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Inspiration on Craigslist: The thing’s like Sputnik! It has its own weather system!

2 Oct

(Original Post) No price in the listing, but a very rad fixture if your place can accommodate it without hitting anyone in the head. We’d definitely poke some eyes out in our small apartment.

Here are some photos of sputnik ceiling lights in action


via BoomerangThang on Flickr

via Retro ReDesign on flickr

"From a Better Homes and Gardens book dated 1960" via Java1888 on Flickr

For those of you born decades after the Cold War, check out this article on laughingsquid.com for a quick history lesson about the origin of Sputnik; the satellite that set the world’s design minds ablaze and inspired some fantastic space-age design. And why you should never send anything cute into space, like dogs :(

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