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Community: Indie Sacramento.

13 Feb

Thanks to Indie Sacramento for the shout out on their cool blog! Make sure to check out all of the awesome photos from their recent trip to Midway Antique Mall.

Craigslist: Milwaukee

3 Feb

I got this atlas see… from 1970. It has maps of the different states, and the different production and manufacturing that was coming out of what state at the time, and how much the state grossed. For example, the agricultural states versus the states producing  materials like paper and furniture. So consequentially I am just looking through Craigslist all over the place. Second one is Milwaukee!


180.00 for the pair.
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I think this thing is pretty dope:

“Mid-Century-1960’s Interior Design Boards Jawacdah Farm & American Tourister

2 boards are for American Tourister Corporate Office
there is one sample missing.

1964 RETRO Interior Design Boards for Hilenbrand Industries

and, Jawacdah Farm Hil-Rom in Batesville Indiana

there are eight unique boards with the designers logo seal at the bottom left corner.
they feature the furniture photos & actual carpet, flooring, & wall covering samples.”

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Granny looking chair for 25.00
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85.00 for this eggy wedgy chair.
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Lane dovetailed tables set of three-175.00
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OH THE GREEN. 400.00
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Craigslist: Cheaper things. Good lookin things

16 Jan

Teak Room divider for 25.00 in Carmichael
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Mahogany table for 50.00 in Sacramento. That wood looks gorgeous.
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Desk lamp for 5.00 in Rocklin
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Metal desk with wood top in San Leandro. There’s so many bootiful oppurtunites with the materials used in this desk for cohesive shelving.
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Patio table and chairs in Sacramento for 100.00
Original post

Hangin mid mod inspired (?) light fixture for 50 OBO in Sacramento.
Original post

White desk lamp for 4.00 in Sacramento
Original post

30.00 for these four chairs.
Original post

Six chairs for 20.00. Seller will deliver within 30 miles for extra 20.00.
Orange (ha) Post 

Tanker for 45.00 in Palo Alto
Original post

Couches in Sacramento. Price isnt listed but seller states he has a lot more Mid mod pieces for sale.
Original post

I ama quote the original post for this one cuz I ama lil’ confused…

“Originally I was hoping to get $60. for this desk, and I had a buyer show up, ring the bell (which no one heard – it’s an old bell), and left because she thought no one was home. :( That’s my sad story…So now it’s been sitting outside, and it really needs to find a good home. Please make any reasonable offer!!

Desk is approx. 5′ wide x 3′ deep”

20.00 in Elk Grove.
Original post

I ama throwing this in here because it is booiful. 1200.00 in Sanfrancisco.
Original post

You can take both these couches home for 50.00. Def need some love but look like they will clean up nicely.
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Etsy: Fabric

12 Jan

Itsa nother one of those things I search for from time to time. Unfortunately it’s a lil bit out of my price range. Twenty bucks a yard or so. Maybe I could just make pillows….ah hem anyways
check out Erin and Stefan’s home tour to see the curtains they reused (itsa good!).
Here’s some vintage fabric floating around etsy that could be inspiring or purchased ;]

12.00 a yrd from Littlepinktrailer

1yrd from vintagetextilejunkie

40.00 per yrd by studiostebbylee

20″ X 47″ for for 15.00 by violet64

Craigslist: Hello darkness my old friend.

10 Jan

Floor lamp in Sacramento for 80.00
Original post

Walnut and Mahogany record cabinet for 85.00 in Cameron Park.
Original post

Hutch in Antelope for 200.00
Original Post

Dining set in Vacaville for 200.00
Original post

Aduuurable utility cart for 50.00 in Vacaville.
Original post

Raaael wild leather sofa for 220.00 in Antelope.
Original post

Twin headboards for 125.00 in Vacaville.
Original post

HAI COUCH…OH HAI COFFEE TABLE. 140.00 in Sacramento.
Original post

Interesting chair for 150.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

I feel weird about something that has to support my body weight being see through but that table is nice nice.
175.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

Formica table for 150.00 in Sacramento.
Original post

Loveseat for 100.00 in East Sac.
Original post

Desk for 225.00 in Sacramento
Original post

100.00 for the chandelier in East Sac
Original post.

Kitchen table for 150.00 in Sacramento
Original post

Small table for small pads. 80.00 in Citrus heights.
Original post

Speaking of small kitchen tables. Ikea (Brown-not the yucky black) table is going for 75.00 in Elk Grove.
Original post

Ya’ll like T.V?
Dinner trays for 25.00 in West Sac.
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Every little thing in place instead of places

31 Dec

Serene recently got this rad Paper towel holder and it got me to thinking again about cannisters, dispensers, napkin holders all that. Here’s some stuff on etsy that’ll help you get started on that New Year’s ‘be more organized’ resolution.

19.00 at FoursquarevintageI tried to own this thing but tragedy pushed back harder than intelligence. I’ve lost my password and cant get it back. Aint that something? You try and get your organization all together and your disoragnization gets in the way of that. Who woulda thunk.

56.00 at Redeyevintage
Your bread is gonna hella love you for this one.

44.00 at HuntandfoundYo I heard you be loosing stuff/like cannisters so I put a cannister in your cannister so your cannisters can be safe. OI. I always mess those up.

85.00 at Sixtytoseventy
Let there be days without papertowels that rolled off the counter onto the floor and sadly torn to shreds by a beloved pet. Let there be days where you know exactly where the plastic wrap is. Let there be LIGHT!!

85.00 at Bluebernicevintage

16.00 at Happygovintage

95.00 at Cammo

9.00 at KeroblahblahlongnamethatIcannotunderstand

18.00 at Dirtybirdiesvintage
To match that copper coffee tea cannister set.

35.00 at Timbertoys

Kitchy kitten napkin holder for 18.00 Anisemoutte

12.00 at 51VC
Have a Happy and Safe New Years dudes! See you in the 11’s :D

Craigslist: Chandelier 125.00: Vallejo-Benicia

13 Dec

I like all the different colors this thing has going on and that wooden base. I also enjoy Benicia at night time. In the day time that Oil refinery looks very horrific, but at night it lights up like the Emerald City and seems majestic.
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Craigslist: Chairs 150.00- Redwood City

13 Dec


” Set of 6 mid-century side chairs/dining chairs. Very good condition.”

Does that mean six of these bootifully green, cream, and yellow chairs go for the 150.00?
Me thinks it would be kinda awesome to wine and dine in some thing like these.
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Craigslist: An assortment of Bay area wonders

2 Dec

This frame, that texture, the floating top. UGH. So many wonderful things going on. This desk is selling for 625.00 in South Marin county.
Original post

Home owners strap your boots up. This bathroom delight is being sold for 400.00 in Twin peaks from the original owner. The toilet seat is what gives me the goos. It’s a seashell!
Original post

20.00 in San Carlos.
Original post

Those legs are pretty interesting looking, I like how they hold strong to midmod with them brass caps.
Seller is asking for 180.00 in San Francisco.
Original post

Craigslist: Couch 525.00-Midtown Sacramento.

29 Nov

Look at them legs. Look at that shape!

“approx 9ft long. shes long! very unique shape! very cumfy. shows some wear. it looks like it was recovered at some point and has some tears etc. but can spice up your mid century home as is”
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