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A teeny bit of cards.

1 Dec

Just in case some of you are still in need…or you forgot. I’ll be honest I forgot.
5.00 Mueller airport. It was built in dat 60’s. If you have someone in Texas, they’ll be like ‘yah I know that thing. OH HOW SWEET.’
Oh fo sho christmas card. I’ma do all of that.
5.00 It’s like a lightning bolt of good cheer and vendetta.
20.00 Ooo you are fancy card.
16.00 Yup another one from the office of nature. WHAT? They look good!
18.00 Watermelon peace!
28.00 Blue color is a nice touch.
16.00 Dont forget wrapping paper! I use to think sunday comic wrap jobs were a ok. But no. They are not. From years of white elephant exchanges with coworkers I learned that the craptastic 40 oz paper bags I used made people not want my gift. No matter how cool the thing that rests uncomfortably in those damp crinkly walls of paper is. Don’t do it guis.

Internet: Last minute holiday peoples

19 Dec

Christmas Cards 2010: $25
Sure, everyone’s getting into the letterpress game these days, but we’ve been itching for a reason to work with our local metal type addicts Jill, Ray and Tray Nichols at Lead Graffiti. Hipsters, long beards, waxed mustaches and single speeds aside, you still can’t beat the tactile experience of banging a crisp inked impression into soft paper and the euphoria associated with the risk of getting a piece of loose clothing caught in the reciprocating maw of a Heidelberg windmill.

7 Cards
One each of seven designs
4.25 x 5.5 in (108 x 140 mm)
Crane Lettra 110#
French Construction brick envelopes
Special custom box

Always have been a last minute Christmas shopper. I unfortunately seem to be going down this bumpy horrible-nerve wrecking road for the rest of my procrastinated life. *Deep sigh. Looking at these Christmas cards from House Industries, has made me realize that itsa bout time to change my ways. Because guis I am a lil bummed. A good kinda bummed-these things are great looking!Still, I dont know why I didn’t check these dudes out sooner (14 dollars for second day shipping…I could maybe give them out with presents? hm.). There might still be some time…
Also for next years festivites:

Poster by Marilyn & John Neuhart. Read their adorable tid bit about their process on House Industries website

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