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Friday nights alright for craigslistin’

29 Jun

Everything is insanely overpriced on Craigslist right now. Sorry, folks. I don’t watch Mad Men, but I’m pretty sure it’s making everything more expensive for us all.

A valet with a dog’s face coming out of it! $20.00 in Citrus Heights.

$2100 Hans Wegner dining table with four chairs. Noice – this is almost a great price to own.

$400.00 big ol’ set in West Sacramento.

Plycraft knock-off browny browner for $400.00 in Lincoln.

$25.00 lil’ lamp in Folsom. Eh, next to a pretty radical clamtastic piece of art, there..

YA LIKE PROJECTS? Well here’s one – $250.00 for this Heywood Wakefield hutch and dining set. $250.00 for the hutch.

$300.00 for the table set with.. only three chairs? Enjoy the hunt and the restore, brah.

Yay, another one of these silly things. This one is $50.00. Watch out for CAPS OVERLOAD.

Paul Evans cubist/brutalist Lane set for $1750.00. This is a pretty sought after set, nice to see all the pieces together. Love the nightstands :D

Ice chippy gray dinette set in Elk Grove for $175.00

Apparently Craigslist is the new New York auction house. $900.00 credenza in Vacaville.

Drexel nightstands, $300.00 in Sacramento. Need a refinish – really? $300?

$800.00 Kopenhaven freedstanding shelving unit in Roseville.


14 Sep

$60.00 little walnut bookcase with glass shelf for sale in Santa Rosa.

Very cool blue glass swag lamp for $80.00 from Mk Retro!

Franciscan Starburst 10 piecessss for $60.00! I just got rid of a set of these, and miss them already :(

$80.00 for two rad turquoise lawn chairs, and $20.00 for the wrought iron table, for sale here in Midtown.

These things always weird me out. Do I put my drink on the perimeter? If my tumbler is short, will it get knocked over the edge easily? I DON’T KNOW!! $150.00 here in Sac.

$40.00 wall shelf display deally doodily dang thang.

$150.0 Lane Acclaim end table.

Two rad Kroehler Avant side chairs – $125.00 for the set! There is some upholstery damage. But man – look at all the goodies in this picture – that wallpaper, that stereo, MMM YUM YUMS. For sale in San Mateo.
There is a PRISTINE condition armchair version of this set for sale at Scout Living right now.

$35.00 in Scotts Valley.


Influx DELUXE!

12 Sep

Alright my lovelies, I personally have been slacking and not been able to write some posts. Luckily, Toni and Rose and been doing a fantastic job writing new features and dolin’ out interviews! Whoa. Alright. Time for some Craigslist.

$40.00 Executive desk in El Dorado County. Like a boss.

I DO NOT LIKE BURLWOOD. A lot of people do. I do not. Personally, this looks like a turd propped up on some hairpin legs. Not my steez. $80.00 in Lincoln.

$100.00 Lampy lamp in Lincoln. Also available is the rad screen pictured.

$60.00 slat bench! SHAPOW!

Teeny table in Carmichael for $30.00. Poor little guy is being overshadowed by all the other furniture in the room, apparently.

Two Lane tables for $200.00 in Auburn.

Brown Saltman Coffee Table for $295.00 in East Sac. Shiny shiny.

Kinda gnarly. Kinda awesome. Even the picture is a little sad. $50.00 for this buddy that is a sleeper sofa. I wouldn’t really want to see what lives inside.

BEAUTIFUL mirrored bar in Carmichael for $800.00. Everything looks in completely amazing condition. GET YR DRINK ON!

gi-normous credenza for $800.00 also being sold by Chris. That’s a big boy credenza..

Part of a danish unit for $545.00.

HAHAHA Ahhh the vibrating golden slug chair. $100.00 in Reno – the purveyors of style.

I love these benches with the table space. Mmm. $300.00 in Elk Grove.

Wooden tension pole lamp for $125.00.

Burke chair for $80.00.

Seller also has two tulip chairs for $80.00 for both, or $45.00 each!

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18 Jul

Kevin W. posted some sweet pieces that he is selling on our Facebook Page.

Lane Altavista dovetail 2 tier swivel coffee table. Original finish, very good condition, a few scratches from the paws of our two 20 pound Maine Coon kitties….Yours for $395.

 A Lane Altavista large square lamp table with single drawer. Top has some veneer loss, but solid, and still very nice….and only $75 smackers!

a way cool pole lamp….fake wood grain, nice translucent globes, with that springy adjustable thang….Lets say…Oh..$55 buckeroos!

Yep, nice matching pair Lane Altavista end tables, nice dark original finish, again, HipCat and Bebop might have added a scratch or two, but reallllly nice. I’m asking..Oh…$175 for the pair?

Kevin lives in Los Banos and if you’re interested in his stuff you can message him through FB directly at his page.

San Francisco, you’ve got some nice furniture.

4 May

Actually this is all over the Bay Area, South Bay, and East Bay. But still, y’know it comes up under those SF craigslist postings.

$150.00 chair in SF. Dang that’s all hot and sloped.

$175.00 chair from the same seller.

$50.00 in Santa Cruz.

$65.00 in SF, yo! Convert that plug to battery, y’all.

$120.00 in Oakland. DUDES, THAT’S A STEAL!

$30.00 in HERCALEEZ! Ahem, Hercules. It was a stereo cabinet but got gutted.

$180.00 for these two saucy S-shaped chairsssss. In Santa Rosa!

$85.00 two tiered magazine rack — and a real lusty artsy photo of it, if I do say so myself. Oakland!

I kinda bet it smells. BUT IT’S AWESOME. $150.00 In San Jo! YEEHAW!!

“Oh HEY, you caught me strolling down the sidewalk!”
Lane end table for $130.00.

$25.00 in “The Industrial City.”

Weird little strappy dude for $200.00 in Oaktown.

100 bucks for a display cabinet in Danville, y’all.

Another Danville gem, this credenza with (Jeffrey) Tambor doors. $149.00.

$190.00 craziness lamp.

30 BUCKS! Santa Clara.

This little thang has been around for about a month now. Give it some love.
$85.00 American of Martinsville in Santa Rrrrosa.

I just drank soo much coffee, dudes. I have pretty much been screaming along with my Pandora radio during the transcribing of this post. Y’all welcome.

Friday Friday Friday, Fun Fun Fun FURNITURE!

22 Apr

Personally, when I post any furniture I don’t like posting anything over $200.00. It keeps things thrifty and makes them SUPER scores. But sometimes I come upon such beautiful things, I just have to post them. Like this here chair..

$1000.00 Mulhauser chair in white, in the Bay Area. OH HEY.

$145.00 in Elk Grove, y’all.

$150.00 in Walnut Creek. Look at that stripe upholstery detail!

$65.00 wall mounted shelf/cabinet in Vacaville.

Two laminate top end tables in San Francisco.$65.00 for the pair in Pacific Heights, yo.

$120.00 for this pair of Hooker nightstands in Healdsburg.

Tanker desk for $125.00 in SF.

WHY DO I LIKE THIS! I don’t know. It’s a very specific.. place that this could go. And it is NOT my house. $45.00 in Santa Rosa.

$50.00 green drafting stool in San Anselmo. Needs a patch!

$180.00 for the pair of these nice ceramic and wood lampy lamps in Oakland.

DWR Ghost chair for $125.00 in San Anselmo.

Lane end tables – $80.00 for both! THAT’S A DEAL, Y’ALL! For sale in Concord.

Alright, this thing is AWESOME. Trust me, if these photos were taken in a naturally lit hardwood-floored home, you’d want it too. That retro fabric is actually pretty rad – and it’s a daybed! C’mon! That’s awesome!
$200.00 and some light sewing on the front seam and a trip to Emeryville.

$50.00 couch frame in SF. For that cheap, getting cushions done will only be like $150-200.

Almost Das Weekund.

21 Apr

I feel for those readers out there who are stuck in their offices, escaping their mundane duties to look at the possible furniture they could be going home to instead. Ahh yes, your daily fix.

$185.00 for both Lane tables  in Vacaville.

So apparently my Aunt had a bunch of this blonde formica stuff in her Wisconsin home. She didn’t even like it, she just bought it and had it. I can’t help but think of that now when I see these for sale..
These could be YOURS ALL YOURS for $130.00 and a trip to Chico! Woo!

$25.00 each for these working vintage TV sets in Elk Grove.

This was one of the first things I found on Craigslist when I started writing on this dang blog (Here’s the post! I used to be much more clever back then..). The Zenith Circle of Sound. So ridiculous looking, overly complicated, so much cheapy 70’s fake wood laminate, so many places for dust to settle – but I love it.
This one is selling for $225.00 in Elk Grove.

Huge Mid Century Modern Yard Sale! This Saturday

3 Feb

I want I want I want!

Ron is having a yard sale and clearing out his collection! Some amazing pieces I’ve never seen before, some great familiar ones! Check out the photo set of some of the items he’s selling. Make sure to stop by and say hello to him — and while you’re at it, buy a thing or two.

For sale will be hundreds of decorative items, furniture, lamps, vintage Lp’s, stereo grear, sunglasses and more. All items are from my personal collection and in various levels of condition. Prices will range from $1-$150 but most in the lower 1 an 2 digit range. I have posted some prices in the photo link for the more expensive furniture pieces to help gauge. Original Post

On Saturday Feb 5th
from 8am until 2-3pm
1043 57th st. Sacramento

Craigslist: Boooootiful lane set-Lodi

21 Jan

DNNNNNNANNNNNG this table makes the world spin!

Too much too much. ah. Set is going for 375.00 in Lodi.
Original post

Craigslist: Lane end table 25.00 each: East Sacramento

16 Dec

” 2 endtables of MCM sensibility. They both need refinishing and a weekends worth of work and you’ll have very nice tables for cheap.One is narrow through the front and wider at the back, meant for a corner.Has a magazine shelf at bottom. 15″ front widens to 26″ is 27″ long and 18″ tall.
The second table is 21″ wide and 28″long and 20″ high and has a magazine shelf. Both made by Lane”

Magazine shelf!
Original post

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