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Magazine Racks

13 Dec

Us writers were recently talking about how for some collectors, there’s the one item that you occasionally obsess over and collect. Rose and I both have a thing for finding magazine racks and scooping them up. Well, I don’t really buy them, I just get very interested in looking at all the designs I can find.

Photoshop post-production does not make me want to pay $120.00 for this. But I like it, nonetheless.

$17.50 – I sure hope the 70s dixieland record is included. But doubtful.

$32.00 for the punchy metal blackness.

16.00 bones.

I have a new found appreciation for lucite. $42.00

Oof, wood + circular cutaway + little card holder.. yes. $22.00

Orange! $32.00!

This is the same one I have from the Salvation Army! Selling for $35.00.

FOR YOUR BONES! Collapsible wooden rack for $58.00

$100.00 oh hey there.

$38.00 on its tippy toes.


Craigslist: Wassap, ‘Frisco

12 Oct

Okay first off I am offended by the use of “frisco.” No one else is allowed to use it, I just used it ironically so it’s okay. MOVING ON!

San Francisco is always an amazing place to look up Midcentury goodies – there’s more design obsessed weirdos per capita perhaps? Not saying y’all Northerners aren’t that fantastic brand of weirdo yourselves. That’s a compliment.

Alright, this is nuts. Going for $400.00. Imagine this in your living room, gah! (Original Post)

Same seller, different story. $450.00 for this floating desk checkit!! (Original Post)

$1300, o rly? (Original Post)Described by the seller as “groovy” and something about super powers. $30! (Original Post)


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