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Around town: Yuba City.

2 Dec

We’ve heard a lot of good things about Yuba so we decided to check it out.

Chickens! Already Yuba is offering the awesome!
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Craigslist: Lane Chest. Oh hellooo..

19 Nov

Y’all know how I feel about MidCentury cedar chests. Vrrrrr….

This one’s going for a nice $200.00 OBO. I literally can’t fit it in my apartment, and that’s a shame! (Original Post) Also looks like this seller has a cute chair and pillow on the right side there..

Craigslist Sacramento

8 Nov

Not sure if this is a repost? $300.00 Lane Coffee table. (Original Post)

Two very rad dinette style matching chairs for $150.00. I’m really into the back cushions, they look like my Dux chair! (Original Post)

$50.00 dresser with matching mirror! This is in Yuba City – her son wants to make his room “UFC decor” so it’s gotta go! ASK HOW MUCH FOR THE FURBY. (Original Post)

This seller is getting rid of lots of stuff, including this rad teak bar for $200.00 (Original Post)

General Electric kitchen cabinet with rad red formica top, $150.00 (Original Post)

Craigslist: Lane dresser – Sacramento

14 Oct

Serene never told me once that having a mirror on a dresser is romantic. I come up with it from somewhere and would also like to add that it is just super convenient for us makeup wearing ladies. It’s just great, great, great! Here’s a tid bit from the seller:

“Lane Dresser for sale. Made of wood, not particle board. Circa 1970s. Plain, good condition but needs to be refinished to be fabulous. Very large mirror. 68 inches long, 20 inches deep, and 68 inches high from floor to top of mirror.

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Craigslist: Lane Cedar Chest.. Sigh.

11 Oct

So this chest was listed for sale a few months ago, and I wanted it so badly. It was selling for $150, I knew exactly where it could go in the apartment, I wanted a mid-century chest to hide all our extra blankets strewn about in the living room, it was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I called the seller, but she was not actually from Sacramento but only in town visiting, and selling this piece from a storage unit. I was working and she was getting on a plane. It was a shot to the heart, and this cedar chest was to blame.

It’s listed again but it looks like she still is only going to be in town for a limited time. If you can, jump on this piece. It is an amazingly useful piece of furniture – store your winter blankets, coats, etc. and it doubles as seating in a crowded room. Let me know how it goes, as I might try and buy it from you down the line when I have the money on me and the space!

$100 for sale near Freeport and Florin. (Original Post) If she doesn’t sell it before she leaves, she told me before that she’s in Sacramento every couple of months. So we might see it listed again if it doesn’t get sold! You can understand my mixed feelings about posted this for everyone else and wanting to keep it for myself.. but that just wouldn’t be right.

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