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Favorite Things

11 Jul

Here’s some stuff for us to awe at.
I esspecially like the Urchin chandeliers!
01. Peacock Tile Eagle Blanket Salad Bowl
02. Tulip table Leather Shelves Fried Egg Chair
03. Dinner Napkins Wall Clock Bone China
04. Portrait Urchin Chandelier Carafe
05. Zodiac Mug Kurt Ostervig Table Planter
06. Tripod Lamp Teal Tumblers Balloon shakers

School House Electric & Supply Co.

11 Jan

I thought I’d share this nifty company School House with ya’ll –  just in case some of you were not aware of it’s being!
They don’t sell very Mid Century Modern items, but more in the Art Deco style. Which is cool for all you folks who have one of those houses built prior to the 1960s, with rounded corners and glassblock accents! Our friends just bought a beautiful two bedroom Deco style house in Land Park, and I could see that neighborhood of houses benefiting from this website :D

Sometimes older houses get their original lighting taken out and replaced with wispy leaf sconce that have gold specks on the glass. I know, I HAD ONE – and I’m sure there’s someone else out there reading this blog who understands what I am talking about. Another terrible thing about losing an original sconce is that almost all new sconces look like wispy leaves and finding vintage ones in good condition is damn near impossible.

School House would be a great solution for anyone who has a bootiful craftsman, artdeco home that previous owners remodeled in the 80’s or 90’s, and would like to bring it back to it’s original glory. Or it’s great for those of us who just like vintage designs!

They also sell numbers, hinges, and a whole lot more. Check ’em out to see if there is anything there that you have been looking for! School House Electric & Supply Co.

Craigslist: Outdoor lanterns: Outer Mission

2 Feb

HOW AMMMMMUHZING would these things be hanging out in your patio?
Seller is asking 20.00
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Craigslist: Coffee table: Del paso Heights-40.00

14 Nov

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This guy is also selling a bunch of the light fixtures that he no longer needs:

“check em out. i moved into a place with decent lighting in every room, so i no longer need these. price depends, but it’ll be cheap. i want rid of em. “

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One more:

I am not sure if the same guy is selling this chair and floor lamp. But I am in love with them both. (Mimomito writers def love them some green!) These pieces are being sold in Del Paso Heights. 60 dollars for the chair and 80 dollars for the lamp. You can take both these pieces for a flat 120.00. Also I really dig this:

“hmmm…. i’ll try to take better pictures.”

No need no need. I’ve seen enough good sir. It is nice though that you are considering such. Good pictures def help out with thee scoring of Craigslist treasures.
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Craigslist: Click click back to the internet

13 Oct

After that good will extravaganza I am pooped. Glad to get back to sitting and searching for good thangs rather than pulling a cart, weaving through older ladies, and pulling apart heaps of stuff for treasures.

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“2 piece sectional mid century modern couch.Has been reupholstered in a period correct type fabric. Approx. 10′ long. Good condition.”

My little brother had a pinkish color room for the longest time. We would always tease him about it being pink and he’d stamp his feet hollering that pink is very different from salmon; his room was salmon and salmon is a man color! A color for the outdoors men. That poor kid, we really went to town on that room. Anyways I am not sure of the color of this couch it’s hard to tell from the pictures but it looks really close to the little kid version of my little brother’s room. And that makes me love it more. It’s going for 300.00 in Sacramento.
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Excited capitol locks:


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I got a big ol’ DOH on my forehead over these guys right here. Me and the dude had some sconces that were um apart of our apartment. Neither of us liked them very much (wispy leaf handle *shiver) so we just took them down and put some huge wooden birds over them. The problem with this is that those Martha Stewart (circa-early 90’s) sconces were the only source of light in our living room. Now instead of being a happy place of eating, YouTube watching, and socializing it is a dark cave were my husband hunches over a desk-EYES BULGING-click clacking at some designs mumbling things about kern under his breath. Imagine Sméagol but taller. Anyways these guys woulda gone great in there and I am slightly sad but still hopeful that they will go to a home of greatness. They’re being sold for 100 buckeroos in Sacramento.
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“Nice vintage hanging modern style light. This is from a Berkley remodel so it’s not new and does show some signs of wear. It has an adjustable pull down cord. Great if you’re doing a vintage look in a kitchen, sun room, porch etc.”

More tears.

Walnut table – 26 x 26 x 20 H
I don’t know if anyone has noticed…but I really enjoy walnut wood.
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Hollywood regency usually gets an eyebrow raise from me. Just like anything in life (*meditation gong) it can be hit or miss. These things got pretty cute legs though…and they stackable!
The set is going for 50.00 in Sacramento.
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