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Community: A Big Hunk O’Love — for dancin’

18 Nov

Don’t the people in that video look fabulous? Well, you can too! Mid-century fun in Midtown will be happening tomorrow night with Todd Morgan and the Emblems (seen in the video below). They are playing at Midtown Stomp, so put on your blue suede shoes and high heel sneakers and join me on the dance floor. I’m not that great of a dancer and I might step on your toes, but it will sure be a blast! 

Isn’t he dreamy? ;)  Ahem .. anyway: 7pm-8pm is Solo Charleston lesson, 8pm-9pm beginning east coast swing lesson and the band plays at 9pm. It is 12 bucks and the address is 2710 K StreetSacramento, CA 95816

Save me a dance, will you?

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