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Lotsa Lamps.

14 Jun

1850.00 First I ama start with this bootiful thing. Do you remember that crazy military fold up desk? It looks like this:

The desk above has been striped and polish and man does it look great. The green on is also available for 750.00.

$50.00 for the pair in El Cerrito.

$300.00 for this “Eames” styled book case. (Mondrian! -Serene)

75.00 for this cuteeee lil’ desk lamp in SF. There’s a white one similar to this right now at scout too!

$350.00 in Oakland.

$75.00 (?) not too sure how much this arc lamp is because it’s listed with two other things in the post. :S

Part one: Office Stuff

12 May

I have been offered by my boss to redecorate my shabby office. I get to paint it and everything! Naturally I am very excited to have complete creative control of such a thing (my first office WOOT WOOT). Here’s some stuff floating around Etsy that you may enjoy.

11.00 Paperwork shmaper work. No big deal till this precious lil’ clip get’s in the mix.
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There will be light!

2 May

I think I have shared many a times (too many?) how badly my spot needs light. Fancy light, efficient light, evenly distributed light. Light! Craigslist isn’t working, neither is Ikea (I do buy things from stores everyonce in awhile). I’ve looked through all of etsy’s light section and came away with some ideas and some things to purchase these next couple of pay checks.

35.00 Katy Barac make’s so many bootiful things (AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE) I almost wanted to show them all to you. I like this lamp a lot because of all the movement it implies and how simple it is. Katy also make’s really rad mobiles for cheap. I def would advise ya’ll to poke around her store and check out her treasures.

99.00 Sputnik looking lamp is made by hsup.

40.00 by Filigree creations. Loads of midcentury friendly colors to choose from. Even table lamps.
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Craigslist All Over!

18 Jan

This must be the blonde wood and DEALS day on Craigslist. Lots of 1950’s style blonde wood sets that look in great condition, and lots of great stuff with.. even greater pricetags? Ohhh me. See for yourself.
No price given, but they want you to send ’em an offer. Rancho Cordova.

And here’s a blonde bedroom set to go with it! $550 in Fair Oaks.

$80 pink chair! I like that button pattern.

Remember this dude? He’s been around for probably 4 months! Price reduced to $47.00.

Incredible kidney bean shaped desk for $250.00 in Oakland.

Accordian style wall mounted lamp! $75.00 in SF.

HOLY 50s GOODNESS! $300.00 for this table set. Also the most interesting Capitalization Of A Craigslist Ad. In San Francisco.

ALL of this… for $250.00?? In Santa Rosa.

$359.00 in SF, Vista brand. How is this not $539.00 or $953.00? No Clue.

$85.00 in SF. Okay, so I don’t usually like rattan – but this time it’s an exception.

I’m going off the rails of this CRAZY LANE!  — table. $320.00.

$75.00 Selig in the city of cats – Los Gatos!

$70.00 in Mill Valley. Can’t really tell the condition from this photo..

$100.00 in Oaklandia.

Flying teak table for $150.00 in sf.

$500.00 in Santa Clara.

Or spend your half a G on this hutch in Pacifica. Hey, that’s where I’m from! Anyhow, $500.00.

Craigslist: 70’s Chrome Table Lamp

29 Nov

20″ tall 4-position switch for this 5-headed beastoid lamp. Snappy. (Original Post)

A Very Etsy Christmas

28 Nov

Lucky for me, my friends and family all love Midcentury, Danish Modern, or Vintage Modern things. I’ve already done a lot of gift shopping for inexpensive and unique gifts on the site. They have everything for the vintage enthusiast to the dachshund enthusiast (my family loves wiener dogs).

So here’s a short and sweet Etsy gift guide — or, brain massager if you will — of the kinds of gifts available on Etsy.com.

Gifts Under $100

$95.00 Teak and chrome lamp

$85.00 Wall scupture

$55.00 Set of 6 dishes

$55.00 Vintage Relief Globe

Gifts Under $50

$50.00 Danish lamp

$31.25 Set of 2 wall sculptures

$45.00 Wall clock

Gifts Under $25

$20.50 Hot/Cold Bucket

$5.00 Button Set

$24.00 Teak Candy Dish

$10.00 Candlestick Holders

$15.00 Dog figurine

Craigslist: Colorful 70’s hanging lamp

11 Nov

I love the colors! Rah! If only I needed another ceiling lamp – or had a billiards den to put it in. Some day. $80.00 in Lincoln. (Original Post)

Craigslist: table lamp – $60

24 Oct

I tried the huge lamp thing and it really didn’t work in my home. Maybe it is because my whole home is only 833 sq ft and it took up practically my whole living room. Anyway, I really love huge 60’s lamps but unfortunately I can’t get one. Will you please buy this so that I can live vicariously through you? Thanks. (original post)

Inspiration on Craigslist: The thing’s like Sputnik! It has its own weather system!

2 Oct

(Original Post) No price in the listing, but a very rad fixture if your place can accommodate it without hitting anyone in the head. We’d definitely poke some eyes out in our small apartment.

Here are some photos of sputnik ceiling lights in action


via BoomerangThang on Flickr

via Retro ReDesign on flickr

"From a Better Homes and Gardens book dated 1960" via Java1888 on Flickr

For those of you born decades after the Cold War, check out this article on laughingsquid.com for a quick history lesson about the origin of Sputnik; the satellite that set the world’s design minds ablaze and inspired some fantastic space-age design. And why you should never send anything cute into space, like dogs :(

Craigslist: For my lady friends

5 Sep

I was reading David Sedaris’s Me talk pretty to my husband the other night and we happened upon a story of his (cant remember the name…trying to explain this with some kinda finesse). Sedaris is trying to learn French. He explains that his problems lie in appropriating the masculine and feminine to objects and keeping their sexes straight. Eventually he avoids his language problem altogether by just addressing everything in plural because a multitude of objects has no sex. I tried to look up the sex of midcentury modern furniture in French and it confused me too much so I quit. My money is def on it being a classy man named Edward who’s always seen holding a martini. When my husband first showed me these midcentury things I was slightly hesitant because of how manly all of it looked. There wasn’t any soft shapes or delicate colors just blunt shapes put in wacky unfathomable ways and really rad looking wood. I had this fear of getting lost in my home, not having my mark on anything we owned. Then it became pretty evident in me and my husband’s relationship that I was thee finder of all this junk and I fell in love with the searching, the form, the history, the illustrations, and the designers. My husband has to tell me to stop occasionally. I can understand though certain women being on the fence about this style of living because honestly all that danty crap like doilies and milk/soft glass(it’s not crap…I just describe everything that way) helps us feel a lil bit more romantic. This lamp right hur isnt a midcentury piece but it’s got that awesome I am an all over the place floor lamp and I want to say good morning to you sarah(…amy,maria,leslie-whoever you are). In my head this is the female counterpart to this manly monstrosity:

So if you’re into it here’s the Original post . If you have a significant other he may convince you that those glass shades are just not right. Don’t worry. You can compromise and switch them out. If you’re like me however and you still have that french provincial desk you fancy you can point to that corner in the living room where his Eames chair sits obtrusively (ya know that corner where his bike was suppose to go) and just walk away.

Telephone stand: Carmichael
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I am not sure if anyone has a house line anymore (I personally have been giving it a thought) but this cute bean would look adorable with crap on top of it. You could put it in one of your awkward corners thats too small for an end table and too large for emptiness. I’ve taken to the idea of putting this in a bathroom so’s you can put all your girly things. It’s going for ten bucks in carmichael.
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