn who is hoping to replace the broken stove in her house with one of these bad boys. I’ve seen them range in price from $150 – $700, most of which seem to be in good working condition but may be missing knobs or handles. Or, like the old stove I used to live with, had loose doors that would just FLOP open. This one is going for $500. (Original Post)

This General Electric fridge is working and going for $250.00. I feel like if you keep an eye out for working vintage fridges you can find some amazing deals. And even more amazing colors. (Original Post)

This hoosier has been listed for a month or more. I keep eye-ballin’ it – it’s just so wonky but interesting. It includes the drawers that aren’t featured in the photo. It is HUGE and looks perhaps 1940’s era? I tried researching Mobilux, but didn’t find any information. The seller thinks it may be French. This behemoth is selling for $150.00. It is not the sleekest of pieces to go in your slick atomic ranch, but definitely unique. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Is that blue?

24 Oct

Leaves and leaves and leaves OH MY.
So I can’t really tell if this formica top is blue – or just reflecting off the aluminum door. But, I’m going to venture to say it is goddamned blue and incredible. Just know now, that the seller is asking $850 for the set. Here’s what they have to say:

My Parents received this custom designed dining table set as a wedding gift in 1961 to match their contemporary Danish furnishings. The set was designed by Paul McCobb of the Planner Group for the Winchendon Furniture Company in Winchendon Massachusetts. This is a perfect table for a small to medium size eat in kitchen or dining room. The Formica top is very durable and easy to clean and doesn’t scratch or stain like a wood top. The chairs are also solid wood with no cloth covering to stain or match to your decor.

The table is 100% original with its original Formica top and solid walnut base and legs that have been never been refinished, but are in very good to excellent condition. It has two leaves to take it from a round 4 seat table to oval 6 and oval 8 seat tables. The table legs are removable for transportation.

The four (4) chairs are also 100% original, have not been refinished, and are in very good to excellent condition. They are solid wood with metal on the bottom to protect the wood legs from wear. (Original Post)

Via modfather.com

Craigslist: 70’s Green Table

7 Oct

Alright, this sucker is pretty “incense and peppermints” if you know what I mean, but still incredibly rad. They are selling it for $300.00 with a bit of damage. Gives me some ideas of easily customizing a table in a similar fashion fo’ cheap! (Original Post)

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