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12 Nov

Together lets mourn the death of the weekend. I’m sorry if that’s macabre, but that’s how it feels in this grey weather lately. Let’s get to it!

A pair of ladder-back chairs for $100. Neato bandito.

9-drawer dresser for $340.00. Oooh.

WHOA WHOA WHOA – this thing has a pop-out foot rest! I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE! $180.00 is a great price – located in Folsom.

Kinda pricey but good lookin’ and it’s been posted for awhile so maybe you can ask for a deal! $100 in Cameron Park

I loves me a lucite swag lamp, y’all. $80 in midtown.

$400 expanding dining table in Natomas. Nice finish, y’all!

THESE CHAIRS ARE GREAT! Everyone who sits at this table is comfortable as a KING! No peasants here, ALL CAPTAINS! $225 OBO here in Sacramento!


14 Aug

Military folding desk for $600.00 in S. Land Park.

Weird wacky 40’s chair – something I think you’d see in Bladerunner. I have no idea why I think that. $35.00 in Land Park.

INSANE CHEESY LUCITE LAMP. What!? A flying cheeseball? Of course I want that! $200 friggin’ dollars in Grass Valley.

Colormate desk for $83.00

Lucite, Brass, Teak, and wonderful

3 May

400.00 Oak dale

250.00 San Anselmo
Space agey chairs.
45.00 Cotati
Zenith Circle of sound speakers!!!! omg.

110.00 Alameda
Seller states that it is an actual Burk table BUT does have some little imperfections.

350.00 Paradise

1850.00 Oakland
I know! An insane price. I post this cuz it reminds me of this one time I almost scored one of these sets for a super good steal. At thee last minute the seller backed out because her sister wanted that set. I mean I had to understand…and it also warmed my heart a little BUT DARN! DARN DARN DARN.

475.00 Alameda

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