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PDX Picker is coming to the Bay Area!

21 Dec

Friend of Mimomito Chris aka The PDX Picker from Portland, Oregon will be bringing down pieces to sell specifically around Christmas time. What a perfect last minute gift – if even to yourself or to your living room!
Chris has a lot of great pieces at negotiable prices, so don’t be afraid to contact him if there’s anything you like. He’ll be arranging pick-up out of Oakland, but for furniture traveling from Portland – I think that’s a pretty great deal, don’t you?

Lounge Chair by Kroehler. Reupholstered on 10/20/12.
Asking $295 obo.

1958 Saarinen Side Chair. Reupholstered on 9/7/12. Asking $275 obo.

Maple live edge log slice with Eames aluminum group base. Asking $600 obo.

Check out more of the PDX Picker’s inventory on his flickr page and drop him a line if you have any questions about his furniture.

Florence Knoll: “I am not a decorator.”

13 Jan

I’ve started to wonder a little bit about the Knoll company after I realized I can not spell, nor pronounce, Eero Saarinen’s name. After a little research (wiki and Knolls website -WOKA, WOKA!!) I found I didn’t know anything about this dynamic company. Pictured above is Hans Knoll and his wife Florence. Hans started his furniture company under his name in 1938. Whilst this was happening, his future wife Florence was busy studying at Kingsfield, Cranbrook, and the Armour Institute where she received a degree in Architecture. She was a protegee of Eero Saarinen, and worked with big timer Bauhaus gents like Walter Gropius, Marcel Breur, and Wallace K. Harrison.
In an effort to bring in business during the war, Florence proposed to Hans that they work with architects by doing interior design. It was successful and the two married in 1946 and became full partners in the business. In 1955 Hans Knoll died in a car accident leaving Florence the President of the company until 1960. She remained the director of design until 1965. Florence contributed tons to the company by bringing in designers and big name clients. She also designed furniture for the company, helped with many of their textiles, and designed a lot of interiors and showrooms for Knoll.

Florence Knoll is most noted for some of the interiors she worked on when she ran the Knoll Planning Unit.

Photos taken from Burning Settler’s cabin
In 2002 Florence was awarded the National Medal of arts – CUZ SHE HELLA EARNED IT.

If you would like to know more about Florence and the Knoll Planning unit check out the decorative arts trust link provided above and Knoll’s website.

Justin’s Garage Sale, This Saturday

21 Jan

Mid-Century Modern Garage Sale!

Making room for baby. Giving up our Mid-Century furniture projects.
Great pieces, at decent prices in need of TLC.

Use keyword “overbrook” to find detailed individual furniture listings.

Also, boxes of smaller, vintage decorative pieces including lamps, bowls, pottery, books, etc.

Saturday 1/22, 9am – 1pm.
No early birds please, please.

5225 Overbrook Way
Sacramento, CA
95841 (Original Post)

There are some serious icons at this yard sale. We just bought a hutch from him, (that reader Kathy sent us a tip on!) and it looks like he’s getting rid of the whole lot of his midcentury goods! Definitely worth checking out if you’re not going to the Roseville sale tomorrow.

Here’s the hutch we got from Justin! See what our kitchen used to look like on our Homes, Sweet Homes tour, and check out more Sacramento and SF Area home photos and interviews here!

Weekend excursions

10 Dec

Pizza pie end table for them awkward corners is going for 60.00 in vacaville.
Original post
Knoll credenza in Davis for 675.00
Original post

Set of 6 chairs for 260.00 in Berkeley.
Original post

160.00 in Fremont. Surf board shape with that nice looking storage compartment at the bottom.
Original post

Craigslist: Knoll sofa 200.00-Reno

3 Dec

EEEEEE! It turns into a sleeper:

“Original wool fabric in okay condition.
The bottom part of the sofa pulls out into a twin sized bed.”

Original post

Craigslist:Original Knoll ‘Tulip’ Table & Chairs

3 Nov

Golly, I sure wish I had $2,500 bucks to spend on this gorgeous table set. (original post)

Before I decided on going the diner style route in my kitchen, this was exactly my dream set up. Please buy it and give me all the details! kthnxbye

Craigslist: mid-century modern Knoll tables

2 Nov

Too rich for my blood, but if you love Knoll you might love these. $150 ea, or a possible deal for both? (original post)

Craigslist-Go somewhere this weekend

23 Sep

People talk a lot about ‘travel man’ and it opening up thee eyes. I know that I personally have only been to 7 states in the U.S and very few actual cities in California. Maybe you suffer the same homebody problem I do? Here’s maybe some stuff to motivate you to get out into the world and see some stuff this weekend. Or it’s just a reason to forget all responsibility and call in sick to work er maybe put off that parking ticket you been meaning to pay for for some time now-

*SIGH. This poor precious couch looks like it just had too much to drink one night and spilt (or something else tragic and embarrassing) something terrible on his self. Or he did it for his fallen holmie. One more *sigh. Frame still looks great. Check out the original post if you feel like saving this precious bean.

“Danish Modern Dining table with 6 chairs.
Table is 4 foot Round but has a 1 foot leaf so can expand to a 4 feet by 5 f eet oval.
Table comes with 6 chairs all upholstered back and seats.”

Maybe you might want to reupholster…it is being sold for 125 in Exeter. Original post

“Office Chair designed by Charles Pollock for Knoll International. Black textured polypropylene outer shell. Chrome support plate welded to the frame spans the width of the seat cushion. Multi-density urethane foam upholstery, original leather. Seamless black plastic arms. The chair sits on a four-star base on casters. Very good vintage condition. Asking 195.”

That leather looks like it is still in great condition.
original post


I dunno man. I dunno. They spelled Label wrong (actually label is sort of a tough word. That subconscious typing one does makes the L go before the E).
Original post

I think it makes me cheesy/old old lady that I still really dig the floral pattern in some of these things.
Original post

Inspiration: UNNGHHHHA BUHHHHH GAHHH puuuke..

12 Sep


Dude, we got a Dux.

12 Sep

“Folke Ohlsson moved to the US from Sweden in 1953, and established DUX, Inc. in San Francisco the same year. In 1959 he moved the company to Burlingame, California. His design is generally referred to as “Scandinavian Modern” but frequently gets categorized as “Danish Modern” or “Danish Teak”.

A popular designer of the late 1950s early 60s, and highly collectable, Folke Ohlsson has been credited for creating the concept of knock down furniture, or KD. This is furniture which can be flattened and assembled at its final destination which makes it less expensive to ship.

Folke Ohlsson passed away Oct. 23, 2002.” (via lushpad)

We went to visit writer Rose’s husband, Ben “Squid” Della Rosa’s screenprinting studio Interval Press that had just moved into the Verge Gallery on 6th and S.

They had a rummage sale recently at the Verge Gallery and had some assorted miscellany tucked in the back roped off with caution tape. Of course seeing a collection of old crap I wandered in it’s direction. Between some amusing ash trays and beat up drafting table I saw a bright green chair sitting on a teak base. I of course grabbed my boyfriend to come look at it. As soon as he saw it he said “I think it’s a Dux.” He has a thing for Dux couches, and I could quickly note the urgency in his voice of “mmmehhh I waaaaant it!”

There are large splits in the arm rests where we were told that it was probably due to weather changes and moisture in the air – having the material drying out and shrinking and pulling apart. It is also in need of new strapping below the seat cushion, otherwise you just kind of fall in! The chair was donated by a family who sponsored the gallery and had bought it new in the 1960’s. The fabric is clean and obviously came from a caring home.

It was priced at $200.00, I told Alan to offer $100.00, and they accepted. HURRAH! Chair! I love the color of green so would like to see if some sort of repair can be done instead of completely reupholstering it. I e-mailed a photo to B&T Reupholstery who specialize in Deco and MidCentury furniture and asked if they had any thoughts on the matter and am waiting for their reply.

I can tell he already loves it and is happy to have a chair to put his impression into. Feast your eyes on these other mighty Dux.

Our same style chair in green suede (I like ours more)

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